Have a Good Weekend.

Roberta's pizza

What are you up to this weekend? We are taking long walks around the neighborhood and admiring all the holiday decorations that are already up. (Love that people are starting early.) Thank you also for being excited about our gift guides, in which we are featuring many small businesses. More coming up next week! Have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

LOVE this miracle beauty product.

Anonymous Obama gets some ice cream.

Also, how rad is this photo of Obama? (Brava, Shaniqwa Jarvis.)

This sweatshirt made me laugh out loud.

Zoom announced no time limits on family video get-togethers on Thanksgiving. Made me teary!

Send this song to your family if they don’t understand why you aren’t traveling for Thanksgiving.

This stuffing taste test had a clear winner. Boom!

A delicious dinner bowl.

A video with the costume designer of The Crown.

How cool would it be to see these humpback whales?

Bonus: Nisolo is giving COJ early access to Black Friday with code COJHOLIDAY.

Plus, a reader comment:

Says Leslie on the 2020 holiday gift guides: “I love your gift guides! Joanna, would you ever consider a list of COJ makers? Or maybe just a post where people could comment with their product and website? I’m not sure how many of your readers are also makers, but I know I would love to support them with my dollars. (As a tiny mom-and-pop shop, my husband and I are grateful for every single customer.) It’s been a rough year for everyone (us included – people don’t really need belts to hold up their sweats on Zoom, lol!), and I figured it might be nice to be able to support others. Thank you!” So, please, if you’re a maker or have a shop, leave a comment below! xoxoxo

(Photo by Roberta’s.)

Note: If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We recommend only products we genuinely like. Thank you so much.

  1. Catching up on my COJ posts and what a lovely idea to support fellow readers! I cannot wait to peruse the comments. I have a travel photography print shop I’m excited to share with you all:

  2. A few days ago I launched my first business (!), which is a monthly subscription journal. The Nōtus Journal has 12 daily prompts that help you actually remember and recount the most important parts of your day (especially helpful when stuck at home feeling like your days all blend together!). My husband and I fill out the journal together every night and it’s so fun to see how we each processed the day differently!
    You can follow along on Instagram (@notuslife) or my website

    Love to see all these small businesses! Cup of Jo readers are the best!

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for doing this. I’m quite late to the party, but at the request of friends/family, I’ve made prints of some of my pen and ink drawings of animals and birds and am finally giving it a go at selling them online.


  4. Hi all! I know I’m late here, but just chiming in to add my new Etsy shop:
    We make sculptures of all your favorite snacks! (It sounds silly, and it is!)

  5. How lovely! Thanks for letting us share! I own a Wedding & Event Stationery and Greeting Card shop on Etsy. I have holiday cards and gift tags that would make a great accompaniment to any of the items in the CoJ gift guide! :)

  6. What a great idea! I’ve already picked out a few gifts from the Cup of Jo gift guides and this wonderful list of makers :)

    I create patterns inspired by flowers, colors, and geometry. I then create cloth napkins, scarves, and gift wrap from these colorful and modern patterns.
    Denver, CO

  7. Thank you, COJ! I’ve been a loyal reader for years and years, and your blog is always a bright spot in my day.

    We are Anthony (an artist) and Shannon (an art historian) who (along with our two daughters) started Ejecta Projects to support the creative culture in central Pennsylvania with exhibitions in our little art gallery in beautiful downtown Carlisle.

    Find us on Instagram @ejectaprojects and

    We’ve just installed “Art-n-Stuff III” — our third annual holiday exhibition where the artworks on our walls are paired with carefully selected retail objects. These combinations might resonate narratively, thematically, or materially – but both art and object are pretty unique, for sale online, and perfect for seasonal gift giving.

