Today, we are so excited to announce a new Cup of Jo collaboration with Alex Mill…

The Reading Sweater. The soft 100% cotton sweater has an oversized fit and was made to be loved forever. There are two giant pockets for books and a little pocket for stashing your bookmark while reading. We really hope you love it.

Here’s the story. About a year ago, we met with the team at Alex Mill, led by designer Somsack Sikhounmuong (previously of Madewell and J.Crew fame). They’re geniuses at creating timeless styles with great quality. They have uncomplicated jackets and simple shirts and an iconic jumpsuit. Their motto? “Wake up, get dressed, don’t overthink it.” (Sounds nice, right?) So! We put our heads together and came up with the sweater we’ve always wanted for ourselves and our fellow readers: a softer-than-soft Reading Sweater to cuddle up in and wear for years and years.

The sweater comes in five colors: navy, grove, ivory, blue and saffron.

Which color would you choose? What books would you read? What else would you carry in the pockets? (I might tuck in a Lindt salted chocolate bar.) We hope it keeps you feeling cozy and happy this fall. Thank you so much. xoxo

Update: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your enthusiasm! The sweaters sold out quickly the first day, and we hope to do more collaborations in the future. Thank you again. xoxo

P.S. 15 reader comments on books.

(Photos by Nicki Sebastian, featuring model Paloma Jonas, for Cup of Jo.)