What’s Your Comfort Movie?

when harry met sally

Imagine this: You’ve had a long day — say, stressful job, restless kids, a global pandemic — and you just want to turn your brain off. So, what chill-out movie do you turn to? Mine is a no-brainer…

When Harry Met Sally. I always laugh throughout the 1989 romcom and can quote almost every line. The ending makes my heart swell, and suddenly everything feels all right.

when harry met sally behind the scenes

Here are three fun facts:

— In the original ending, Harry and Sally didn’t end up together. (!)

— Two of the studio’s top choices for Harry were Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton, and Sally was almost played by Molly Ringwald.

— Screenwriter Nora Ephron’s title ideas included ‘How They Met,’ ‘Boy Meets Girl,’ ‘Just Friends,’ ‘Words of Love,’ and ‘Harry, This Is Sally.’

when harry met sally gif

So, I’m curious: What’s your comfort movie? Please share below!

P.S. How to stop yourself from crying, and what’s your wagon wheel coffee table?

  1. Karla says...

    Super late to the party, but had fun reading all the comments and want to add my list anyway:
    While You Were Sleeping
    Mamma Mia (both!)
    Pretty Woman
    Hope Springs (Colin Firth/Heather Graham)
    On Golden Pond
    The Jazz Singer (Neil Diamond version)
    What Women Want
    Yes, I’m OLD! LOL

    • Christine C says...

      Late to this post but just watched Plus One on Hulu. When Harry met sally is one of my faves as well and Plus one is like a modern version.

  2. Ashley says...

    A little late to this party, but…

    My Girl- all time favorite. The ending is so sad, but I almost always fall asleep before the end anyway!
    and Runaway Bride!

  3. Kim says...

    The Sound of Music
    Steel Magnolias
    Pretty Woman
    The English Patient
    The Birdcage

  4. megnolia13 says...

    Pride & Prejudice (2005) is the only self-care I ever need. The aesthetic sounds and score and the beautiful filmography. It’s like therapy on film.

  5. Alice says...

    Movies that I’m always happy to see are:
    Green Fried Tomatos
    The Legend of 1900
    Robin Hood – Men in Tights
    Deadpool (!)

    Lately, though, I’ve started watching old teenage movies (Clueless, Legally Blonde, 13 Going 30, …) whenever I’m home alone, and it’s been great!

    • Alice says...

      As for TV shows, I love rewatching Scrubs and Brooklyn 99.
      I’ve only watched The Good Place for the first time a short time ago, but I know it’s going to be another comfort show.

  6. Sadie says...

    The Princess Bride. The bonus is it’s a comfort movie you can watch with your kids. Cheers me up every time!

  7. Tara says...

    The Notebook, Eat, Pray, Love, Love Jones, Sex & The City 1 & 2, and in Love and Basketball are some of my favs!

  8. Heather says...

    Thank you for this thread!

    Practical Magic
    Father of the Bride
    How to Make an American Quilt
    You’ve Got Mail
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Harry Potters
    Anything directed by John Hughes
    Valley Girl (the old 80’s one)
    You’ve Got Mail
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    Parenthood (with Steve Martin)
    First Wive’s Club

    Golden Girls
    Gilmore Girls
    My So Called Life
    Freaks & Geeks
    Wonder Years

    • Emily M says...

      How To Make An American Quilt is MY comfort movie too! Nobody ever has heard of it so I adore seeing this gem on your list. xo

  9. Maria Anagnostopoulou says...

    Sense and Sensibility the BBC version

  10. Mary Anne says...

    My fav is Stranger Than Fiction. Love it. First saw it snuggled up in bed on our iPad in Tuscany.

  11. Annelies says...

    The Holiday and Pirate Radio

  12. Stella says...

    Sleepless in Seattle
    Serendipity (during the holidays)
    When Harry Met Sally
    Center Stage
    Anywhere But Here
    Under the Tuscan Sun

  13. Lisa DiGangi says...

    So many great comfort movies & agreed:
    “When Harry Met Sally”,
    “It’s Complicated” and
    “Julie & Julia” are some of my favs but I also love seasonal/situational, like:
    “Dirty Dancing” in summer
    “Elf” around the holidays
    “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” during wedding season and
    “Clue” on a stormy night

    TV: The Golden Girls hands down (I enjoyed the series first time around with my Grandma…total comfort memories & belly laughs to boot!)

    Can’t wait to watch something & unplug w/ a glass of vino tonight; thanks for the ideas!

  14. Amber says...

    Ooh, love this question!
    It’s Complicated
    Love Jones
    The Talented Mr. Ripley
    Sleeping with The Enemy
    Broken English (my fave repeat)
    Mystic Pizza
    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Call Me by Your Name
    Love Simon
    Under the Tuscan Sun
    Rear Window
    Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead
    (and so many more)

    Keeping up Appearances
    Golden Girls
    Hart of Dixie
    Curious George (with my son)

    • katie says...

      Love Broken English. Parker Posey is so perfect in that movie.

    • Holly says...

      When I first read the title of this blog post, It’s Complicated came straight to my mind. I was hoping someone listed it and your comment was the first one I read, how funny!

      That is my all time favorite comfort movie.
      Meryl Streep in that kitchen always brings me so much joy.

