The other night after changing from my day pajamas to my night pajamas, I flipped on the movie I’d turned to since high school…

My Best Friend’s Wedding. I love everything about it — the snappy wit, the musical numbers, Julia Roberts’ immaculate 90s wardrobe and huge curly hair. I get cozier in my chair as the opening scene starts. Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett are at an upscale restaurant, when a fabulous dish is brought to the table. Jules thoughtfully takes a bite and offers a good rating, much to the kitchen staff’s relief. I remember watching this as a freshman in college and thinking, “This is what adulthood is like. You’re super established in your career early on, and also if you’re not married by 30, what are you even doing?” Jules is a hotshot food critic and author, fresh off a book tour, with all of New York’s top chefs cowering at the sight of her — all at the ripe old age of…28. George, her editor and bff, who isn’t much older, possesses the wisdom of the ages, hosts uber-sophisticated candle-lit dinner parties in his sprawling Manhattan apartment, and can afford to fly to Chicago and back to New York for a few hours, with a moment’s notice. They seemed to be the pinnacle of adulthood even when stealing a bread truck or breaking into song in the middle of a seafood feast.

However, the further I ventured into my 20s, the more I realized what a fantastical portrayal of adulthood it was. By the golden age of 28, I wasn’t anywhere near where I wanted to be in my career, let alone being at the top of my game — in fact, I was flailing. I struggled all of my 20s to find what I wanted to do with my life, as I jumped from job to job. It took me too long to realize what a gift that was, and that a lot of people don’t always gain perspective while in the middle of something so difficult. Now at 33 I realize that Hollywood portrayal or not, adulthood looks very different than I imagined it, and to simply let life do its thing.

Here are a few fun facts about the movie:

– Sarah Jessica Parker almost played Jules, instead of Julia Roberts.

– The ‘Say A Little Prayer For You’ scene wasn’t added until just before they started filming.

– There was an alternate ending where Julia Roberts meets John Corbett (Aidan from SATC) at the wedding, and they hit it off, but audiences hated it. Instead, they re-shot it with Rupert Everett showing up to her rescue in the closing scene.

Which movie or show made you think adulthood would look totally different?

P.S. What TV character do you relate to and what’s your dream movie house?

(Top photo from Vanity Fair.)