What’s Your Comfort Movie?

when harry met sally

Imagine this: You’ve had a long day — say, stressful job, restless kids, a global pandemic — and you just want to turn your brain off. So, what chill-out movie do you turn to? Mine is a no-brainer…

When Harry Met Sally. I always laugh throughout the 1989 romcom and can quote almost every line. The ending makes my heart swell, and suddenly everything feels all right.

when harry met sally behind the scenes

Here are three fun facts:

— In the original ending, Harry and Sally didn’t end up together. (!)

— Two of the studio’s top choices for Harry were Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton, and Sally was almost played by Molly Ringwald.

— Screenwriter Nora Ephron’s title ideas included ‘How They Met,’ ‘Boy Meets Girl,’ ‘Just Friends,’ ‘Words of Love,’ and ‘Harry, This Is Sally.’

when harry met sally gif

So, I’m curious: What’s your comfort movie? Please share below!

P.S. How to stop yourself from crying, and what’s your wagon wheel coffee table?

  1. Ruby says...

    Beauriful girls – yes!! Singles and Reality Bites. Most Noah Baumbach movies. The Big Chill, Indian Summer, Legends of the fall, Sense and Sensibility.

  2. Jenny says...

    Me too! (That is, late to the party but can’t resist posting.)
    Mine is also When Harry Met Sally. (I swear I’m not influenced by your post; ever since college!) And then after that:
    Moonstruck –SO many priceless lines, and such a great New York movie. And Cher is so good (and un-Cher-like).
    Beautiful Girls –Anyone else?? Under-appreciated late-90s movie, terrific ensemble cast. About a high school reunion in a small New England town, and includes the song “Sweet Caroline” to excellent effect. Also lots of quotable lines.
    Kissing Jessica Stein –I swear this movie was ahead of its time. Hard to appreciate from today’s perspective, but it’s from 2001. I also like Friends with Kids, also by Jennifer Westfeldt, but that one just isn’t as good–it has good moments, but they don’t coalesce into a great movie (no matter how many times I watch it…). And also I find the ending very derivative of When Harry Met Sally!
    The Philadelphia Story –So good. Yes, dated, if you’re not in the habit of 1940s movies. But so good. It’s originally a play and retains that snappy dialogue.

  3. Rosa says...

    Right now it’s Crazy Rich Asians or Pride and Prejudice. I love how I can turn them on and not even have to look at the screen to know what’s going on.

  4. Cristina says...

    Much fun and so many good mentions here, I love You’ve Got Mail, The Way We Were, anything with Colin Firth, Adam’s Rib or anything with Hepburn and Tracy, and Cinema Paradiso,