  15. Laura says...

    I just read every comment and made a list of movies to comfort me till fall! Thank you Cup of Jo for brightening my world with this community of women!

    And of course, here is my short list:
    * The Family Stone
    * When Harry Met Sally
    * Hannah and Her Sisters (I know… I know) and Annie Hall (guilt)
    * So I married an Ax Murderer
    * Sense And Sensibility
    * Julie and Julia

  16. Rebecca Dorsey says...

    Sixteen Candles
    Breakfast At Tiffanys

  17. adrianna says...

    basically ALL of the above are also on my list, but 2 more gems…
    both perfection in my opinion ;)

  18. Michelle says...

    Not sure if any of these have been posted…
    Stealing Home
    Power of One
    Wonder Boys
    Igby Goes Down
    St Elmo’s Fire

  19. Ewa says...

    Really any Nora Ephron and Nancy Meyers movie. Prime (undeservedly went under the radar). Lost in Translation. The “Before” trilogy. Melinda/Melinda. I’m sure there’s loads more but I always come back to these.

    • Katie says...

      I looove Prime. It should definitely get more attention.

      Also find a lot of comfort in any Nicole holofcener film, particularly Walking and Talking and Friends with Money

  20. Amanda says...

    Maybe someone’s already said this, but the Sex and the City Movie! There are parts of it that are deeply problematic, but it’s become such a comfort movie, I allow myself to look past it! Honourable mentions to The Wedding Planner, Parent Trap (90s version), and Confessions of a Shopaholic.

  21. Luz says...

    Sex and the city, only the TV series though. The movies were not that great.

  22. Elizabeth says...

    You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, and While You Were Sleeping are my go-to comfort movies!

  23. Dana says...

    You’ve got Mail (seems like #1 winner here)
    A League of their Own
    Mystic Pizza
    Pride & Prejudice (both Kiera Knightly version & Colin Firth miniseries)
    Sense & Sensibility (Emma Thompson)
    Little Women (Winnona Ryder)
    Notting Hill
    About a Boy
    Bridget Jones’s Diary
    Princess Diaries
    Baby Boom
    The Birds
    Honorable Mention TV Shows: Gilmore Girls & Downton Abbey

  24. Gigi says...

    Lost in Translation and Before Sunrise, I can watch them again and again and find comfort beyond words.

    • Ewa says...

      Same! Can watch these over and over again, always!

  25. Martha Good says...

    “Moonstruck” is my all-time favorite — Cher got an Academy Award for this and everyone else is the great cast is great — especially Nicolas Cage and Olympia Dukakis!

    “What About Bob?” is another one I will watch over and over.

    • janine says...

      These are two of my faves, too. In fact, even though I have seen “Moonstruck” a hundred times, my husband and I watched it again last weekend and we both agree, it’s such a perfect movie!

  26. Tory says...

    I have loved “Fried Green Tomatoes” since I was a very little girl. It always cheers me up!

    • Alice says...

      YES! One of my all time favorites. The book is different (Iggie and Ruth are actually clearly a couple, something I definitely didn’t get from the movie), but both are great.

  27. Meg says...

    Late to the party, but Moonstruck. The only rom com I truly love. Infinitely rewatchable. Cher is fantastic, and Nic Cage is peak Nic Cage. Watching it feels like I’m wrapped in a cozy blanket.

  28. Diane says...

    So much great stuff!

    Two more:
    Local Hero
    Crossing Delancy

  29. dawn says...

    Believe it or not – I love disaster movies! They always save the day and life is good again. We always watch Independence Day on the 4th of July! Others are 2012; Deep Impact; San Andreas along with the cute movies mentioned

  30. Jac says...

    I watch Felicity!

    • Old movies are comforting to me:
      -The Women (1939)
      -Laura (Gene Tierney/great mystery)
      -Mr. Blandings Builds His Dreamhouse (Cary Grant – yum)
      -Mrs. Minniver (Greer Garson)
      -Desk Set (Hepburn & Tracy)
      -The Long, Long Trailer (Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz; funny & sweet)
      -Letter To 3 Wives (Kirk Douglas plus more)
      -We’re No Angels (Humphrey Bogart-funny)
      -Born Yesterday (Judy Holliday & Wm. Holden)
      “Newer” ones;
      -Always (Richard Dreyfus & Holly Hunter)
      -Postcards From the Edge (Meryl Streep-written by Carrie Fisher)
      -Pirates of Penzance (Linda Ronstadt & Kevin Klein…who knew he could dance?!)
      -Growing Up Smith (look it up- funny and sweet)
      And fwiw the Parent Trap with Hayley Mills is the best and Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth is the best…double Yum. What’s up with Kiera Knightlys hair in the remake?

  31. Sara says...

    So many good ones here that I love but one of my faves that I haven’t seen listed yet is My Cousin Vinny! So many classic lines and Marisa Tomei is just perfection. It’s one that I quote all the time with my husband, family, and friends :)

    Also, COJ comments section 4evah <3

  32. Nathalie says...

    While You Were Sleeping. It’s funny and warm and I love Sandra Bullock! The chemistry between Lucy and Jack is so good. Also reminds me of a lot of great memories I’ve made in Chicago over the years when visiting family.

