Five Nice Things


Writer Siobhan O’Connor and her friend Anna made up a game called Five Nice Things. At dinner, they simply take turns naming things that are nice. “It can be a thing that makes you happy, a compliment for the other person, a win at work, ‘This broccoli is tasty,’ whatever,” writes Siobhan. “It’s a bit sappy, but it’s not the sappiest, and the rules were: Don’t overthink it, and be specific.” As she explains, “it’s just a less-corny name for a gratitude exercise.”

What are your five things? I’ll leave mine in the comments, too. xo

P.S. More dinner games, and how to stay cheerful this winter.

(Photo by Melanie Defazio/Stocksy. Five Things via Kottke.)

  1. Megan says...

    1. Sniffing and kissing my toddler’s head approx 1000 times a day
    2. Tutu’ed big girls who were kind to aforementioned toddler at the park
    3. The quiet reliability of my family’s love
    4. Christmas as a Christian- God came in person to give us grace
    5. Chicken Parm with a nice fresh salad and crunchy chips

  2. Illana says...

    I love reading these so much! Turned off a Netflix show that I tried and didn’t like bc I knew I’d enjoy reading all your Five Things instead! Here are mine right now:

    1. Homemade chai tea in the morning
    2. Watching all seasons of The Good Place with my 12- and 16-yr-old, and the ensuing conversations about ethics, meaningfulness, and the afterlife (WOW)
    3. Bloomed-out orchids that now have new buds!
    4. Coffee ice cream with puffed brown rice cereal
    5. Planning a mapped list of Christmas lights to go see, when a friend called and asked if I knew anything about Christmas lights to visit. We ended up caravanning in our own cars (masked, too) for 2.5 hours to see all the houses!

  3. Joanna Tsay says...

    -when my milky black tea with honey tastes perfect and I am left alone to quietly drink it
    -when my 2-yr-old son presents me his chubby cheeks to kiss over and over again
    -spectacular cloudscapes
    -when the kids sleep in
    -laughing to tears

  4. – reading my book while sipping on some champagne.
    – Scented candles
    – my family
    – Watching Christmas movies
    – Cappuccino

  5. Jennifer says...

    1. Watching the snow fall with my kids from inside our warm cozy home.
    2. Warm lemon bars with powdered sugar dusted on top.
    3. A funny email from a sweet older neighbour.
    4. Watching my kids open a kinder egg surprise. (Canadian)
    5. Listening to my husband fall asleep next to me while I enjoy my quite time.

  6. Elle says...

    – Reading my book while with my 7 year reads his, all snuggled up on the sofa
    – The latest album from Damien Jurado (What’s New Tombow), the perfect soundtrack to a cozy evening, or breakfast, or ride in the rain!
    – Lindor Milk chocolate truffles and a glass of Malbec
    – Receiving my 9 year olds’ christmas present in the mail: An Etsy personalized sketchbook that turned out perfect!
    – Weekly appointments with my Chiropractor, who is just a little bit sexy (and good at fixing my back :)

  7. Kelli says...

    1. I got the Covid vaccine on Friday!! My hospital put on a “walk through” clinic for providers to come get the shot, and there was such an air of jubilance in there- like Christmas had come a week early!
    2. The so so so SO soft hands of my 7 month old distractedly rubbing my arm as she nurses.
    3. All of the Christmas presents already wrapped and under the tree!
    4. My rascally 3 year old TOLD my husband what we got him for Christmas, but because she still has her baby pronunciations, he thinks he’s getting “SHORTS” for Christmas rather than “shirts.” :)
    5. A hot toddy and Amazing Race after the girls are in bed for the night.

  8. Danielle says...

    1. Getting into bed when you’re REALLY tired (tied with “when you’ve just washed your sheets”).
    2. The way my 4-month-old puppy, Penny, greets me when I come back into ANY room (tied with lovingly watching her sleep – I’m obsessed).
    3. When you take your hair down and don’t expect it to look good and it DOES.
    4. Sitting in front of the fireplace in my very own home that I bought without a man.
    5. Laughing very hard at old jokes with old and really, really good friends.

  9. Shannen says...

    1. The sweetest most encouraging voicemails from my Dad who passed away about a month ago most of which start with “Hi baby” or “Hi my Tannie bear” and end with him saying how much he loves me and is always proud of me.
    2. My Mom and sister and their endless love and deep friendship to me.
    3. The way my 2 yr old nephew looks at me and says “Ti ti” (what he calls me) with a pleading tone when he wants me to do something with him.
    4. The scene in Notting Hill where Julia Roberts comes home with Hugh Grant for his sister’s birthday. Feels so delightfully realistic and fun.
    5. This post and the joy it’s brought reading all the wonderful life filled comments in the middle of a sleepless night.

  10. Ruby says...

    1. Reading by the light of the Christmas tree
    2. My new desert cedar bath soap
    3. Walking in the cold before sunrise
    4. Photos of healthcare workers getting vaccinated
    5. Wrapping presents after bedrime with a glass of wine

  11. Tara says...

    1. Seeing Christmas lights at night in the neighborhood
    2. Shelter, food, and utilities
    3. Picking out gifts for family & friends
    4. Eating chocolate covered raisins
    5. Listening to Christmas songs with my daughter and dog by the tree

  12. Robin says...

    1. Last day of work until January 4
    2. Christmas lights
    3. The feeling of accomplishment after a tough cycling class workout
    4. Doughnuts
    5. The anticipation of gift giving

  13. Zoe says...

    1. Reading on the couch with music on in the background
    2. Putting a hair mask on
    3. That feeling of peace when watching the sunset
    4. Relishing in foods and drinks that make you feel cozy and safe
    5. Effortless conversations

    • Kristiana says...

      Yes to all of these.

  14. B Smith says...

    1. Sleeping in after a night of drinking
    2. The northern flicker; it’s a magnificent bird
    3. Porches in the south. Everyone’s always welcome for a chat.
    4. Zapps evil eye
    5. Hot dogs

  15. K8 says...

    1. Freshly laundered flannel sheets
    2. White chocolate covered oreos from a local bakery
    3. A fully stocked refrigerator – I’m just home from a grocery store trip!
    4. Homemade paper snowflakes
    5. A new roll of packing tape

  16. Summer says...

    1. Sleeping in
    2. Restorative yoga after a good workout
    3. Shopping for stocking stuffers
    4. My favorite Mexican take-out on a rainy PNW day
    5. Rewatching ‘Big Bang Theory’ while snuggling with my hubby and the dogs

  17. Julie says...

    1. Staying in bed on this Sunday morning, sipping coffee and doing nothing.
    2. My son’s spontaneous hugs
    3. Thinking about my next year’s garden plans
    4. Watching big fluffy snowflakes fall, as I’m writing this
    5. Seeing pictures of my 2 month old twin nephews that I have yet to meet.

