Have you sent any mail lately? This summer, the boys have been writing letters to the grandmas, and it brings us all so much joy. The boys love writing their funny little notes (“How are you? I am fine.”) and our relatives say they burst with happiness to get the cards in the mail.

A few years ago, we also talked about sending non-romantic love letters to people. (Think: a close friend, a helpful neighbor, a parent). I’m always looking at people and thinking how wonderful they are but don’t always tell them — and it would be great to actually put on paper. Would you do that? Who would you write to?

Here are a few cards, if you’re in the mood…

Thoughts? Would you send one of these?

P.S. Do or don’t: mailing thank you notes, and how to write a condolence note.

(Photo of dogs, just because, by Cara Dolan/Stocksy.)