Breonna Taylor flowers by Meghan Farrell Photography

How are you doing this week? What a week. I keep thinking about this New York Times piece about Breonna Taylor’s death and perpetual Black trauma. (“For the state, her body fell like a tree in the forest. For us, it landed like a thunderclap and shook the earth.”) Sending so much love, and here are a few links from around the web…

Using clear language when talking about slavery.

Wow, these bookshelves.

The Norwegian concept of outdoor living.

I, the dog, will give you a tour of my house.” Haha.

A Q&A with the costume designer of PEN15. “I’ve worked on so many comedies where actors are like, ‘Yeah, I want the pants to be tighter.’ Secretly they all want to look cute — but Anna and Maya were all for the discomfort. They were saying things like, ‘I don’t care if the bands are too tight’ or ‘I want to have a muffin top’ or ‘I want to be a little uncomfortable.’”

My trick for keeping my hair presentable.

A frozen pain au chocolat taste test.

Who wants spaghetti pie?

What I wear to bed every night.

I’m reading A Little Life, based on your recommendations, and it’s really beautiful.

Thank you also for your thoughtful discourse on this post. And, once again, how to vote this fall (we’ve got you covered).

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Hannah on books as self-care: “After dinner, I put on a flannel nightgown and knee socks (yeah, I look *amazing*) and get under the covers and read for two hours. There are things I should be doing, but instead, I am loving every minute of reading new novels. Has anyone read Migrations? Or Hieroglyphics? So beautiful. I think in the new year I may start digging in to big, fat novels I’ve never had time for: Vanity Fair, here I come!”

Says HM on 12 feel-good reader comments: “We used to have two cats and a dog. I would always tell the female cat she was in charge when we left, since she was the only one with any dignity. One morning, the female cat had thrown up, so I left the male cat in charge. When I got home, everyone looked frazzled, there was laundry everywhere, a bunch of stuff had been knocked over, and someone was missing a patch of fur. Some cats just can’t handle the responsibility.”

(Photo by Meghan Farrell Photography via mskellseymiller/Instagram.)

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