  18. 1. Being alive and healthy
    2. Knowing my all loved ones are alive and well
    3. Receiving Christmas and New Year gifts
    4. Watching great movies and sports game with my over the top crazy fanatical friends
    5. And the smell of Roasted Beef

  19. NJ says...

    1 – My new necklace from MomoSara, an awesome designer from my home town of TLV (yay, Jewelry and supporting local artists!)
    2 – Fresh star-fruit
    3 – I had a lovely weekend with my beloved, we cooked tasty things together and baked muffins! <3
    4 – Watching the filmed production of Hamilton was so fun, we sang the whole musical through and were amazed by the stage production
    5 – Seeing my BFF and their cat cuddling is adorable <3

  20. Trudy says...

    1. My kind, funny, grown-up daughter who told me today that she practices gratitude every morning before she gets out of bed. I admire her so much!
    2. The pandemic for the time it has given us as a family to get to know each other on a deeper level.
    3. The cats (all five, all former strays who strayed our way), who take it in turns on who to sleep with each night. Right now both orange boys are snuggling me, both orange girls are with my daughter, and our senior Tortoiseshell is snug in her bed under the Christmas tree.
    4. Having enough – enough food, shelter, heat, electricity, and all of the basics, plus the extras like Christmas gifts.
    5. Our health – so far, so good. And the covid vaccines, which give me hope that we may be able to stay healthy.

    • Laura says...

      Your 5 were really heartwarming – I hope my daughter grows up to be as self-aware; to have enough, so true and worth remembering always; and our health, which has never been brought so close to home than living through the pandemic this year. Happy new year to you x

  21. k says...

    1. A hot cup of tea with milk and honey first thing in the morning.
    2. Getting that little thank-you hand signal from motorcyclists when I leave room for them to pass on the highway.
    3. The feeling of my cat, meatloaf, settling in for the night. She find the crook of my knees, makes biscuits for a minute, the snuggles up — that final whoomph of her flopping into the little blanket nest that she’s made is the best.
    4. Finding little tchotchkes on my daily walks — as a kid, I used to go on treasure walks with my grandma, and every time I find something now, it makes me feel like she’s checking in to make sure I’m doing well.
    5. Almond roca!!

  22. RLC says...

    1. The smell of the earth right before a rain.
    2. The warmth of my daughter when she snuggles against my chest for our nightly rock.
    3. The quiet of the house when I wake up at 3 am and sneak in a little blog reading before falling back to sleep.
    4. The perfect summer peach.
    5. My German shepherd’s dry nose when she just wakes from a nap.

  23. Tash Burns says...

    1. Sitting in front of the fire whilst my husband makes us cocktails.
    2. Baking Christmas cookies with my 2 youngest girls.
    3. Off to see ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the Minack theatre (outdoor theatre built on the cliffs in Cornwall) next week.
    4. Surprise packages from France with yummy food and champagne from siblings who we haven’t been able to see.
    5. Hot chocolate on the beach with my eldest boy, who’s just turned 8.

    • Jackie says...

      Dreamy! I want to be friends in real life! Happy holidays Tash!

  24. Elaine Drew says...

    1) My 4 year old student blowing me a kiss when online pre-K class ends
    2) Making & listening to my holiday playlist (finally!)
    3) Watching birds at the bird feeder & bird bath
    4) The sound & smell of my wooden wick candles
    5) “Talking” to my good friend from HS every day by sharing funny memes:)

  25. Steffy B says...

    1. It’s really sunny today
    2. Cute video I came across on Instagram of a little girl getting so excited to greet/hug her brother when he comes home from school. They run to each other as he gets off the bus and it’s so dang cute.
    3. Good couch pillows
    4. Sweatpants (MVP of 2020)
    5. Anticipation of my relaxing lazy Saturday ahead

  26. Nikki says...

    1. The hummingbird that visits my garden every morning. I’ve named him Timmy, and sometimes he’ll come drink from the flowers right by the kitchen window where I’m working so we’re only a few feet apart.
    2. Doing “snuggle time” with my dog every night before bed. She’s old and a bit stand-offish, but she loves her routines, so we snuggle every night for at least 20 mins. It’s more special because she’ll only snuggle with me.
    3. Our Christmas tree. We splurged on a fancy, 7-foot Noble Fir this year and it smells amazing. My husband and I are very sentimental about ornaments, and we try to add a few new ones each year, so it looks really beautiful.
    4. Knowing I have 11 days off starting Christmas Eve. After this extremely challenging and busy quarter at work, I am so ready to REST. I plan on not having plans; I just want to wake up and do whatever I feel like doing.
    5. All of the citrus trees. I live in L.A., and it’s the start of the citrus season, so our walks are punctuated by the smell of oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and tangerines EVERYWHERE. It’s the best time of the year for walking in L.A.

  27. KJ says...

    1. Holiday cards from friends.
    2. My dog when he lays his head on me at night and wants to cuddle.
    3. How I feel after doing a youtube yoga session (Five Parks Yoga deep stretch videos are amazing)
    4. The anticipation of seeing people I love in Kansas tomorrow!
    5. The beautiful walk I took with my dog yesterday with fat snowflakes falling.

  28. Meagan says...

    1. My cats choosing my side of the bed to sleep on
    2. Being sent a necklace of hope that’s been passed around and worn by women in my scrapbooking community who went through IVF. I cried!
    3. My employer mailed us all a box filled with wine, chocolate, hot sauce and maple syrup made by artisans from across Canada
    4. Being off work for 11 days!
    5. Creating a new morning ritual that includes lighting a candle, drinking tea, journaling, reading, meditation and stretching.

  29. Alice says...

    1. All the Christmas lights. Love the glow
    2. The colour of my new rug is so uplifting
    3. Baths
    4. The Louis Theroux Grounded podcast
    5. Discovering a great medical professional in your neighbourhood

    Incidentally, at the meal table I get my kids to tell me about their day and often go in with a question like who did you help today or what made you laugh, and then they roll on forever with news. It’s got to the point my 4 year old won’t talk about his day until we sit down to eat. And we need a conch.

  30. Aoife says...

    From yesterday:
    1. two very glamorously dressed people I saw out when walking the dog in suburban Dublin last night. The man was wearing black and white low slung cowboy boots and the woman was clutching a tiny yellow velvet purse.
    2. Finishing reading ‘Nothing but the sky’ wow success, I read a book amidst the madness of my life.
    3. Listening to Nirvana on the same dog walk and having a secret cry in the dark which I had needed.
    4. Nearly walking into a little old man on same walk who instead of being Covid-terrified of me, had kind words and a laugh when I told him I was in a world of my own. He even complimented my patient 12 year old dog.
    5. Coming home and snuggling the kiddos on the bed after the walk, and then wiggling and giggling and trying to make me laugh, which worked.

    • NJ says...

      I’m so glad you had the chance for a needed cry and a kind word from a stranger <3 Your comment has reminded me of Dublin, a city that I absolutely loved, and the suburban neighborhood where my friend lives there, which is so incredibly scenic in the evening. Thanks for bringing up beautiful memories, I hope you have a lovely day <3

    • K says...

      Aoife, how perfectly you described a time in my life. Good times of comfort in aloneness as well as in company. Reading while snuggled in bed in Wexford.