  33. Cynthia says...

    Sisterhood of the travelling pants and Blue Crush are two teen movies that I can watch over and over again!

  34. Sacha S. says...

    There’s Something About Mary

  35. Barbara says...

    Hannah and her sisters (despite … no need to say more) because of Michael Caine’s coat, the beautiful Mia Farrow in her very own kitchen (apparently) and the music …

    Sliding Doors … because anything can happen and I adore a Scottish accent

    The Intern

    and lastly can you believe I have “only just” seen When Harry met Sally for the very first time? how did that happen?! Despite Harry spitting grape pips out the car window (how did that not annoy Sally?) I am so ready to settle down and watch it at least ten more times :)

  36. The top two
    -Finding Forrester. Warms my heart about the importance of mentorship and friendships.
    -The mirror has two faces. Streisand classic!!!

  37. Jessica says...

    Harry Potter all the way. I have been watching them as my comfort movie since I was little. When I was 18 and had my wisdom teeth removed, my parents set up a bed in the living room for me and I binged watched HP while I healed. Last summer I was VERY pregnant and watched them all.

  38. Diane says...

    So many great ones…

    Crossing Delancy

    Local Hero

  39. Heidi says...

    Can’t believe nobody has mentioned ONLY YOU with Marissa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr!!!!! I literally wore the VHS tape out in the 90s/early Aughts. It’s swoon-worthy, hilarious, charming, and has gorgeous Italian scenery. Sigh!!!

    (Also Sliding Doors, You’ve Got Mail, P&P w/Colin Firth and Anne of Green Gables)

    • Vicki says...

      Yes!!! This one. And I do love Bonnie Hunt in this. So much. 💗

  40. Tia says...

    This thread is SO good. When Harry Met Sally is tied on my comfort movie list with Working Girl – and I’m surprised no one seemed to mention it! Melanie Griffiths, a dead sexy young Harrison Ford, a hilarious Joan Cusack, women breaking the glass ceiling – it has it all if you can look past the blue eyeshadow.

    • Michelle says...

      Two of my faves as well! Alec Baldwin: “you look nice. You going to traffic court?” Still cracks me up and comes to mind whenever I dress a little extra. Also Sigourney Weaver is always great. I’d add Galaxy Quest and Clueless.

    • Tia says...

      Michelle, I’ve never seen Galaxy Quest- adding it to my list!

  41. Some of mine would be When Harry Met Sally, The Rebound, Under the Tuscan Sun, Pretty Woman, The Devil Wears Prada, 13 Going on 30, and 27 Dresses. Ever After and Never Been Kissed used to be two I watched a lot, but I think I only have them on VHS….so I haven’t watched them in YEARS.

    • Tia says...

      Never Been Kissed is on Disney+ (at least in Canada)!

  42. Pam says...

    Cousins. Incredibly romantic, sweet, funny.

  43. Kara says...

    The Wedding Planner!

    I love it!
    Never disappoints, haha

  44. Caitlin Bauman says...

    This is Where I Leave You. I love the setting, the house, and the family dynamics. The Family Stone is also my favorite, but only watch it during in December since it’s a Christmas movie.

    • Samantha says...

      Me too! I love Family Stone so much but wait until Christmas to watch every year…thanks for the recommendation of This is Where I Leave You, gonna watch it tonight!

  45. Sarah says...

    -Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    -Devil Wears Prada
    -Any Judd Apatow / Seth Rogen movie
    -Sister Act 2
    -Any Meg Ryan but love French Kiss and Addicted to Love
    -Love Actually
    -Notting Hill
    -My Best Friends Wedding
    -Princess Bride
    -Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
    -Bad Boys, weirdly enough
    -First Wives Club
    -Sex and the City (show or first movie)
    -Mrs. Doubtfire
    -Home Alone 1 and 2
    -Jurassic Park
    -She’s the One
    -One Fine Day

    Child of the 80s!!!

  46. Hannah Carlson says...

    Dan in Real Life and You’ve Got Mail for sure!

    • Cy says...

      Dan in real life, yes! One that I think gets overlooked too is Something Wild with Melanie Griffith, Jeff Daniels and Ray Liotta.

  47. Emma says...

    Young Adult, Gone Girl, Lost in Translation and Her.
    I know young adult so well that if I’m having trouble sleeping and cant watch it, I can hum the song from the beginning of the movie in my head and it soothes me to sleep, HA

  48. Anna says...

    Gladiator, strangely enough.

    Chalk it up to seven or so years of studying Latin?

  49. Marta says...

    Reality Bites, Before Sunrise, Singles.
    Yes, I love the 90s :-D
    Best regards from Spain!

  50. LuluOregon says...

    Peter’s Friends
    Love Actually
    Pride and Prejudice w/Kiera Knjghtly
    Mama Mia
    …Harry met Sally
    French Kiss
    Under the Tuscan Sun
    Notting Hill
    Fun question love your blog!

  51. Laura says...

    When Harry Met Sally is my ultimate comfort movie as well! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am also a huge fan of You Got Mail and Roman Holiday. There is something beautiful to be said about the way Roman Holiday ends; it gets me every time.

  52. Lara says...

    Something Borrowed. The soundtrack takes me back completely!

  53. alice says...

