toby and anton

toby and anton

During these days spent at home, ten-year-old Toby and seven-year-old Anton have kept us on our toes, but also have made us laugh. Here are a few things they’ve busted out with recently…

Anton gets jealous if Alex and I show each other physical affection. The other day, Alex kissed me in the kitchen, and Anton wriggled in between us and pushed us apart: “Stay six Antons apart! SIX ANTONS APART!!!”

Announced Toby: “I’m 10, so you can’t call me Tubby Wubby anymore. You can call me Toby… or call me Trax.”

Anton tackled Toby, then paused and said: “Bro, how do you get that soft skin? For real?”

To pass time in the car, Toby randomly started listing the top 10 best looking men in the world: “1. Brad Pitt, 2. Steph Curry, 3. young dad…”

Last night, Anton asked me: “Would you rather have a locket with a picture of Toby and me… or a reeeeally beautiful locket with diamonds and pearls and a picture of just me?”


An evening note from Anton. (What’s poppin’???)

Joanna and Anton

Joanna and Anton

Feeling so lucky to have these little weirdos!

What funny things have the kids in your life said recently? How old are they? I’d love to hear…

P.S. Toby and Anton in more conversations, including when Toby was three years old.