  31. Shannon says...

    1-First sip of coffee in the morning
    2-Seeing my boys smile
    3-The smell of woodsmoke on a wintry, overcast day
    4-Post-run with nothing to do
    5-Freshly laundered sheets at bedtime

  32. Catherine says...

    1) I get the COVID vaccine next week!
    2) A “golden weekend” away from the hospital (having Saturday and Sunday off – typically unheard of in residency)
    3) A playlist full of nostalgic college jams
    4) Picking out a baby gift for my friend who just found out she’s expecting
    5) Daydreaming about a trip to Cape Town post-pandemic (2022?)

    • NJ says...

      Good luck with the vaccine, and thank you so much for practicing your profession in such trying times. You’re doing something greater than life and truly amazing. I hope you have a good rest, and all the best to you <3

    • Krissy says...

      Thank you for your work!

  33. Christine says...

    1. When my husband who took a covid early retirement buy out told me to make him a LONG honeydew list so he wouldn’t go stir crazy at home.
    2. The car bubble I invented. You drive to a pretty park where you meet your best friend or baby sister, drink homemade lattes + talk on cell phones. You can see each other’s faces! Wear gloves. Keep windows up. Visit ends when you have to go home to pee.
    3. My ten year old grandsons letter to Santa, probably the last. Hysterical.
    4. Our rescue white Siberian who after 3 years finally has a lush husky coat so she looks as beautiful outside as she always was inside.
    5. The giant boxes of Christmas cookies we sent to the grandkids, just like my grandma sent to me years ago. 3 days of baking, 5lbs of butter, $$ to overnight, + the happiest I have been in weeks. Sugar cookies are so healing.

  34. Christy says...

    I can always count on CoJ to ask the best questions and readers to give the BEST answers. Reading through these put a huge smile on my face. Here’s mine:

    1. Getting to see a glimpse of people’s lives in their Zoom backgrounds. I feel like I’ve learned more about my coworkers see them as more fully human beings once I’ve seen their kitchens or living rooms or wherever they’re working from.
    2. Saying “hi” to people more often when I pass them on my stroll around the block than I’ve done in years. Life in a city made me less friendly, but now I’m smiling at everyone behind my mask and much more willing to greet a stranger to get that sweet sweet human connection.
    3. A hug from my boyfriend. Sure, the sex is great but the hugs really hit home right now. I miss hugging my friends and my family and girls I befriend in line for the bathroom at the bar, but at least I have his.
    4. All the peppermint flavored treats. I’ll take them all.
    5. Being able to do laundry mid-week. I’ve had more time to squeeze my “weekend chores” into weekdays which means Saturdays and Sundays feel like they’re mine with nothing looming over my head.

  35. Julie says...

    – Christmas lights in my house
    – Fresh raspberries
    – Newly painted pink melon colored toenails
    – A pile of good books beside my bed to read over Christmas break
    – Orange honey candle

    • Kim says...

      Julie, we are kindred spirits! These are so simple and lovely.

  36. Christina says...

    Two days after Thanksgiving I slipped on a trail and broke my ankle in three places. I had surgery and have spent these past three weeks sitting in bed with my leg elevated. It has been absolutely crappy in many ways–no holiday decorations up! I need help with every. single. thing! I can’t bake cookies! THE PAIN–but there have been moments of grace and peace.
    1. My fluffy cat Boots has not left my side throughout my convalescence.
    2. My dear friends have dropped off food, snacks, magazines, and one of them gave me a haircut right outside on my deck.
    3. My bf has cooked, cleaned, done laundry, helped me take showers, carried me up the stairs when needed (on his back like I’m a sack of potatoes!), and has continued to work…and has stayed mostly cheerful throughout.
    4. There is sunshine and fresh air coming through the windows.
    5. My cast is neon pink. :)

    • Laura says...

      I’m so sorry to hear about your ankle, Christina! I’ve been in a similar but less extreme situation. Thanksgiving weekend I got a spider bite on my foot that turned into a blister that became massively infected. Up until yesterday I was on bed rest, too! Foot elevated, lots of pain. So much not fun. Sending you much healing energy! My five nice things:
      1. Witnessing my 16 year old daughter figuring out how to do “adulting” things to help around the house—and never complaining. (It’s just the two of us here)
      2. Learning (out of necessity) how to accept help from friends and realizing that it’s okay to do so. And not just okay, but it’s important to not always be the giver! I know how good I feel when I can help someone. By not accepting help from others I’ve denied them that feeling!
      3. Grateful to “past me” working hard these past several months to get in better physical shape—I’m stronger now at 50 than I’ve ever been! It’s definitely helped with the times I have had to get out of bed and use just one leg!
      4. My dog Ruby who seemed to sense that I was in need of her healing presence and spent much more time than usual keeping me company.
      5. Audiobooks! I’ve finally discovered them. Reading in bed isn’t comfortable for long periods of time—so Tom Hanks reading The Dutch House to me was just wonderful. And now I’m on to Michelle Obama telling me about her life. I love it!

    • Syona says...

      I’m so sorry to hear about your ankle!
      I thought your 5th thing was “My cat is neon pink” and for a few moments it also became my favorite thing :)

  37. Courtney says...

    Just from the last few days:

    1) Our neighbor and her boys walking through the neighborhood giving away homemade mini loaves of bread
    2) My 2yo singing “happy birthday to you … CAKE” to himself
    3) Finally joining a pod with my mom
    4) Wednesday’s snow–the first snow my 2yo remembers, and lots of time for the two older kids to get out and enjoy it. Apparently they’re past the phase of “take 30 minutes to get dressed, come in after 5 for being cold” and they stayed outside and played for HOURS
    5) Fleece-lined leggings

    • Liz says...

      Dang I must be old… what does “finally joining a pod with my mom” mean? 😊

    • Amy says...

      Fleece-lined leggings would surely be in my top five if I could find them! Where did you get yours?

  38. Not Anya says...

    1. my husband who has had an incredibly stressful semester at work (an audio engineer in charge of making sure distance learning is successful at his university) is finally on holiday break
    2. I cut 12″ of my hair off yesterday, by myself and my haircut looks good.
    3. Delivering cookie boxes for friends in our neighborhood
    4. All of my Christmas presents have arrived at their intended destinations with days to spare!
    5. My dad who is in his 70s is happy, safe and healthy and surrounded by my sister and his grandkids.

  39. Katey says...

    – The tiny kisses my dog gives my nose (stinky but I don’t care!)
    – The sound of my two year old daughter playing in the other room with her grandparents
    – An ice cold Diet Coke in a mini can
    – Videos of my friend’s new corgi puppy
    – Watching the tree swing move slightly in the breeze in our backyard

  40. How fun! Love this crowdsourced library of joys :)

    My five things for the week are:
    1. Witnessing my cat, Junipurr, become more and more of a “baby” as she grows up. (Juni at 3 months old: RAWR!!! *leaps around the house like a baby goat*. Juni now, at 3 years old: Mommy, your lap may host my afternoon snuggle sess)
    2. Watching Youtube videos about humans being good to other animals, e.g. this Great Big Story video:
    3. A surprise delivery outside our door of gorgeous, made-from-scratch holiday sweets (chocolate peppermint amcaron, chocolate mocha crinkle, homemade marzipan + amarena cherry truffle) by a dear friend!
    4. “Inventing” quesadilla recipes. Last night: spinach, mashed pinto beans, onions, yellow bell pepper, and of course, cheese.
    5. News of small (learned to propagate house plants!) and big (new furbaby!) happiness from loved ones amidst the pandemic

    • K says...