  8. Hello! COJ reader here since 2010. Thank you COJ Team and Joanna for allowing us to post here.
    If anyone is looking for a different gift to give this year to herself or a loved one, I am offering the gift of transformation. I’m Certified Life Coach who is passionate about helping women through significant changes in their lives, so they can get the results they want. Whether that´s starting their own business, new motherhood or career change.
    I specialize in helping women learn to feel empowered and self-compassionate while on this path.
    My approach is rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Psychology with mix of spirituality.
    You can learn more about me on Feel free to say hello and let me know you are from this community. My first chat is always complimentary. Take good care. -Lovey

  9. All of you, makers, are my drive to keep creating!

    I’m Eun, an independent graphic artist. Being born in Seoul, having dated NYC, Europe and Asia, and now married to Austin, my travel-inspired art has a unique style with different cultural influences. Check out, Nole Creative,

    Thank you COJ, we as creatives deserve a platform like this to share our passion with the world :)

  10. Wow, what a vibrant and dynamic bunch of creatives! Love seeing all these shops & unique products.

    I’ll throw my name into the ring too, I’m a fine art painter specializing in portraiture:

    It’s kind of too late to commission a portrait for Christmas, but it’s a great gift any time and lasts forever.

    Thanks, CoJ!

  11. Also, late to the party on this, but I have a stationery company – Front Paper. I make colourful illustrated and patterned cards and notepads and also have a lot of adorable animal prints! So many lovely businesses in these comments. : )

  12. Hey Cup of Jo Community, I’m Marcelle, a graphic designer! I create some colorful narratives for incredible small business. From visual identity to packaging to editorial design:

  13. Cool, cool post!

    I think even though I’m late to the party, it’s time to teach a tiny COJ module on basic HTML so your web comments can be that much sexier.

    If you visit this link, read the instructions, and make the “URL” your website link and the “anchor text” the text you’re trying to link-ify, you’ll be able to link directly to your web shop, just as I’ve done with the “this link” text above. (This will be especially helpful for any tiny shops with a non-dot-com domain name, which is that much more common for smaller businesses since the main dot coms are often snapped up and held ransom by big domain squatting businesses that want too much money for them.)

    I hope you find this helpful and that you’ll beautify comments on other blogs as well! As a former small business owner, and now corporate techie, I guarantee you that formatting your comments with clickable links and text which is easier to parse visually will lead to better engagement and follow-through (aka completed purchases for your biz).

    Happy online shopping; love love love that this was suggested!

  14. Katelin Jacobs says...

    I love this idea of supporting small businesses. After this tumultuous year, supporting small biz is more important than ever! I have to give a shout-out to Uqora — it has helped my personal wellness and has made me feel more confident. They are female-founded and have a really cool story of helping thousands of women!

    • md says...

      I’ve just ordered Uqora based on the few mentions of it in this comments section – thanks ladies!

    • Deb says...

      Oh, I love Uqora! A friend told me about them and I’m so happy she did. Glad it’s helped you, too.

  15. Hello COJ friends! I’m Jill of TAMA Cosmetics, and I import shea butter products direct from northern Ghana, where we buy from rural women and process amazing things. It’s a beautiful story of women’s economic empowerment, a cause very dear to my heart. Restocking soon! Find us here (and yes we ship anywhere!) xoxo

  16. jane says...

    I need this list of maker’s in an organized guide!

  17. I am making and selling unique upcycled jewelry and keychains using soda can aluminum and copper scraps and pennies. I was focused on items encouraging the vote prior to the election and now am trying out some holiday options which make inexpensive quirky gifts

    My etsy store is called NocturnalAlchemistMN because I tend to stay up late into the wee hours making things

  18. Emma says...

    What a lovely idea!!
    My friend launched her stained glass business during quarantine:
    Elyse Marie Glassworks
    Or if this link works better:

    I have some of her pressed flower pieces and they couldn’t be more beautiful!

  19. What an amazing idea! It’s so lovely to see this many small businesses listed in the comments.

    We just started our candle company in October. Launching a business during a pandemic has had it’s challenges (to say the least) but it’s made us be very intentional with every detail and I think made our business better for it.

    Our candles are made from a clean-burning coconut wax with bright and fresh scents. We avoid anything too perfume-y or overwhelming. 5% of our sales go to local (Durham, NC) social justice orgs.

    • Oh my God, how beautiful is your website? congratulations!

  20. What a lovely idea, and at such a critical time for the small businesses that enrich our communities!

    I am the maker behind DOTTIR, small-batch handcrafted contemporary jewelry. Each piece is a labor of love! I’m on insta @dottir_jewelry and online at

    Warmest wishes to all the makers and supporters out there!

    • Eloise says...