    While You Were Sleeping
    Harry Potter films
    Lost in Austen and other Pride & Prejudice films

  54. Nancy Pavlik says...

    Must Love Dogs!
    Especially when John Cusak asks “Do I still get the meat?”

  55. Karin says...

    Dirty Dancing
    Point Break
    Pretty Woman
    The Royal Tenenbaums
    Devil’s Advocate

  56. Katie says...

    Almost Famous! It’s the perfect movie to watch when you’re feeling heartbroken, travel-weary, homesick, generally uncool, or like your life is not going according to plan. Plus, the soundtrack is amazing.

    • Claire says...

      Almost Famous has always been a movie like this for my husband and I – and then I went into labor while watching it! So now I’ve got so many associations with it that it’s always going to be incredibly evocative for me!

    • Jamie says...

      In my top 3. It takes me back to being in 7th grade when I first found music that saved me. You summed it up perfectly!

  57. Emily says...

    Fun fact -one of the reasons Michael Keaton turned it down was the scene where Harry lays in bed, on the phone with Sally, just groaning.

  58. Pamela Strain says...

    Enjoy MANY of the aforementioned but also must include:

    Out Of Africa

  59. I agree with so many of the above (Anne of Green Gables, Dirty Dancing, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and soooo many others.). But, my life isn’t complete without re-watching Bullitt and Cool Hand Luke every so often.

  60. Emily says...

    Mrs. Doubtfire
    Home Alone
    Father of the Bride (with Steve Martin)

    Rewatchability is key for favorite movies!

  61. Susan says...

    A Room with a View
    … Any Merchant and Ivory film
    Hope Floats
    Pride and Prejudice

  62. Kajsa says...

    A Night at the Roxbury! My friends and I know it all the lines❤

  63. Cindy N says...

    Nancy Myers films! It’s Complicated , The Holiday etc…

  64. Mary Ellen says...

    Dan in Real Life! Steve Carell is amazing! Get the tissues ready.

    • Hannah says...

      This is my comfort movie too! The atmosphere is so soothing.

  65. Leslie says...

    Fools Rush In (what chemistry!)
    Overboard (the original)
    Pride & Prejudice (with Keira Knightley)
    Love Actually

    I never, ever tire of these!

  66. Frances F Lengenfelder says...

    The Descendants, with George Clooney. Great story line, wonderful Hawaiian slack key music.

  67. This is such a brilliant question, here are some of mine:
    You’ve got mail
    Stealing beauty
    Sense and sensibility
    Before sunrise / sunset
    I capture the castle
    Gosford Park
    Empire Records
    Ten things I hate about you

    • Molly says...

      Wow. We have the same taste! Love ALL of these. :)

    • Becky says...

      Empire Records!

    • Anne says...

      Uh… Gosford Park is such a great movie!

  68. Shop Around the Corner from 1940 which was remade into You’ve Got Mail. It’s got Jimmy Stewart, Margaret Sullavan and it’s whipsmart and funny and so endearingly charming. I watch it every Christmas.

    • Bettee says...

      Oh, yes, Shop Around the Corner. Jimmy Stewart is the best!

  69. Lucia says...

    Hi from Italy! I love love love from the bottom of my heart you’ve got mail (c’è post@ per te in italian). Lucia

  70. Cynthia says...

    My mother and adult siblings were in Europe 2 weeks after 9/11. My brother lived in Switzerland where we spent 3 days before flying home. I was a nervous wreck anticipating the flight, so my sister-in-law
    set up a Doris Day movie marathon the last day. I had not seen many of her movies, but I became a fan – especially of her wardrobe.

    • LuluOregon says...

      I love her, use to sing and dance to her album at my grandmas…way back in 60’s. Ce sera sera….just loved her!

  71. Joyce Laubach says...

    Pieces of April with a young Katie Holmes

    • LOLLY SCHIFFMAN says...

      Yes!! Katie Holmes is amazing. Need to watch it at Thanksgiving time in particular.

    • Sacha S. says...

      This reminds me! Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter and Dylan McDermott (swoon).

  72. Mayara Zucheli says...

    “Elizabethtown” always gives me that warm feeling that everything will be fine

    • Nathalie says...

      Same here! Love that movie! There were times when I watched it three times a week…

  73. I loved Sleepless in Seattle so much that I almost moved to Seattle. (Tom and Meg, once again). I never get tired of it. Also, Serendipity with John Cosack and Kate Beckingsale. So romantic!

  74. Erika says...

    Call Me by Your Name (for when I’m in a CMBYN mood– melancholic but looking for sad happiness (does that make sense?!)
    The Holiday (all year round)
    The Parent Trap (LL version; don’t judge)
    You’ve Got Mail (obvi)
    Something’s Gotta Give (another obvi)
    Midnight in Paris ❤️

  75. Lara says...

    La La Land ❤️ Makes me believe again.