      Love your kitty’s name!

  41. Anna says...

    1. Making a cup of spiced tea with maple syrup in the morning.
    2. The sound of my daughter singing to herself before she falls asleep.
    3. A really good hug that lingers a little longer than expected.
    4. Meditating with a group on Zoom when all I have to do is sit up, open my computer, and click on the link to get started.
    5. The feeling of being under the covers when the room is just a little too cold.

  42. Lana says...

    -Finding fun things in Aldi’s random stuff aisle.
    -My neighbor stopping off a surprise White Russian the other night.
    -Lighting my fav balsam candle and bubble light night lights.
    -When my three year old says, “I wuv you so much, Mom.”
    -Blue cheese olives in a dirty martini

  43. Emily says...

    today, mine are:

    1. the lemons on my tree which are getting ripe
    2. the winter sun shining
    3. having had a safe flight yesterday and having my home to quarantine in
    4. my family
    5. having been able to move past a bad work situation into a much better new chapter

  44. Mimi says...

    1. When our big dog squeaks in his sleep.
    2. The sound of the Nespresso first thing in the morning.
    3. Power washing videos
    4. Feeling the foam on brand new running shoes
    5. the first seasonal whiff of the Thymes Frasier Fir candle

  45. I’ve been having a bad week, so maybe this will help.

    1. My friend brought me donuts this morning (bc of said bad week).
    2. My current playlist filled with all an eclectic mix of songs I love right now.
    3. The scent of my homemade candles filling my apartment (it smells like Christmas).
    4. The feeling of my cat literally crawling into bed with me this morning, and snuggling under my arm beneath the covers.
    5. Sending a Christmas gift to my unsuspecting BIL in South Korea. He is stationed there for a year, apart from my sister/his wife.

  46. Leslie-Anne says...

    Watercolour paints
    Guinea pigs
    My family
    Red wine

    • Laura says...

      1. Received dose #1 of the COVID vaccine today. Actually had tears in my eyes thinking about how much safer my family will be after my vaccination takes effect.
      2. A patient’s family told me trust they would never forget my team, and brought cookies for us even though the patient was dying.
      3. Starting two days off after a long week of work.
      4. Looking forward to making tamales tomorrow for Christmas dinner
      5. My family is healthy, and despite my currently sometimes short temper my children still want to be with me and cuddle

  47. Constance M. LaFlamme says...

    When my husband and I walk our little dog Andrew in town or the rail trail or the woods, or the park cemeteries that allow this pleasure.
    Wrapping gifts to Christmas music…special nod to Melinda Liberty’s rendition of The Maine Christmas song.
    Checking out the local farms that sell wonderful items plus let you pat sheep like Simeon at Fox Farm in Monmouth, Maine. Plus they sell fudge.
    My daughter’s voice. Music. Like the brooks from my childhood woods wanderings.
    Grand-nephews Xavier, 4, and Coen, 2. Everything about them!!

  48. Kerry says...

    We call this “Stuff That Makes Me Happy” at our place.

    1) The morning snuggle with our new kitten Gregg
    2) Immediately after the snuggle when Gregg goes nuts and gets “the zoomies”
    3) Doritos
    4) Haircutting makeovers on Instagram
    5) My 10yo’s last babyfat, the roll beneath his chin

  49. LLBR says...

    1. Being awakened by our cat gently walking over our sleeping bodies
    2. Grinding coffee beans in the kitchen to start the day
    3. Toasting shredded coconut and walnuts for our daughter’s birthday carrot cake
    4. An afternoon nap next to the sunny bedroom window
    5. Slicing an ice cold Cara Cara orange after dinner and thinking it tastes like the best dessert ever

  50. Hilde says...

    Christmas holiday coming up.
    Having decided on a pretty coral pink for our living room accent wall.
    When the kids play and have fun together.
    My husband being a homebody, just like me.
    Thinking about the three great TV series that I look forward to watching when the kids have gone to bed.

    • Jill says...

      1. Hearing my 11-year-old son master a difficult piano piece.
      2. Sweat running down my back post-run.
      3. Friends & sisters who don’t mind my tears.
      4. Work away from home to clear my head.
      5. The most comforting hugs in my dreams.

  51. Charise says...

    fleece-lined leggings
    a walk in perfect snow-globe snow fall
    an afternoon spent baking all the holiday things to share with friends via porch drops
    visiting tons of drive-through light displays with my partner
    listening to the crackle of the fake fireplace app on the apple tv

    • AnnieOh says...

      I love all these things too!

    • md says...

      Please elaborate on fleece-lined leggings, I want!

  52. Joanna says...

    1.) Cold brew iced coffee from my favorite coffee shop.
    2.) My kids and how much they love each other.
    3.) Reading in bed at night, especially when it’s cold out.
    4.) My gmail list. It’s a list of 14 friends who have been emailing all day during the work day for over a decade. It has been a normal spot in a really abnormal year.
    5.) Technology that has allowed me to talk to my parents face to face daily even though we haven’t been able to see them in 9 months!

  53. SJ says...

    One – My new dog and her morning belly rubs

    Two – Coffee

    Three – Sleeping in

    Four – Dessert

    Five – Fried Chicken!

  54. Martina says...

    1. Last day of work before holidays
    2. 2nd season of a show I love on Netflix today and waiting another hour before I start it just to enjoy looking forward to it a little longer
    3. the great talk with my teenage son this afternoon. Turns out the sweet boy I know Is still around
    4. having finished all chores for the weekend
    5 sleeping in tomorrow
    6. thinking about all the christmas cookies I am going to bake tomorrow…
    (Was I allowed to do six things? This Is awesome, I can‘t seem to stop 😉)

    • Krissy says...

      I especially love number 3! So sweet.
      My baby boy is just 7 weeks old, and time seems to just be speeding by so fast these days. Sometimes I feel sad about how fast my 3 kids are growing up. I feel like this little baby will be a teenager before I know it!
      Have fun with your Christmas cookies!
      Also, what’s the Netflix show?

  55. MK says...

    1. Stories my 4 year old tells
    2. Laughing at a joke just between us (my husband and I)
    3. Spontaneous dance parties
    4. An unsuspected letter from a friend
    5. When you share a kind moment with a stranger

  56. Tammi Dower says...

    ugly Christmas sweater party with comfort food ad lots of booze
    a great book that sucks you in the first few pages
    blind tasting of simple things; apples, olive
    oil, champagne, chocolate to find my favorites
    smelling my daughters hair

  57. Ivy says...

    1. Ryan Gosling giggling videos on YouTube
    2. All of the interviews Graham Norton does
    3. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (worth the buy!)
    4. PB star cookies (Brach’s Stars, NOT Hershey Kisses)
    5. Watching someone with glasses walk into a warm store and seeing their lenses immediately fog

    • Ivy says...

