This weekend, Alex and I celebrated our 11th (!) wedding anniversary, so we thought it would be fun to look up our very first emails to each other. We originally met at an Oscars party thrown by mutual friends. When he walked in, my immediate thought was, ‘Who’s the cute guy in the glasses?’ After chatting at the party, I knew I liked him, so a couple days later, I worked up the nerve to ask him out. Here’s how it went…

Here are our first emails, annotated by us today:

Says Alex now: Rereading this, it reminds me how shocked I was to receive this. It was like getting an email out of the blue saying, “Hi, would you like a billion dollars?” I couldn’t believe my luck! I also see how my response seemed a little cooler than I intended. I was over the moon!

Says Joanna now: I’m just so glad I sent that email. We ended up going to the dinner — then dating, then moving in together, then getting engaged, then getting married, then having two kids. So, yes, very glad I sent that email.

P.S. Our first official date the following Friday, and how long do you wait to sleep with someone?

(Photo of us by our friend Porter Hovey.)