      Oh my goodness. Your love notes section made me tear up and tipped the scale — will absolutely purchase from your shop in the future.

    • Macauley says...

      The love notes you offer are so touching – what a gracious thing you do!

  21. Abbey Harlow says...

    I’ve got to give a shout out to my husband, who does logo/design and website work at very reasonable prices – perfect for small businesses starting out. You can take a look here (he’ll be updating it soon with even more work from the past couple months):

  22. Love this! Thanks for opening this up to your readers.

    I’m founder/CEO of Uqora—we make products for UTI relief and proactive urinary tract care. I’ve always been prone to UTIs and was frustrated by the circular advice I would get about how to get ahead of the problem. Turns out I’m in really good company—UTIs are the second most common infection! My experience prompted me and my now-husband to co-founder Uqora ( We’ve grown a lot and have a lot more we want to do, but it’s been so rewarding to meet thousands of women and help them on their journey to better urinary tract health.

    I’m also a big cup of jo fan. I’ve been reading since 2011 — my sister turned me onto the blog. It’s amazing how often we referenced different articles on the blog. It’s so fun knowing that she’s definitely reading the same articles that I am, and that we can just pick up a conversation about one of the topics whenever we see each other next.

    XO – thanks for the great work you do creating a smart, warm and supportive corner of the internet.

    • Megan says...

      Uqora is AMAZING!! I tell everyone about your products!

    • @Megan – amazing! Thanks for spreading the word :)

  23. We started a wine brand! Just about two years ago my partner popped the question– were we serious enough to go in on 4.5 tons of single vineyard cab together and make it through the 22 month barreling process? The answer was yes and yes, and we’ve just released our project into the world–only to receive a 94+ point score from Robert Parker’s “The Wine Advocate”! What a ride it’s been, and we’re so excited to share our passion with the world, just in time for cozy holiday drinking season.

    (P.S. we’re currently only shipping to CA, FL and DC but hopefully more places soon!)

  24. I own a coffee roastery and cafe in a small town in Massachusetts, Little Wolf Coffee

    It’s definitely been a challenging year but the support to keep small businesses alive has really been wonderful.

  25. What a fun request and what a great group of makers! I have a small caramel candy business in Yakima, Washington. My business partner and I started the business about a decade ago and we make a sea salt infused soft caramel chew, sauce, and chocolates that don’t stick to your teeth!

    • Eloise says...

      PERFECTION! Will be ordering some caramels for a friend and the sauce for me.

  26. Kathryn says...

    Ah, what an an amazing treasure trove! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the list, and of course Joanna for providing this platform. I have to give a shoutout to my friend’s small business, Little Bike Bag (LBB).

    In her Brooklyn-based studio, she designs and sews small bike accessories that let your ride shine. All items in from her shop are handmade with care.

    • Phoebe says...

      I LOVE these! We need some feminine bike gear in this world! Thanks for sharing!

  27. It would be so lovely if you’d consider us for your holiday shopping! Our teas are a great stocking stuffer and will keep you cozy all winter long! We also specialize in private label. Thank you!

    Ps- we have loved CoJ for years- thanks for all your inspiration, Joanna!

  28. Jo, thanks for the opportunity for makers/creators to post in the comments! My debut picture book SURGERY ON SUNDAY came out this year. It’s illustrated by the UK-based artist Shane Crampton and is for every kid who needs a dose of brave. You can see purchase options + learn a bit more about me here:

    • jane says...

      omg, the Sarah Ferguson video read-thru is amazing. Looks like she has adopted the quarantine role of the fairy godmother of bedtime stories on her channel. So good : )

  29. Thanks for this opportunity! I can’t wait to explore all the other small businesses! My husband and I sell our photography prints. We have prints from all around the world like New York, Scotland, Paris, Beirut and many many more. Our aim is that each print tells a story.

  30. Authors need all the word of mouth we can get! I write novels about good families making bad decisions. My sixth novel NOT MY BOY comes out January 5, so if you pre-order you’ll have something to look forward to! Available everywhere books are sold (yes, many Indie bookstores. can preorder books!)

    (AND NOW, off the “shop” the comments . . .)

