three best raincoats

three best raincoats

Last month, we helped a reader search for a wedding dress (please stay tuned for her pictures!), and now a reader named Emily needs a raincoat…

“I would love reader recommendations for warm raincoats,” says Emily B. “My current jacket feels cold and clammy when I wear it.” Fair enough! Here are three I like:

there best raincoats

If you’ll be wearing it with a sweater, Rains has lightweight, unlined jackets. I love that they’re totally waterproof, but won’t make you hot and sweaty. (I have this slightly longer blue one.)

three best raincoats

J.Crew has a cool camo version, which would give your outfit a pop on drizzly days. It keeps selling out, but it’s back in stock for now.

stutterheim raincoat

And the mothership of all rain gear is Swedish brand Stutterheim. Their raincoats, made of rubberized cotton, have been tested “in horrible conditions both at sea and in the city.” So, you know you’ll stay warm and cozy no matter what. Plus, they come in tons of colors. Remember the Swedish saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”?

Thoughts? What raincoats do you swear by? Please share below… And by the way, here are the perfect rain boots!

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(Photo by Bonninstudio/Stocksy.)