  76. Katie says...

    I *love*questions like this and enjoyed skimming through everyone’s picks. So, as many have noted, there are comfort TV shows and comfort movies. When it comes to comfort TV, there is only one . . . Golden Girls! That is my forever favorite show and it never fails to make me smile and laugh. Honorable mentions to Friends, Gilmore Girls, and The Office. In terms of comfort movies, well, there’s the obvious choice: Almost Famous. Endlessly quotable, the best music, and after you watch it you’re just ready to dive into the world they did such a good job of creating. I also adore Obvious Child starring Jenny Slate. I love the friendship that’s portrayed by Jenny’s character and Gaby Hoffman and the thoughtful approach to telling a realistic story about a woman seeking an abortion. Last, I adore the animated film Coraline. It’s insanely creative, a fun/creepy (is that a thing? Fun/Creepy? haha) story, and has a great musical score.

  77. Lisa says...

    I love when Harry met Sally so much, and was shocked to discover just after lockdown, that after 12 years together, somehow my husband hadn’t watched it at all (given I’ve seen it at least 4 times, I don’t know how that happened).

    Other comfort movies
    – Airplane! I loved it was a kid and watched our video of it dozens of times. Only … we recorded it off TV in South Africa and it had been censored (a lot. The real version is around 1/3 longer than what I know)
    – Father of the Bride Part 2. I watched it in the week before I was due to give both times. Sadly I have no Fraaaaaank in my life to plan a fabulous baby shower and keep me fit during pregnancy, but oh well
    – sleepless in Seattle

    • Lisa says...

      Oh yes, and the Big Lebowski

    • Rosa Barlow says...

      I had so many of my favourite movies saved on my PVR and then after 8 years it kicked the bucket. The list included
      •. Moonstruck
      •. So I Married an Axe Murderer
      •. How to Make an American Quilt
      •. Eat, Pray, Love
      • Crazy Rich Asians
      • Fried Green Tomatoes
      And many more! Now I’m trying to fill my New PVR up lol. I love movies and can watch them over and over again.

  78. Annie says...

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    The Devil Wears Prada
    Crazy Rich Asians
    The Godfather (first 2)
    Step Brothers
    Lord of the Rings (any)
    Harry Potter (any)

  79. m says...

    You’ve Got Mail, always. In college I would search for an illegal download every semester around finals until I finally just bought the dvd. I’ve been through 2 now

  80. Rachel says...

    Before Trilogy
    Stealing Beauty
    Call Me By Your Name
    Pride and Prejudice
    Anne of Green Gables
    Some Kind of Wonderful
    Bend It Like Beckham
    But, I’m a Cheerleader
    Dirty Dancing
    Empire Records
    To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
    10 Things I Hate About You
    Pretty in Pink
    Reality Bites
    Grosse Point Blank
    Pump Up the Volume
    Point Break
    Say Anything
    The Lost Boys
    The Princess Bride

    • Rosa says...

      All excellent choices!

  81. Kristian Olson says...

    I know it is often considered inferior to When Harry Met Sally, but for me, my comfort film is most definitely You’ve Got Mail. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (they could read a phone book and be interesting and comforting to watch),
    and it is filled with references to books , love, and a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.

  82. Mimi says...

    The Lake House.

  83. S says...

    This list is fantastic – I want it compiled so when I need a comfort watch, I can just go down the list! To those who listed About Time, a sincere thank you. I watched it and although I feel like my heart is torn in two, what a wonderful movie!!

  84. Becky in Fairborn says...

    I love Enchanted April, Moonstruck, Four Weddings and a Funeral and The Godfather! Oh yeah….Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (giving my age group away)

    • Anne says...

      Four Weddings and a Funeral for sure… so bummed it’s not on Netflix in my country. But maybe I would watch it too much and it wouldn’t be such a treat…

  85. Katherine says...

    10 Things I Hate About You
    The Big Sick
    Ocean’s 11

  86. Carla says...

    Julie and Julia or Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly.

    • I used to be a very nervous flier. One of my soothing rituals was watching Pride & Prejudice on every flight. I’ve gotten much better about flying but it’s still my favorite in flight movie!

  87. Kate says...

    Always ‘About Time’, the sweet soundtrack, family and romantic love themes and reminder to cherish every day always gives me a big cry and reset.

  88. K says...

    (A young Paul Rudd!)

  89. Sally says...

    LA Story and The Witches of Eastwick.
    Also I just watched the new TV show version of High Fidelity (better than the movie, btw) and it gave me the same feeling of comfort. I already want to rewatch it.

    • Samantha says...

      Oh! Thank you for reminding me of Witches of Eastwick…haven’t seen it in years and I loved it back in the day!

  90. ferris bueller’s day off or the longest ride – does that show my age? lol

  91. Lisa says...

    Darjeeling Limited
    -Love the sibling theme

  92. Melissa says...

    For me, its a 3-way tie between The Mummy, The Sweetest Thing, and The Joy Luck Club. Guess it depends on what kind of comfort I’m needing. :)

    • Marianne says...

      I read all the responses just to see if anybody mentioned Ferris Bueller! I love lots of movies on this list, but Ferris is one that if I stumble upon it, I must stop everything and watch. Love it.

      Also we are classic not old!

    • Marianne says...

      Sorry posted in the wrong spot…but I love your choices too!

  93. J. says...

    The Best of Everything — from the 50s, with Joan Crawford about women working in publishing in NYC, highly recommend
    Good Will Hunting
    Something’s Gotta Give
    Rachel Getting Married
    The Haunting (scary/suspenseful movies that I’ve seen over and over can be comforting to me)
    A League of Their Own
    Children of a Lesser God

  94. Tshego B says...

    THIS IS 40!

