Joanna Goddard

Have you picked up any random hobbies during this pandemic? Here’s my newest pastime…

If stage one of quarantine is getting a mask, and stage two is baking bread, and stage three is stopping baking bread, and stage five is cutting bangs, and stage fifteen is following Connell’s Chain on Instagram, I’ve reached stage forty three.


You guys, I’ve become obsessed with writing limericks. It began this weekend, when my friend’s husband asked us to write one for her birthday. Suddenly I’ve found myself writing one for everyone I know. My kids are making so much fun of me, and Alex is being supportive but you can tell he’s kind of like, wait what is going on? ;)

Here are a few examples…


There once was a writer from Brooklyn
Who loved his kids, ’60s rock and dry gin
To keep his wife cheery
He kept his beard beardy
A nicer guy there never has been

My mom:

There once was a mom with cold hands
Who wore silk shirts and black Capri pants
But her real secret skill
Comes when things go downhill
Have a worry? Jeannie understands

They’re ADDICTIVE. Want me to write one for you? Here goes…

These readers, so funny and smart,
Discuss Trader Joe’s, dating and art
Stinky cheese they adore —
And the smell of bookstores —
Our love for them is off the charts

And for very close readers:

A group of women who are literary
Wow us daily with smart commentary
These well-rounded folks
Have the best inside jokes
Like, shopping carts? Do it for Larry!

Omg, someone please stop me. Have you gotten into anything new/weird/random lately? If you want to, write your own limerick below! xo

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(Photo by Christine Han.)