lewis alligator pajamas

Alligator pajamas, $48. (And maybe an extra set for the cousins.)

galaxy projector 360

Galaxy projector, $42, for celestial baths, bedtimes and dance parties.

Super Smalls clip on earrings for kids

Three sets of clip-on earrings, $27. Fancy and sparkly!!!

deadly animals bingo

Deadly animals bingo, $27, for a little spine tingling.

record player

A real record player, $50, that they can grow up playing — plus, a couple favorite records.

arts and crafts library kid made modern

Arts and crafts library, $40, for hours of quarantine fun. My kids are obsessed with this.

long sparklers

Long sparklers, $14, to light at night because nothing is more thrilling than holding a sparkler all by yourself.

beanie with a light

A beanie with a light (!) for exciting after-dinner walks. $15. (Here are more colors.)

strong brave kind t-shirt

T-shirt reminding them what’s truly important, $17. (Another color here.)

wild animals

Tube of wild animals or sea animals or horses or spiders, $11.

the girl and the wolf book

A smattering of cool new books, including The Girl and the Wolf, The Little Mermaid and Find Fergus, from $15. And some cuddle time to read together.

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(Sparkler photo by Ilya/Stocksy. Beatles photo from Sonic Editions.)

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