  95. Meredith says...

    My sweet and sensitive husband sometimes comes home from work and says, “I’m in a mood that only You’ve Got Mail can fix.”

    • beth says...


    • Julie says...

      My kind of man!

  96. M.Nicole says...

    Mine is TV shows and I’m currently binge-watching New Girl. I swear they all crack me up!

  97. Gail says...

    For pick-me-ups, it’s a three-way tie: Galaxy Quest, Spy (with Melissa McCarthy), and A Knight’s Tale. For full-on crying and release: October Sky. For maximum cathartic blowingupness: Fast and Furious 8. And, when the world seems so catastrophically depressing: Wonder Woman.

  98. Before Sunset!
    Actually any of the trilogy, but Before Sunset is my favourite… Paris, Nina Simone playing at the end, everything is magical.
    I love these films so much ended up going to Greece six years ago to a place REALLY close to where they shot the last movie, and have been going EVERY summer. Last year 25 friends joined us.. It is such a hidden gem of Greece that I nearly feel I shouldn’t advertise too much ;)

  99. Jenica says...

    For me it is shows.

    Friends or The Office.

    Something about the comedic normalcies of every day life brings ultimate comfort.

  100. Erin Cahir says...

    Next thing you know you’re singing Surrey with a Fringe on Top… IN FRONT OF IRA!!!

  101. Jenny says...

    Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead!

    I can quote every line and always want to redo my closet afterwards!

    • M says...

      I’m always saying “Dishes are DONE, man,” and no one ever knows what I’m talking about, haha.

  102. Amy says...

    I have so many! But I will leave this one here….
    Waking Ned Devine
    And I can’t not add Darjeerling Limited ❤️

    • Lucy Baker says...

      Omg Waking Ned Divine! Such a goodie!

  103. Lisa says...

    HEARTBURN. Another Nora Ephron. My sisters and I can quote one word from it and instantly know the reference. Like a warm blanket that movie.

  104. Meg says...

    Almost Famous! ” The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.” <3

    • Laura says...

      So many Great lines. “It’s not too late for you to become a person of substance, Russell. Please get my son home safely. You know, I’m glad we spoke.”

  105. ana says...

    Paddington 2.

    It’s the perfect film to remind you it will all be ok

  106. Rachel says...

    One Fine Day! My ultimate favorite for years and years and years.

  107. Emily says...

    Love Actually! I first watched it while studying abroad and my friend insisted I had to see it. A bunch of us piled on her dorm room bed and watched it on a laptop propped up on a desk chair. Since the subtitles didn’t work, she did her best to translate from memory the scenes with Jamie and Aurelia, and it was so sweet and hilarious. I think of my friends and that time in my life (over fifteen years ago!) every time I watch it.

  108. Sophie says...

    … Kung Fu Panda. I wish I had something classier as an almost 30 year old, but dammit that’s what I watch when I’m jetlagged, sick, grumpy, you name it.

    • Hayley B says...

      No judgement here! My nephews and I still quote it to each other.

      After an extensive training session, Shifu produces a tantalizing bowl of dumplings:
      Shifu: “I said, you are free to eat, panda.”
      Po: “Am I?”
      Shifu: “Are you?”
      Po: “Phwoaaarrgh!”

      Shifu: “You have done well, panda.”
      Po: “Done well? Done WELL? I’ve done AWESOME!!”
      Shifu: “The mark of a true hero is HUMILITY, but yes, you have done awesome.”
      Both chortle adorably.

      This movie is the best!

      *Fun fact: I’m not sure how many of the viewers here understand Cantonese but many of the names of characters, places etc are puns on nouns in Cantonese. For example Master Oogway (oogway or wukwai is what you’d call a tortoise in Cantonese) and Chor Kam Prison (chor kam literally means sitting in jail). I couldn’t stop giggling!

    • Rachel says...

      I looove Kung Fu Panda!
      The only problem is it always makes me hungry for a big bowl of noodles or dumplings 😋

  109. Heather Shaw says...

    Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette!

    • MHB says...

      YES! The music, the costumes, the pastries!

  110. Steph says...

    Yes!!! Beautiful Girls! No one ever knows what I’m talking about when I bring that up but OMG! “A beautiful girl can make you dizzy…”

    • Lana says...

      Best soundtrack of all time to boot!

    • Rosa says...

      Ohh I love this movie too!

  111. Julie says...

    The CBC Anne of Green Gables with Meghan Follows and Colleen Dewhurst. I watch it whenever I’m sick and bawl about 205829484 times. In between swooning over Gilbert.

    • Julie says...

      Oh my gosh, I LOVE Anne of Green Gables.

    • Twyla says...

      Me too!!! Last year, I almost had an opportunity to meet Meghan Follows for an interview (it’s a long story), and I was bawling just thinking about what I would say to her!

      Also – that GIF above had me cry-laughing today. Thanks so much – I really needed that!!

    • Lorena says...

      YES! It is the best set of movies. Meghan Follows is still the best Anne of all time. I highly recommend a trip to PEI to visit Green Gables in Cavendish. The theme song plays on loop in my head the whole time I’m there.

    • Teresa says...

      1000% agree!!

    • Carla says...


