naadam cashmere sweater

The softest cashmere sweater, $75, which comes in 14 colors, to keep her cozy all winter.

Marion Bull mug

A reassuring mug, $55. (This $12 one is sweet and fitting, too.)

Yowie beeswax twist candle

Beeswax twist candle, $34, for her dinner table. So cool that it stands on its own!

bouqs holidays flowers

Holiday flowers, $69, to brighten up her home.

centerpiece puzzles

Bridge puzzle, $35.

Sweet Maes cookies

Sweet Mae’s stuffed cookies, $26 for four huge ones. Made in Ohio, the batches come in amazing flavors, like carrot cake (above), sweet potato pie and sea salt chocolate chunk. (Or you could make homemade cookies!)

Hansel from Basel socks

Heart socks, $36, because you love her. These are cute, too.

twisted hoop earrings

Twisted hoop earrings, $25, to jazz up her zoom calls. (These $19 smooth ones are also pretty.)

eyebrow mascara

My mom sent me this eyebrow mascara this fall, and I now wear it every day. You just swipe it on, and it frames your whole face. $7.50

HRH so many thoughts

HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style, $32, for fascinating fashion intel.

odeon restaurant

A gift certificate for delivery to support one of her favorite restaurants. xoxo

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