      An alternate answer I considered:

      1. Michael B. Jordan’s love-struck face
      2. Michael B. Jordan’s angry face
      3. Michael B. Jordan’s sad face
      4. Michael B. Jordan’s happy face
      5. Michael B. Jordan’s pensive face

      … Basically all of Michael B. Jordan’s faces.

    • Krissy says...

      1. Surprisingly delicious strawberries in our grocery pickup
      2. A new haircut for my 3 year old
      3. A few first smiles from my 7 week old baby
      4. A stolen chocolate
      5. A 5 year old who is SO excited to have 3 weeks off from zoom kindergarten.

    • Nikki says...

      #5 made me laugh, and I also know exactly what you mean

  58. Hayley B says...

    Here’s my list, in no particular order:

    1. The dreamy new lemon cake I just made 2 nights ago after my sister forwarded me the recipe. It is the fluffiest, lightest, most lemony crumb cake I’ve ever had and I am obsessed. You guys, it is SO. GOOD. I am literally trying to stop myself from scarfing the whole loaf by myself!

    2. The smell of cookies baking in the oven. Christmas!

    3. A great new movie my husband and I just watched recently that sent us into fits of giggles — Freaky. I was NOT expecting Vince Vaughn to steal the entire show. Who knew the man could be this sweetly funny?

    4. My brother’s sweet beagle demanding pets and licking my face every opportunity she gets whenever I visit.

    5. Baby Yoda!!!

    • Abigail says...

      drop the recipe link, please! That sounds like Heaven.

    • Rachel says...

      …but can we get this lemon cake recipe? Sounds AMAZING

    • Claire P says...

      Tell us more about this lemon cake….

  59. Michelle Quigg says...

    Morning “cuddle attacks” from my daughter
    Coffee and chocolate
    Cilantro and lime
    Watching kids greet their parents with huge smiles at school pick up
    Finally crawling into bed after a long day

  60. Komali says...

    1. I passed the NY bar exam!!
    2. My birthday is in 12 days!
    3. I get to decorate our 7ft tall purple Christmas tree tonight!
    4. Stood in the neighborhood park with a warm peppermint mocha with whipped cream and looked at little snowmen and the most beautiful crescent moon
    5. I got calls and messages from 50-100 people, some of whom I haven’t spoken to in years, congratulating me on passing and saying they’re proud of me. I’m a Words of Affirmation girl.

    • Ellen says...

      Congratulations Komali!!!! This is all so good.

    • Becky says...

      Congrats!!!! And happy birthday!!!!

    • Krissy says...

      Wow congratulations!!!!!!
      And happy almost birthday :)

    • Rachael says...

      Congratulations on passing the bar!!! & your purple tree sounds wonderful!

    • Komali says...

      Thanks, everyone!!! <3

    • Libbynan says...

      Congrats on the bar exam…good job! At my age I don’t want to decorate a tree of any size, but I’d love to see your 7ft purple one. Sounds fantastic!

    • NJ says...

      Ohmygod congratulations Komali! I hope you feel amazing and proud of yourself because YOU ARE AMAZING! Good luck in your now-starting career! <3 Oh and also happy birthday <3 Much love from this excited uni girl from a different continent <3

  61. Maria Anagnostopoulou says...

    1. My son
    2. My best friend
    3. My health
    4. The internet
    5. Agatha Christie΄s books
    6. Sleep

    • Samantha says...

      Agatha Christie for sure! The ultimate comfort reads.

  62. Meg says...

    1. Rare but sweet (and fluffy!) cuddles from my Siberian Husky who is 9
    2. Great British Baking Show with my husband who thank god is now just as obsessed as me
    3. Facetimes with my one year old nephew
    4. A hot bath before bed especially after a cold walk outside
    5. Justin Bieber Christmas songs (no shame!!)

  63. Peg says...

    1. my kids always
    2. this song I’m listening to
    3. last day of work before the holiday
    4. this nice cup of tea with CREAM in it
    5. My smile feels good on my face

  64. Em says...

    1 – indulging in whole-wheat drop biscuits with jam, every morning
    2 – listening to Carly Rae Jepsen on a fast bike ride
    3 – finally picking up my books from the library!
    4 – eking out a challenging crossword
    5 – tucking myself in to freshly-bleached sheets

  65. Brooke Barrington says...

    My toddlers sweet stuffed-up-nose voice
    My morning almond milk latte
    Getting handmade Christmas cards from missed friends
    Finishing a good book in front of a fire
    Taylor Swift’s new album!

  66. Meebs says...

    1. Having a heated garage when it’s -30 outside
    2. The kids emptying the dishwasher
    3. Hot cup of chai
    4. Video chatting with my best friend tomorrow
    5. Fiday family movie night (frozen 2)


  67. Carlie says...

    1. My kitty cat’s bald spot
    2. My husband’s beauty mark
    3. Vanilla flavored coffee
    4. bangs
    5. gold and sapphires together

  68. Mims says...

    Mexican peanut salsa (OMG, try it, not hard to make!)
    An email from my cousin
    The red branches of the naked Cornus sericea
    Reading wikis to get the back story about shows I just watched (Frank Zappa documentary most recently)
    hot soy cocoa with medicinal mushrooms and maca!

    • Amy says...

      What is Mexican peanut salsa?! Pls share!

    • Mims says...

      Hi Amy, Here goes:
      This is my version of a cooking light recipe (google peanut salsa to find their version). Mine has less clean up, fewer steps, and tastes better IMO.

      Chop a medium onion, place in a 4 cup pyrex measuring cup or wide mouth mason jar. Deseed 3 each: dried guajillo and ancho chiles. Heat a large skillet over medium-high. Add chiles; cook 90 seconds or until fragrant. (Be careful not to burn, they go bitter otherwise). Cut chilies into smaller pieces with kitchen shears.

      Place chiles in with onion and pour 3 cups boiling water over contents. Let stand 30 minutes. Add PB2 powder (1/2 cup or more depending on how thick you want your salsa), and one TBSP sambal oelek chili garlic paste; process until smooth with immersion blender.

      I store in the mason jar in fridge, or just leave in the pyrex measuring cup as I have several, and makes it easy to pour. PB2 is defatted peanuts…I like the no sugar version. I order online, but I think Trader Joes carries their own branded version now.

      This is pretty mild…you can certainly make spicier by adding arbol chilies or chipotle….and if you just google Mexican peanut salsa you will find many versions with different chilies, sesame seeds, oil, etc. IF you are allergic to peanuts likely can make a similar verson with tahini or almond butter. I like that is a mash-up of mole with peanut satay.

      I’m 95% vegan…and this is something that both my meat eating husband and I can agree tastes great on so many things. I love on black bean tacos with lots of avocado, lime and cilantro. Put in roasted veggies, rice and beans, quinoa and winter squash, I love over tofu, hashbrowns and green peppers.