    • Carol says...

      This is the best! I’ve seen it so many times on PBS. (Thank heavens for PBS).

  112. Kait Sherman says...

    So many good ones. If you catch me watching One Fine Day or You’ve Got Mail, you know it’s been a day. I had these movies at the ready in my early post-partum days when loneliness was pervasive. Crying along with Meg Ryan didn’t feel as pitiful as crying by myself. Thank you Meg!

    • J says...

      These two are my faves too. I can’t watch One Fine Day too much though because the ending kills me and loosely follows a relationship in my life

    • Hannah says...

      These are my go to movies too! They just make me feel good.

  113. Sam says...

    FRENCH KISS with Meg Ryan! Always puts me in a good mood and makes me want to jump on a plane to France. I watched this movie for the first time with my granny when I was a kid and immediately after watching it, I asked my mom to bring me to the hair salon with a picture of Meg Ryan’s pixie cut so that I could look like her but the hairdresser refused to cut my super long hair that short. I was so disappointed at the time but looking back, she was right, that cut would not have suited me! Also when my fiance and I were planning our first trip together a few years ago he asked me where I wanted to go and I immediately put that movie on and said France, which is where we went and it was the most incredible trip of my life!

    • Erin Cahir says...

      I also LOVE this movie! But it can’t be watched anywhere, it drives me crazy. It is my favorite romcom and I just want to watch it again!

    • Cy says...

      The brilliance of Kevin Kline! So fun

  114. Damaris Smyth says...

    This is one of my favorite movies! I loved learning about the “Fun Facts.” I am pondering if I would love this movie as much if they did not end up together. “Because I hate you Harry.” Such a great line. Besides this movie, some of my other favorite comfort movies are: Beautiful Girls, Singles, Eat Pray Love, The Holiday, Steal Magnolias, Julie and Julia, and a recent one, Hustlers.

  115. Kerrie says...

    Tie between The Devil Wears Prada & It’s Complicated! Two of my favssssssss !

  116. ewlake says...

    Dan in Real Life! The cast and soundtrack are terrific – my husband and I watch it about once a year, and haven’t tired of it.

    • Cherie says...

      I agree! I downloaded the soundtrack, it’s sooo good. Such a sweet, funny movie.

    • Julie says...

      It is so wonderful!!

    • Hannah says...

      My husband and I do the same! haha

  117. Lisa says...

    This is such a good question!
    Sabrina (Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond)
    The Sound of Music
    You’ve Got Mail
    Notting Hill
    Love Actually (although I saw this for the first time when I was in a deep depression so while I love the movie I still have a vivid memory of sitting in the theater sobbing through most of it. Thankfully I got help)
    Coming To America
    Good Will Hunting (my very favorite)
    The Holiday
    Crazy Rich Asians
    XMen Days of Future Past
    Made of Honor

    TV shows:
    The West Wing
    My So-Called Life
    Gilmore Girls

    Currently watching The West Wing. It calms me and brings me comfort.

  118. Deb in Oklahoma says...

    That Thing You Do. Good for the singalong (all the songs, not just the title track), and the guy gets the girl at the end, so everybody’s happy.

  119. Jo says...

    Late on in both my pregnancies I’ve really craved watching The Intouchables, even right up to when I was in labour actually, Lord knows why, so weird – it’s such a sweet film though,

  120. My roommate and I always quote the line:
    “I’m going to be 40!”
    When Harry Met Sally is THE BEST. My comfort movie is Shakespeare in Love. The romance, the poetry, Dame Judy…it’s so good.

    • Robin Young says...

      That is one of my favorite lines from WHMS, too!! So funny!

  121. Lauren says...

    As an Aussie reader I wanted to mention two Aussie favorites from the 90s that I could watch over and over on repeat!

    – The Castle
    – Strictly Ballroom

    • Natalie says...

      Love Strictly Ballroom! So underrated!

    • Cherie says...

      Love Strictly Ballroom!

    • C says...

      The Castle is everything.

  122. Susannah says...

    Sliding Doors
    Because I Said So (even though it’s so terrible)
    Anything Nancy Meyers
    So I Married an Axe Murderer
    Skeleton Key

    • Lisa says...

      I love Because I Said So as well!

  123. Joanna Schoff says...

    Sex in city 1
    Eat pray love
    Under tuscan sun
    16 candles
    Say anything

    I want a movie marathon now!

  124. Suzanne says...

    I always love About a Boy, The Wedding Crashers, Midnight in Paris Sound of Music, Bridget Jones Diary and The Holiday!

    • Jackie says...

      Under the Tuscan Sun and Bridget Jones’s Diary ❤️ When I lived abroad, they felt like home (tho neither are set in the USA, weird)

  125. Andi says...

    If I am having a bad day and need an escape, I like a hit of gratuitous violence unleashed by “good” guys.
    John Wick
    The Accountant

  126. Scout says...

    Ahhh, I love this post!! I love the familiar movies between the comments!
    You’ve got mail is the BEST. studio ghibli movies are also wonderful (there so peaceful and calming). And a few shows: death in paradise, bobs burgers (my Friends), and Bob Ross.

  127. tina crisas says...

    I agree with most of the usual suspects of movies in the comment section, but I will add: The family Stone.

