puff sleeve top

What are you wearing these days? I’ve been seeing puff-sleeve shirts all over the place, and I love how fresh they look. Here are four more pretty versions: black, red, pink and white. — Joanna

the fixed stars

I’ve found memoirs particularly engrossing during these days at home. There’s something about hearing the author’s most intimate thoughts that feels like sitting down with a friend. To that end, I loved The Fixed Stars, a story about marriage, motherhood and sexuality. At 36, Molly Wizenberg thought her identity was firmly in place: she was a writer, the mother of a toddler, married to a man for nearly a decade. Then one day, while serving jury duty, she found herself drawn to a female attorney. Through personal recollections, told in quietly beautiful prose you feel the urge to read out loud, she examines what happens before, during and after a seismic shift. A welcome reminder that sometimes feeling lost and found go hand-in-hand. — Caroline

rock faces

My friend Erin Jang, a graphic designer, created a bunch of funny rock faces at the beach with her kids. Doesn’t that sounds like a fun activity? — Joanna


For overnight guests, I love putting out a bedside carafe filled with ice water. Even though we won’t be having guests anytime too soon, I love these little guys for the future. Which color do you like best? — Joanna

P.S. More fun things, and a pop quiz.

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