  31. Thanks for letting us share, can’t wait to check out all the links!! I started selling my art prints (photography/pattern design combo), on thick cotton fine art paper this year. I think they would be super sweet in a children’s room.

  32. Hi! My sister and I *just* launched a website, Westerlies, which is a directory of local brick and mortar shops that feature makers and artisans, curators, and independent labels. You can also filter shops by business practices (e.g. woman-owned, fair trade). We are adding stores as fast as we can type but we hope it will make it EASY! to shop local!

    • jane says...

      getting a security warning when attempting to load your link, fyi

  33. What a fabulous idea, Leslie. Thanks for opening up the way for your community to share, Joanna.

    I run which provides Persian learning materials and greeting cards for English speaking families. If you (or any of your friends) have Persian heritage, you may enjoy the site and the social media community that has been created around it.

    I’m loving this gold mine of creativity and talent!

  34. Hannah says...

    It’s been so beautiful seeing everyone’s work, and to be able to share my own (online Pilates!! As more and more of us post I’m finding the comments a bit unwieldy, and was wondering…I know it would be a lot of work, but I’d love if COJ organized these and posted a master link list by category (art, wellness, books, etc.) so that the beautiful community members who want to support have easy access to finding the companies that meet their interests!

  35. This is so special! I am Megan Kelly, not a maker, but a LONG time reader and co-founder of Tailored for Education (, a non-profit that increases school enrollment and creates economic opportunity by providing the world’s most vulnerable children with locally made school uniforms. A $28 school uniform can be the difference between continuing a life of poverty or pursuing one full of possibility. Since 2011 we have provided over 89,000 uniforms to children around the world.

    Tailored for Education’s mission to end education inequality has never been more crucial to our global future than it is today. Job losses and reduced wages from COVID-19 have forced parents to make incredibly difficult decisions. Do you send your children to work? Do you force your daughter to marry? How do you choose between your child’s education and putting food on the table?

    Our goal is to provide 30,000 children with uniforms so they can get back to school in 2021! If these children don’t return to school, there is a GRAVE risk that they NEVER will.

    When you provide a child with a school uniform, not only are they able to attend school but you also give them the confidence they need to engage with their peers and teachers, you keep them safe from kidnapping, gang recruitment, early marriage and early childbirth. Most importantly, you give those children a future that is BRIGHT. You also empower communities by providing employment to local tailors, most of whom are single mothers.

    Making a donation is honor of someone you love is truly the perfect gift! This holiday season, we can ensure that 30,000 children are NOT left behind but instead, are given the tools they need to escape a life of poverty, and reach their potential.

    Thank you so much for allowing us to share our businesses!

  36. Joanna, thank you for opening the floor for us to share our professions. And thanks to Leslie for the idea! I’m loving learning about everybody’s offerings, and will be shopping with some of you soon.

    I’m a full-time professional photographer, with a particular focus on weddings, branding, and portraiture. I travel anywhere for work, and my primary markets are New York City, Chicago, and the surrounding areas.

    A photo session can be a gift for a loved one, and I follow Covid safety measures at all times, and especially when working. Please feel free to browse my portfolio at or on my Instagram, @shantiknight. I’m currently in the middle of a rebrand, so stay tuned for a fresher look in the coming weeks! xoxoxo

  37. I’m a singer-songwriter, and I write SongGrams! Full-length songs, fully written and recorded from scratch. I’ve had quite a number of orders in my first week alone, and it’s been so fun to write songs about other people’s loved ones!
    I usually refer people to my Instagram account bio (@sallylouisesings) because there’s a link there to the google form to place an order. Plus, it gives customers a chance to hear the type of music I write before they decide to purchase a SongGram!

  38. I made Family Films and Time Capsule Films to capture your family’s most treasured memories.


  39. Hi everyone! My name is Phoebe, owner and creator at Tiny Wren Crafts. I make bespoke nursery and home decor, custom ornaments and other fabric arts. It’s a fun journey and I’d love for you to follow along! My Instagram is @tinywrencrafts and Etsy page is
    Thank you! X

  40. Katherine says...

    My darling friend Jessica makes the most adorable cactus kits! She carves the vases by hand and then boxes them up with everything you need to plant a bitty cactus – cactus included! I’ve given these to so many people, I’ve lost count, and I have four myself. They are certain to make anyone’s windowsill or desktop a little bit happier.