    • Amy says...

      LOVE the Family Stone (I own it!)

  128. Maria Anagnostopoulou says...

    I think the winner must be “You΄ve got mail”!

    • Hannah says...

      haha. I love how so many people love that movie!

  129. Eda says...

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s <3
    not a movie but I watch Seinfeld when I wanna cheer up

  130. Emily says...

    So many. Movies/TV have always been a comfort for me.

    High Fidelity
    Almost Famous
    Practical Magic
    Stealing Beauty
    The Dreamers
    Some Like it Hot
    Being There
    Sixteen Candles
    Father of the Bride
    Beautiful Girls
    Pride & Prejudice (2005)
    My Best Friend’s Wedding
    Little Women (90’s)

    Sex & the City

    And can I just say, Cup of Jo is my comfort online space! Feels like a warm hug.

    • Joanna says...

      Get out of my head! Same list!

    • Rachel says...

      Looooove Stealing Beauty! It’s so nice to see it on someone else’s list.

  131. Eloise says...

    The ‘Burbs
    Absolute favorite Tom Hanks movie. Plus, it has Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher, a perfect 80’s Corey Feldman and some of the most hilarious one-liners. Never gets old.

  132. Nanaka says...

    Pride & Prejudice (Keira Kneightley version, but rather the BBC mini series if I have the time)
    Benny & Joon
    The Breakfast Club
    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    You’ve got mail
    The first wives club
    Jumping Jack Flash (did you ever notice how many oversized every day items she has in her flat? The toothbrush? The safety pin? It is absolutely hilarious!)
    Ten things I hate about you
    North & South (BBC mini series – “Look back… look back at me!” Aaaah!)
    Groundhog Day
    Back to the Future
    Boy, I could go on and on…! And looks like many of the commenters share a same “base set” of movies, haha :-)

    • Nanaka says...

      Oh, and of course everything including minions. I mean. How can I not? :-)))

  133. Under the Tuscan Sun. That dream life.

  134. denise pener says...

    Say Anything.

    “Lloyd Dobler…rad”

  135. Nina says...

    -Two Weeks Notice
    -Pretty Woman
    -Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
    -And my daughter and I recently watched ‘My Friend Totoro’ and have since watched it numerous times. It feels like a big hug.

    • Nina says...

      My *Neighbor Totoro

  136. Ana says...

    Notting Hill
    Love actually

  137. Elle says...

    Oh, and Beaches and Steel Magnolias

  138. Jo says...

    You’ve got mail
    While you were sleeping
    Father of the Bride

  139. Mathilda says...

    Notting Hill
    He is just not that into you
    The Holiday

  140. Julie says...

    -The Parent Trap —(the one w Lindsay Lohan)
    -You’ve Got Mail — (so calming – “Daisies are the friendliest flowers”)
    -Mrs. Doubtfire — ( “HELLLOOO!” It just never gets old, it’s the best )
    -Something’s Gotta Give — (the cast, the music, the house, that Paris restaurant scene!! )


    • sp says...

      ugh, You’ve Got Mail is like meditation in movie form. “Today I saw a butterfly on the subway…” so good!

    • Erika says...

      We have three of the same! The Parent Trap (who watches the older version when the LL version is so good?!), You’ve Got Mail and Somethings Gotta Give! x

  141. Katie Mac says...

    Dazed and Confused!
    And was so glad to be reminded of Now and Then from these comments.

  142. Esss says...


  143. Kari says...

    The Mummy and Shrek 1 and 2.

  144. Mojo says...

    We also love the Lord of the Rings trilogy too

  145. Trudy says...

    Such a good question. For the last week or so we’ve been starting the day with Mamma Mia, because it makes us happy and gets us dancing, both of which set a great tone for the day.
    My other go-to watches depend on my mood. I can recommend:

    Pride and Prejudice, 1939 with Greer Garson and Lawrence Olivier, and 1995 with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. Both perfection.
    Laura, the great film noir with Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews.
    North by Northwest, Hitchcock’s best imho, with Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint.
    Top Hat and The Gay Divorcee – Fred and Ginger.
    Miss Marple, with Joan Hickson as Miss M. Agatha Christie told a young Joan Hickson that she would be perfect for Miss M when she was older, and she was right. The sets and gardens are enchanting.
    Grantchester with James Norton. I’m still watching with Norton’s replacement, but it’s not the same magic.
    Inspector Morse, with the great John Thaw; and its pre-quel Endeavour with Shaun Evans.
    Henning Mankell”s Wallander with the great Krister Henricksson.

  146. Diana says...

    bridget jones diary and the proposal

  147. Joanna Tsay says...

    To add some that haven’t been mentioned yet- Return to Me, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, any movie with a good heist, Judd Apatow movies like Knocked Up or 40-year-old Virgin, and the Bourne series. I know, I’m all over the place…

  148. Paige says...

    Love this question! Can’t wait to read the answers! Some of mine are:
    Center Stage
    Sabrina (Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond)
    Down With Love
    The Cutting Edge
    French Kiss (more Meg Ryan!)

    • Lisa says...

      OMG I love all of these movies as well!!

  149. Kristina says...

    The Devil Wears Prada. That movie saved me when my boyfriend broke up with me in college and I wouldn’t get out of bed.