      Which reminds me of my #6 nice things: The Taco Chronicles on Netflix. Great armchair travel for dark winter nights. You almost feel like you are in Mexico. It is a fantastic production so respectful of food traditions and the people who keep them alive. I never wanted it to end! Aside: I think about food too much these days.

  69. Clara says...

    1. My husband insists on making my coffee every morning, even though there are few things he hates more than coffee.
    2. My dad (an ER doctor) got his COVID vaccine this week.
    3. Two snuggly cats that are even more snuggly as its gets colder.
    4. The Great British Baking Show, which has been a bright spot in 2020.
    5. Noah Reid’s version of Simply the Best. The scene in Schitt’s Creek gives me warm fuzzies every time.

  70. mdeck says...

    1. I’ve learned how to make the most delicious soy chai lattes at home, and they light up my morning.
    2. I have a big old dog, who has terrible arthritis and can barely walk, but has been the best companion and friend during shelter in place, and I’m so, so grateful for his company and love.
    3. Samantha Irby’s audiobook “Wow, No Thank You” was a complete treat.
    4. My college roommates and I started a group text thread during the pandemic and it’s a daily source of laughs, encouragement and support.
    5.Snow on the trees.

  71. Katie says...

    1. the pink sunrise I caught this morning
    2. sniffing my baby’s (he’s almost 2, but he’s still my baby!) neck
    3. my 4yr old telling me his favorite kind of salad is chicken salad
    4. the new hot water kettle at work
    5. Christmas lights

  72. Ali says...

    1. Last day of the fall semester (teaching on-ground in a new school)
    2. Roasted veg and tofu
    3. Earl Grey tea in the afternoon
    4. Negative PCR tests
    5. Palm trees

  73. Laura says...

    I love reading these!
    ~ My husband loves to make people feel loved, and his smile as he is presenting someone with a gesture just makes my heart sing <3
    ~My 12 year old resting his head on my shoulder and absentmindedly playing with my hair when we're watching TV. He's done this since he was a baby, and with his venture into independence, these moments are so treasured!
    ~ morning commute phone calls with my best friend. When we realized life was getting in the way and we would go for months without connecting, we decided to try morning commute talks. There is an understanding that if the other doesn't answer, its just not a good time, and we try again the next day. No pressure, no guilt, and its worked amazing!
    ~ Our Christmas tree. My dad grows trees and shapes them, then invites all the extended family to pick out their tree. It's turned into a treasured Christmas tradition. Our tree is covered in sentimental ornaments that extend through my and my family member's whole lives. So much love and beauty in our tree!
    ~ Watching Christmas movies while cozied under a warm blanket with my family and lots of hot chocolate!

  74. jane says...

    – I saw a red-tailed hawk just after it caught a wild rabbit – that was: wow.
    – Waking up pre-dawn for a quiet pot of tea in the blissful silence
    – hygge feelings on an exceptionally dark and rainy morning
    – an old friend showed up in my dream last night
    – I finally submitted a proposal I’ve procrastinated on for looong time and it felt great

  75. cate says...

    1.The cup of coffee my husband brings me in the morning
    2. The living room all decorated and cosy for Christmas
    3. My daughters soft cheek
    4. Our new puppy
    5.Mince pies

  76. Obsessed with these!

    1. The way dogs sniff the air
    2. My “Happy Festivus” face mask that miraculously got delivered before Festivus
    3. The way New Yorkers nod (and sometimes even give each other thumbs up!) these days, it’s comforting albeit still a jarring departure from the “zero recognition of each others’ existences” in the Before Times
    4. Creating a delicious meal from odds and ends that were about to go bad (yesterday’s was inspired by a CoJ grilled cheese – a swipe of honeycup mustard + sourdough + brie + apples)
    5. Reading these lists!!!

    • Krissy says...

      I love number 3 especially!

    • Illana says...

      #3 — yes!!!

  77. Anne says...

    1. Christmas lights. There’s one house in my neighborhood that keeps adding to his display every couple days so it’s fun to spot the new lights. I love Christmas lights, the crazier the better!
    2. Cracklin’ Oat Bran.
    3. Building snowmen on my animal crossing island.
    4. The smell of my dog’s paws.
    5. NYtimes Puzzle Mania that came with the Sunday paper last week. We taped the giant crossword & clues to the wall in our hallway and even attached a little pencil to some string. It’s been fun taking breaks to solve clues with my husband.

  78. rebecca says...

    1- A kind email from a stranger offering to be a listening ear.
    2- A crayon drawing from my 5 year old, presented with SO MUCH PRIDE.
    3- The quiet of snow
    4-Singing Christmas carols out of tune on the sidewalk while looking at the neighbor’s lights
    5- The sweet way that my two year old says moon. Mewn.

  79. Marisa V. says...

    1. Smiles from my baby when I read him Goodnight Moon
    2. Applying perfume after a shower
    3. PNW sunsets after a rainy day
    4. Chocolate sprinkle cake donuts
    5. Laughing with my best friend

  80. Rachael says...

    The lights on my Christmas tree
    My dog’s ears
    A hot shower
    Fresh bread

    • Kate says...

      I’m really enjoying reading all of these, and the soft, quiet, sweetness of your list is particularly enjoyable! A dog’s ears 🥰

    • AA says...

      -kids building snow forts for hours!
      -afternoon sunlight in the kitchen
      -leftover Hanukkah gelt
      -holiday cards in the mailbox
      -walk in the woods with my pup

  81. Rachel says...

    1. Wrapping up cute little homemade treats to give as gifts
    2. The feeling of accomplishment after finishing a workout
    3. Being handed a mug of coffee before my boyfriend starts his workday
    4. Going for a neighborhood walk and seeing all of the houses decorated
    5. Designing and ordering our holiday card together for the first time

  82. asia says...

    1. Watching The Crown (I’m almost to the Diana season!)
    2. Lighting holiday candles
    3. Twinkle lights!
    4. When my 13-(almost 14-year-old) absentmindedly holds my hand while we watch Grey’s Anatomy
    5. Petting my cats’ heads

  83. Libbynan says...

    1. Listening to The Roches Christmas album….my favorite ever.
    2. Contemplating the vintage arm covers on my reading chair….who embroidered them and when and for whom and did the same person do the crocheted edging or someone else, etc.
    3. My huge pot of paper whites that just started blooming yesterday.
    4. The white bean soup simmering on the stove.
    5. The cedar&clove candles burning on the mantle.
    Much love to all of you.

    • Dana says...

      Libbynan, THANK YOU for reminding me of The Roches. Used to listen to them as a kid and haven’t thought of them in…decades! Immediately putting on their Christmas album as my baking soundtrack today! xo

  84. nadine says...

    1 – the sound my cat does when he murrs ( a mix between a purr and a meow)
    2 – the smell of a hot cup of Earl Grey tea
    3 – noticing a new leaf in a house plant
    4 – the feeling of water running down my skin, similar to the feeling of water when swimming
    5 – Warren Ellis and Nick Cave’s The assassination of Jesse James soundtrack.

