After 12 years of living with roommates, I’m moving into my own place (a studio!) at the end of the month and I feel…

…a little apprehensive. This will be my first time living alone, and while I’m excited to have my own space, I’m worried about making a small space feel homey, especially since I’ll be spending more time inside than usual. It’s in my ideal neighborhood and there’s a washer and dryer in unit—a luxury few New Yorkers get to experience—so I knew I had to put the deposit down, sight unseen. From photos I can tell it has tons of light and is really long and narrow. My own sunny bowling alley!

I’ve wanted to live by myself for about a decade, so I’m stoked. I can’t wait to watch Housewives for as long as I want, and eat unspeakable food at all hours of night and day — not to mention coming and going freely without any awkward greetings as I walk through the living room. My windows face the back of the building so I plan on skipping curtains for more light, and I’ll be placing photos of loved ones closeby. My building is really safe, so the only thing I’m really nervous about is being lonely, especially in the winter months.

When it comes to decor however, here are my main concerns:
— How do I prevent the space from feeling like one giant bedroom?
— How do I avoid making my bed a multi-purpose, sleeping/dining/office space?
— Any items I need to make the space extra cozy?

I’m all ears!! Thank you so much for any advice.

Any other studio dwellers out there? What are your must-haves for a small space?

P.S. On living alone and a tiny apartment tour.