These back-to-school days have been a whirlwind, but the one thing we’ve found that makes our kids consistently happy and grounded is movement. Along with Nike PLAYlist — a sports show, created for and starring kids, that lets them enjoy the fun side of sports by expressing themselves through activity — we wanted to share a little game we play…

I’m always suggesting to our kids that we take a walk, and they’re always dragging their feet. So! To make it exciting for them, we give them challenges.

For example, jump off something high! (And this Nike PLAYlist activity is all about jumping.)

Do a basketball move. This Nike PLAYlist video features LeBron James (!) playing a fun basketball game.

Climb up something (or you can use this Nike PLAYlist idea to help kids use their imagination and climb mountains indoors)…

Or do a cool dance with your feet! (This Nike PLAYlist video also has fun dances.)

We do challenges all over the place — on walks around the neighborhood, at the park, while waiting for the bus. My kids LOVE them. And, when we’re indoors, we can keep moving with Nike PLAYlist activities, like jumping around in the living room or doing a paper-scissors-rock workout game.

Another thing I’m grateful for are Nike clothes. Toby likes only soft clothing (he really hates anything scratchy or stiff), and these are soooo comfortable and well-fitting. Here, he’s wearing this sweatshirt, these pants and these shoes.

Anton is wearing this T-shirt, this sweatshirt, these shorts and these shoes. They’re also good for smoldering glances. :)

What outdoor activities do you do with the kids in your life? Have you tried Nike PLAYlist? (It’s going to be a lifesaver in the colder months.) I’d love to hear…

P.S. Going outside in the winter.