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What are you up to this weekend? We’ve been taking long walks around Brooklyn — from our apartment to Jane’s Carousel or Red Hook. It’s been a nice way to get fresh air and sunshine. Hope you have a good weekend, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and here are a few links from around the web…

How gorgeous is this Parisian hotel?

Course syllabus for making new friends as an adult. “Most assignments will just end up being watching your new friend’s TV-show recommendation.” (New Yorker)

My friend Gemma turned me onto this incredible foundation and I now use it every day. (So dewy!)

Is it okay to let my dog sleep in my bed? (The Atlantic)

What beautiful paintings.

Leslie Jones is the funniest person on Instagram right now.

Love this older model.

I am the designer of this restaurant’s outdoor seating space, and this is my artist’s statement. “I am radically testing the limits of what it fundamentally means to be outdoors by erecting walls, putting a roof on top of those walls, and then insisting that it is still outdoors.”

Tom Hanks will host America’s inauguration TV special.

30 Rock is the best show to fall asleep to.

Cheese for dinner.

And a note for readers: In an effort to cut down on links to Amazon, I linked to a different site for the galaxy lamp in our kids’ holiday gift guide. A number of readers ordered the lamp but the site turned out to be fraudulent. I very much apologize for my mistake in linking to this site, and I would like to personally refund readers for their payments. Please send your receipt to hello (at), and we will gladly cover the amount you paid. Thank you so much!
Update: Many readers said their lamps did arrive — just after about a month. The site may not be fraudulent, but instead poorly run. Still happy to reimburse! Thank you so much.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Ariel on the only show anyone’s talked about for the last two weeks: “If you’re looking for a very funny, heartwarming show — a la The Good Place or Schitt’s Creek — go watch Ted Lasso (AppleTV). It is the best show I’ve seen in the last few years and is a balm for the soul during these weird, weird times.”

Says Kara on the ‘little gay house’ in Portland, Oregon: “My son looked over me as I finished reading this with tears in my eyes, so I said, ‘I just read something that made me cry.’ He asked why, and I said, ‘Because it was beautiful.'”

(Photo by Tucker on Instagram. New Yorker link via Kottke.)

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