    • Hannah says...

      Yes to the new house plant leaves! Such a sense of accomplishment :)

    • Denise A. says...

      My cats do something similar and my husband and I looked it up and apparently it is called “trilling”! :)

    • Sarz says...

      Ohh, yes! I’ll admit that I didn’t retain much of the movie, but the soundtrack is unforgettable!

  85. Nathalie says...

    visits from Phoebe the chihuahua
    Christmas cards in the mailbox (handwritten! with stamps!)
    sunshine on my face after days of greyness
    seeing the moon through a telescope
    finding the perfect present for someone close to me

  86. Catherine says...

    As of right now…

    1. The smell of my sparkling snow candle.
    2. The sound of the crunch of newly fallen snow.
    3. My toddler running into my arms when I pick him up from daycare.
    4. The fact that I’ve gotten my husband to binge watch my favorite show – Survivor.
    5. (from memory and afar as of now) My mama’s cry-laugh. You have to catch her right at that tired, delirious state. Its just the best.

  87. Bec says...

    Ohh, I love this: I especially like the idea of a text message chain. I think I’ll start texting my Mom in assisted living a daily five nice things list! Here is mine for today:
    1. Flannel Sheets
    2. Trader Joe’s Maple Espresso Black Tea (I’m obsessed!)
    3. Watching the birds at my bird feeder (two new species this week!)
    4. The second season of Hjem til Jul (Home for Christmas) premiers tonight!
    5. My handsome, funny husband who is the only one I believe when he tells me it will all be ok.

    • Krissy says...

      Number 5!! How sweet :)
      I feel the same about mine.
      Thanks for putting that into words.

  88. Fry says...

    1. my 4yo: the way she ‘sneaks’ into our bed every night, watching the joys of the holiday season thru her excitement.
    2. smiles and laughs from my 8mo returning more and more everyday after she recovers from surgery
    3. cozying up with my fave faux fur blanket, a warm cup of coffee in my favorite chair next to the Christmas tree
    4. my husband’s many meals for our family prepared with
    5. my go-to friends for texting anecdotes of the day. could not get by without them.

  89. Leah says...

    1. My feet in my warm foot massager under my desk!
    2. Watching my husband open his gifts – he actually tore the paper this year!
    3. Getting my Barre workout done even when I feel like it may kill me.
    4. Waking up with both cats in the bed with us.
    5. Hearing the loud call of a Red-Tailed Hawk on this very cold morning.

  90. marcella says...

    this is a good exercise :)

    1. cold runs + blue skies in the morning before work and seeing the sun through the leaves and feeling invigorated
    2. pine scented candle by thymes burning during the day (it’s not snowing here in tx lol but it helps me get in the spirit!)
    3. my boyfriend tucking me in and giving me a kiss before i go to sleep
    4. my gel nail kit which enabled me to successfully give myself a gel manicure for my birthday and it honestly made me feel like a piece of myself came back since quarantine!!
    5. my mom and i cooking dinner together, usually an Ina recipe :)

    • Julie says...

      Love all of these! I can relate to all, except I need to get a gel nail kit!

    • Nikki says...

      At-home gel manis are the best!! I was lucky enough to get a kit for free at my last job (a beauty magazine), and it has saved me so much time and money over the years being able to do my own gels.

  91. Am says...

    1. New sheets and duvet cover
    2. The sound of my husbands car in the driveway at the end of the day
    3. Cuddle naps with my 3yo daughter
    4. Natural cheese puffs
    5. My 6 week pregnancy :)

    • Rachael says...

      congratulations x

    • Krissy says...

      Congratulations!!! Blessings to you and your family :)

  92. Janie says...

    1. Seeing a little baby bump pop out at 15 weeks pregnant after 2 years of trying
    2. The way my dog curls up on a big pile of blankets and lets out a deep, content sigh
    3. When the lights on our Christmas tree turn on at 4pm
    4. Receiving Christmas cards from friends and family
    5. Spending a quiet Christmas with just my husband and dog (and little one in my belly)

    • Hayley says...

      Oh, congrats, Janie!

    • CR says...

      I love this Janie and my holiday plays sound very, very similar to yours :) Enjoy your quiet Christmas and that precious bump! <3

    • Krissy says...

      Congratulations!!! What a sweet gift!

  93. Elle says...

    1. The sparkly Christmas lights and fresh greens in our fireplaces, since we can’t burn wood in them.
    2. My cup of tea, which my husband has ready for me every morning.
    3. His voice: he’s on a Zoom meeting in the next room with colleagues in Belgium.
    4. The five sleepy cats lying around the apartment.
    5. The snow outside, the warmth inside.

  94. Marnie says...

    Spooning my partner, in a cold room, with just the right amount of cozy blankets.
    An unexpected call from a friend.
    Roasted cauliflower with just the right amount of salt.
    Hot spicy homemade soup.
    Brisk morning walk in the sunshine with my dog.

  95. Emily says...

    1. My cozy home office corner with tulips from my birthday and two sunny windows that face onto my snowy backyard.
    2. My HappyLamp for days when the view isn’t as sunny =)
    3. Seeing my kids’ excitement at Christmas decorations.
    4. Cozy robes for cold days.
    5. Finding a stash of chocolate I’d hidden from the kids and then forgot about myself!

  96. Mary says...

    -hearing my 6 year old practicing the piano. He randomly asked me to start teaching him this week and it swelled my heart!
    -cozy sectional + Christmas lights + 2 fingers of whiskey + kids FINALLY in bed = heaven
    -when I say, “I am not throwing away my…” And then my grinning 1.5 year says “Shhhot!”
    -my secret stash of dark chocolate covered pretzels hidden from everyone, even my husband
    -my pop culture reference ornaments that make me laugh every time I pass the tree (Schitt’s Creek, Die Hard, Christmas Vacation, etc.)

  97. Hannah says...

    1. The first coffee of the day. Waking up and knowing it is ready for me!
    2. Receiving the sweetest texts from friends when you ask for honest feedback.
    3. Being the recipient of a gift that is so thoughtful and truly “you.”
    4. Winter walks around the neighborhood in which you actually dressed warm enough!
    5. Making space by donating all that does not serve you anymore.

  98. RS says...

    Homemade eggnog lattes
    Warm, snuggly cats
    Really good cheese with the perfect complimentary jam
    The anticipation of a new book
    All the candles

    • Mims says...

      RS. Cheese and jam pairings are the best (especially when part of grilled cheese!). I just had gjetost with lingonberry, amazing but still my heart for manchego with quince. My adult son finally admitted that cheese and fruit jams rock, where for years he considered it an abomination. My work here is done.

  99. k says...

    1. The spent, hollowed-out feeling of finishing a long run.
    2. My 13 year old son wrapping me up in a hug.
    3. Listening to my parents laugh together.
    4. A hot shower after a cold dog walk.
    5. My boys, big and small, gathered around the table with me to complete a jigsaw puzzle.

