Anton Goddard-Williams

At 10 years old, Toby talks seriously about basketball and movies and all things preteen, but seven-year-old Anton is still in that in-between stage where he seems very adult but is a baby at heart. Here are some funny things he has busted out with recently…


Anton is obsessed with his dad, so he’s gotten interested in cologne. He isn’t sure how to use it, so every evening, after brushing his teeth and changing into pajamas, he’ll quietly douse himself in super musky cologne. Reading bedtime stories now smells strongly of sandalwood.

Anton borrowed Alex’s phone and began nonchalantly texting me from the other room. “Hey, man,” pinged my phone. “Are you free for a call? Ring me when you get a sec.”

We often play Australia’s Deadly Animals Bingo, and we’ve recently started betting on it. We’ll usually bet a dollar, which makes it feel fun and suspenseful. The other night, Anton tried to up the ante:
Anton: “Want to bet on Bingo?”
Me: “Sure.”
Anton: “How about $50?”
Me: “…”
Anton: “Can you spot me? Because I don’t have any money.”

I overheard him telling a friend at the playground, “The only rule at my house is: there are no rules.”

At bedtime, Anton gets super sweet. The other night, he whispered, “I love you so, so much, Mommy. I’ll remember you FOREVER.”


And most of all: Even though he acts like a teenager, when you catch him from the side, you’ll see THAT PIECE OF HAIR!!!!! That little piece of hair sticking out the back is literally the cutest thing ever and my heart hurts whenever I see it. I hope it never untangles.

What funny things have the kids in your life said recently? I’d love to hear…

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