j. crew sweater

Rugged cotton sweater for looking good while lounging, $40 (on sale).

saxelby cheese

A cheese plate featuring the three winners of the American Cheese Society competition, $55.

Obama memoir

Barack Obama’s stirring memoir, $41.

hay rainbow tray

A rainbow catch-all for the coins, bills and keys he scatters on his dresser every evening. $12.


HyperChiller, $36, to cool his drink right away. All you do is pop it in your freezer, put your glass inside and one minute later you’ll have the coolest cold brew/wine/iced tea ever. Genius.

the rounds cheese cookies

Cheese cookies, $45 for 35 pieces, to snack on while watching The Crown. Think: Cheddar Chive, Gruyere Date and Parmesan Olive.

gray whale gin

Gray Whale Gin, $40, small-batch gin from California inspired by the migratory path of the Gray Whale. (Alex is a fan.)

Family photos printed in 3-D because he loves nothing more than those smiling faces. $35 for 10.

nytimes puzzle

New York Times front page puzzle, $50, for whichever date you’d like — say, his birthday, or the Biden/Harris win?

onegoal donation

A donation in his name to OneGoal, an amazing organization that mentors low-income students in the U.S., helping them graduate high school and succeed in college.

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