  100. Mel says...

    In this moment after being awake for 30 minutes:
    1) My foamy hot coffee that I managed to make a snowman in out of foam, delighting my 4 year old
    2) the sound of my 4 year old singing downstairs
    3) the sound of my 6 month old cooing at her playmat
    4) the memory of the rich kiss my husband left me 20 minutes before heading out to drop something off at work
    5) the emails i’m reading from clients that offer wishes of happiness and health

    • Emily says...

      Ooh I miss baby cooing! Best sound ever!

  101. Siobhan says...

    1. trying to replicate a Great British Bake Off recipe and failing but discovering evaporated milk blended with brown sugar makes the best coffee creamer.
    2. toast with butter and jam.
    3. Christmas lights on my houseplants
    4. finding kiss and hug memes to text to my fiance at night
    5. learning to embroider during covid

  102. Adrienne says...

    1. the way my toddler says “tank you, mama” everytime i hand her anything.
    2. hoooot showers after cold runs
    3. the christmas tree lights and diy tree topper
    4. homemade soup with thanksgiving turkey broth
    5. essential oil diffuser

    • Samantha says...

      Yes to hot showers after cold runs!

  103. Tori says...

    1. Catching Christmas trees in the windows of the brownstones in our neighborhood
    2. My light alarm clock
    3. Starbucks’ nitro brew w/a splash of peppermint
    4. My mom’s voice on the other side of the phone
    5. My husband’s commentary on the Great British Baking Show

  104. 1. My morning coffee in my favorite mug, while it’s still dark outside but our Christmas tree is lit up.
    2. Exercise! My best friend is a barre3 instructor and she is just so encouraging. We also got a Peloton a little over a year ago and it has been a sanity-saver during 2020!
    3. I LOVE receiving Christmas cards!
    4. A hearty pasta dish on a cold day.
    5. Cozying up with a glass of red wine at the end of a long and/or cold day.

  105. Kayce Anderson says...

    1. Early morning coffee with my cat on my lap and twinkling lights before the rest of the family wakes.
    2. The sight of my husband walking down the hallway after waking up in the morning and our bulldog shuffling behind him.
    3. Wrapping presents for my teens in the most unconventional spot in our kitchen and for going unnoticed!
    4. The sounds of my teenagers and husband as they manage on line school and work from various corners of our tiny home.
    5. The fresh air on my face on my daily run in our nearby foothills and the feeling of peace that comes soon after.

  106. Samantha says...

    The full french press of coffee my boyfriend makes for me before he leaves for work each morning.
    Having fresh, clean bras hanging on the clothes rack.
    My cats playing together all over the house.
    When friends as me for help with something because they know I’m good at it and they trust me.
    Reading a mystery book late into the night.

    • lucy says...

      Clean bras! What a luxury!!!!

  107. Emma says...

    I had ski much fun reading this when I couldn’t fall asleep last night. Here my list:

    1. Putting my cheek against my husband’s
    2. A new coffee mug
    3. Curling into the corner of the couch with a soft blanket and good book
    4. A warm bath with a cold drink
    5. Exactly the right amount of layers for a chilly walk

  108. D says...

    -A tried and true outfit that is cozy, makes you feel like yourself, and you know you look great in
    -Morning coffee
    -Eating cereal for breakfast (makes me feel like a teenager in the best way)
    -Noticing the night sky and surprising yourself that you consistently know what phase the moon is during the day
    -When you hear/read/watch something cool and you HAVE to share it with someone, and you have those go-to friends you text

  109. Molly says...

    1. Coffee with holiday creamer
    2. My four year old smiling at me like we have a private joke
    3. The sound of my husband cooking
    4. Having dessert on the couch after kids are in bed
    5. My one year old jumping up in down in his crib when I get him in the morning

  110. Sarah says...

    1. filling, delicious, rich holiday food
    2. a note from a student (and a liquor store giftcard LOL) that said: “I know I don’t say much and sit in the back, but writing in our notebooks this year has really helped me and I really love your class”
    3. my Secret Santa at work bringing me a red bull EVERY DAY
    4. I got cast in a play
    5. My stepdaughter insisted on doing two “mom” projects, so she could “talk about both of her moms” <3

  111. Emma says...

    1) My first baby is due in two weeks, and I get to share these last few weeks, full of nervous anticipation and excitement, with my husband and our dog, cozy at home.
    2) We have our first-ever Christmas tree, and I love just looking at it!
    3) Our baby has so many sweet hand-me-down clothes from his cousins, friends, and even his uncle! He also has new things, but I’m most excited for him to wear all of the comfy worn-in clothes from people who love him.
    4) Children’s books — I’ve fallen in love with some of the books we bought over the past few months. The illustrations!
    5) People at work have been so kind and understanding about me slowing down, needing more time to rest, and gradually transitioning out before the baby arrives.

  112. Zoe K McSwain-Jackson says...

    1. Iced coffee. Yes, even this time of year :)
    2. Open days where I can just cozy up with a good book
    3. Holiday scented candles
    4. The amount of good music that’s been released this year (2020 has sucked in general, but the music has made it a little better)
    5. Knowing that slowly but surely, brighter days are to come

  113. Jamie says...

    So much “free” time.
    Kitten videos
    Home cooking (and baking)
    Sharing of baked goods

  114. Catherine says...

    • Scented candles
    • Fresh white peonies
    • My “you’ve got this” music of the moment
    • Some rom-com trailers
    • News from a good friend

  115. Love this so much.

    My sister’s spicy sense of humor
    My 5 week old daughter’s smile
    The awww subreddit
    Our dog Luna playing in the snow for the first time
    The fact that my husband makes the best oat milk lattes for me every day <3

  116. Allison says...

    -making up songs about my dog to the tune of christmas carols
    -my neighbors offering to pick up coffees for us during the snow day
    -coworkers cheering me on over slack during a presentation
    -seeing healthcare workers get the vaccine
    -my mom sending me photos of the christmas cookies she baked
    -my mom sending me a text every morning that says, “Good Morning, Lucy! I love you!” Lucy is my dog.

    • Sara says...

      HA! That last one. Love it.

  117. Ruth says...

    1. The way my daughter pauses nursing and looks up and me and smiles and says “hi!”
    2. Flannel sheets
    3. Texts from faraway friends
    4. When a recipe turns out better than you expected
    5. Finishing a knitting project

  118. Kelly Griffith says...

    -I got my first Covid vaccine this week and I’m feeling hopeful
    -candles that smell like Christmas trees
    -homemade chocolate chip cookies
    -reading a book in bed at night
    -sitting in the dark with all the Christmas lights on

  119. Whitney says...

    1. The walk I took today with a friend in a snowy forest near our neighborhood.
    2. The weight of our Labrador retriever laying against my back during my daily meditations
    3. Lighting the advent candles every night with my husband and daughters…..taking just 60 seconds to pause and focus on peace, hope, love and joy as the light from the candles flicker over my daughters’ faces is like a breath of fresh air.
    4. Watching Family Stone with my husband for the second time this month.
    5. Reading “The Santa Land Diaries” by David Sedaris and belly laughing until I cry.