  41. C says...

    So fun! I love the idea that we can all support and learn about each other more deeply!

    Our website is currently being rebuilt with new items added for 2021 by December but is still browseable.

    We live in the Pacific Northwest and offer organic and open-pollinated Garden seeds. About 75-80% are Grown by us with the rest Grown by small farms in the PNW. Seed is not something many people think about in terms of where it comes from and who Grows it but it’s as important ethically as anything else we buy! You can read more about us, what we offer, and the importance of domestic seed on our website.

  42. Avid reader for 10+ years!!

    I am part of a woman-run business that specializes in helping women make career pivots or return to the paid workforce after time off. We are running a giveaway right now for free 2 resume critiques! Please check us out at @bespokeprofessional on IG!

  43. My family has a small winery and it has been quite a fun experience. My dad and mom manage the growing & nurturing of the grapes on our little Celina, Texas property, where my mom has a side hustle with her cut flowers, eggs, and asparagus. My brother is the award-winning winemaker (done mostly in the evening after his full-time job.) And I help (along with my brother) in the making of the wine labels and decor of the tasting room. We ship to Texas, Colorado, Florida, and California. It’s been a tough year with most tasting rooms shut down for Covid, so online sales are keeping us afloat. Www.

  44. Hi Cup of Jo community. Love this idea! We are a small family owned popcorn company based outside of Chicago! We have a delicious popcorn that is drizzled with toffee and sprinkled with nuts that combines to make a super special popcorn like no other you’ve ever tasted. We are going to start taking holiday orders this week. If you want to send something sweet and salty to friends and family – check it out!

  45. Eliot says...

    I am a graduate student who partially supports herself by teaching Sanskrit (my area of study) on the side. I teach both university students and folks who just happen to be interested (the current popularity of yoga tends to be a big draw). I realize this is *absurdly niche* but, if you know someone who’s very into yoga and might want to learn a bit more about its traditional language, an introductory lesson or two could be a great gift :)

    Feel free to email me at for more info!

  46. I am a mother and artist in California and I created a small online shop a few years ago where I sell prints, greeting cards, custom portraits and original works of art. I was actually thinking about closing it at the end the year … I feel my work is ready for a reinvention. But in case anyone is interested…

    Actually, my dream job is to illustrate children’s books… my first book, called Margot, My Darling, is a message to my daughter that is okay to wander in life and yet the world is her oyster. I hope to get published one day. One day…

  47. Love this so much CoJ!! My name is Erin and I make concrete home goods & decor out of a tiny corner in my apartment just outside Boston. My shop name is Mayhewn (found on Etsy and linked here). My magnets, wall hooks, jewelry dishes, and candle holders etc. all make wonderful holiday gifts : )

  48. Thank you, Jo! <3 I launched a website for my small business last month, The Lavender Sachet. I make beautiful soaps in small batches with all-natural, 100% pure vegetable-base glycerin soap. Thank you for the support. If you have a moment to follow on IG too, I’d be extremely appreciative! @thelavendersachet

  49. Not really a maker, but I have a small vintage shop online that I’ve had for just over a year. It’s my favorite little hobby. I’d love for someone to take a look. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

  50. Becky says...

    Excuse the repost as i accidentally posted this to a reply originally,

    Last November I took a small step in a very big process of selling my photography by opening an etsy shop. At the current moment I keep my etsy shop limited to 8x10s (matted to 11×14) that I print and ship myself from home as a side hobby.

    And then I also opened a shop on redbubble so that I could offer more choices, stickers posters notebooks pillows etc for fun

    This is an incredible thread. I love seeing everyone’s shops and art work. It just keeps growing! I would love to see this as recurrent post in some form of another, maybe with it’s own hashtag! Art is so personal and it takes a lot of guts to put it out there for people to see.

  51. I always love reading CoJ gift guides, so am pleased to share my artwork this year alongside so many other makers!

    I’m a Brooklyn-based artist who is having a studio sale right now of small paintings and drawings which are perfect for gift giving. I’m happy to send directly to your recipient with a note, or to you so that you can frame, add it to a stocking, etc… :)

    Each one-of-a-kind piece is only $30, with $10 donated to Bed-Stuy Strong (my neighborhood’s mutual aid group) and $10 donated to International Studio & Curatorial program – an arts org I love.

