when harry met sally hug

when harry met sally hug

If I could wrap my arms around someone right now, it would be…

…my mom. We haven’t seen her since last winter, and I miss her warm smile, her cold hands, and how she eats French fries with a fork. Plus, her chocolate chip cookies and the way she always gets movie titles slightly wrong. She hasn’t seen the boys in a year and they’re going to seem enormous.

A bright spot: Moderna announced that early data shows its vaccine to be 94.5% effective. This is amazing news and hopefully means we’ll be hugging loved ones by next spring.

Who are you excited to squeeze? What do you miss about them? How are things where you are? Hope you’re hanging in there. xoxoxo

P.S. Having a baby during coronavirus, and socially distanced weddings.

(Top photo from When Harry Met Sally.)