  52. Gab says...

    Hi!! I make funky handmade earrings and jewelry if you’re looking for a cool gift for funky chicks!

  53. So excited to check out all of these shops!!

    I make science themed greeting cards, stickers, and magnets inspired by my life in grad school. 🙂 Check out 👩‍🔬

    • Agnès says...

      absolutely lovely! love the hand with the bouquet! I’m an embroiderer and will defibitely get one of those pdf!

  54. Love the idea! I’m Sofía, a lingerie designer based in Stockholm (Sweden). A couple years ago I started my own handmade lingerie brand, focussed on creating sustainable lingerie with couture materials:

    Happy holidays to everyone, and a big hug for my fellow small business owners!!

  55. I love this! I have an eco-friendly children’s shop Our mission is to make and curate natural and organic baby items that will make a positive impact on one’s lifestyle and the environment. Follow along on instagram, too (@revacanali)

  56. Hello! My partner and I own a homegrown zero-waste bulk food delivery service in the San Francisco Bay Area. Everything is organic and all but a few items are locally grown. We currently package everything in recycled and compostable paper bags and tape. Hope you can check us out!

  57. Love the idea of supporting other makers! Can’t wait to check out what everyone is making. I set up a pottery studio in my backyard over the past few months and even opened an etsy shop! check it out if you’d like:

  58. This is brilliant! Thanks CoJ for creating this space!

    I’m a fine artist out of Seattle, I make abstract paintings with lots of color and energy. Murals too if you have a blank wall ;) .

  59. Jenna M Hilzenrath says...

    Shameless plug for my sister Carly of Clementine Studio – she introduced me to Cup of Jo nearly 10 years ago and is the most incredible illustrator / watercolor artist. Check out her print shop here:

    • Meghan says...

      These are so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.

  60. I teach Zen meditation and mindfulness courses, online from everywhere! —> I’ve been reading C of J since before Toby was born :-) Please feel free to email me for gift certificates, if you’d like to give your family and friends a holiday present with potentially life-long impact (inner peace, freedom, clarity, joy, and so much more): Thank you, Joanna and everyone <3

  61. I love this! I can’t wait to explore and support all the other small businesses and makers on this thread!

    I recently opened my boutique and wellness studio, Blue Lotus, here in Bozeman, Montana. Blue Lotus provides all the tools and treasures a modern spiritual seeker needs, with soulful art & uplifting goods, along with private energy work & yoga sessions. I have an online shop and can be found on insta @bluelotusbozeman
    Happy holidays everyone, and thank you for shopping small and supporting small businesses!

  62. I work with a local lifestyle boutique in cleveland, ohio, ran by a family of creatives! It’s called Room Service, and it carries so many artful goods for the home, kitchen, some apparel, books and candles, and more!

    Check us out at or @rsboutique. :)))


  63. Thanks so much for doing this! I’m Cory, and I take commissions for embroidery art. I love doing pet portraits and reproducing photos, and I also make themed nameplates for kids’ rooms. You can follow me on insta @bee.stitchery and find me on etsy too:

  64. Agnès says...

    I love discovering all of these worlds, behind each commenter. It feels so real and genuine. Love this community.

    • Becky says...

      Last November I took a small step in a very big process of selling my photography by opening an etsy shop. At the current moment I keep my etsy shop limited to 8x10s (matted to 11×14) that I print and ship myself from home as a side hobby.

      And then I also opened a shop on redbubble so that I could offer more choices, stickers posters notebooks pillows etc for fun

    • Becky says...

      Oops sorry Agnes🤦‍♀️ I hit reply to your post by error. Ill repost as its own comment but I do want to add that your comment is so true and I have enjoyed reading and learning about all the creatives here on cup of jo as well💖

  65. Wow- this couldn’t be a sweeter request! I’m Kristine of Phoenix Feathers Calligraphy, and I just launched a Hawaiian inspired collection of cards and prints! Would love if readers followed along on my creative path- I’ve loved CoJ for a decade! @phoenixfeatherscalligraphy