west village by stella blackmon

What are you up to this weekend?

First, and most important, have you been reading about Ahmaud Arbery? “Arbery was enjoying a nice run on a beautiful day when he began to be stalked by armed men. What must that have felt like? …Ahmaud Arbery was a human being, a person, a man with a family and a future, who loved and was loved. The McMichaels took all of that away on a glorious Sunday afternoon in February. Who knows what Arbery could have become. He was young, his life a buffet of possibilities. Friday would have been his 26th birthday.” Will you join me in running for Maud?

Stay safe this weekend, and here are a few links from around the web…

Black boys don’t grow on trees.

Swans for relief.

This 355-square-foot West Village studio makes the most of every inch.

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in three minutes.

Daily Harvest helps you stock your freezer with meals and snacks that are ready in minutes. Today they are offering Cup of Jo readers $25 off their first box using code JOANNA. (I love their smoothies — this one tastes just like mint chip ice cream.)

Have you seen the Seinfeld special? We’re watching it tonight.

Made me laugh.

We made this cheesy broccoli and it was delicious.

Love this wallpaper.

The SNL finale will air from home.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Lauren on 11 feel-good reader comments: “One moment that makes me chuckle from my own life: My three-year-old daughter was going through a phase where she would say, ‘You’re not my best friend!’ when she was mad. I was putting her to bed one night and she said it to me. I said that was ok, that even if I wasn’t her best friend I’d always be her mom. She replied with a very angry, ‘AND I’LL ALWAYS BE YOUR GRANDMA!!'”

Says Miriah on 11 feel-good reader comments: “I came into an empty living room after holing myself in the ‘home office’ to finish a work deadline. There was classical music playing, and I looked out the window to see my husband and three boys, all shirts off, having a water balloon fight in the backyard. I couldn’t hear them, but with the classical music, it was like a modern, male-only ballet. It was beautiful.”

(Photo by Stella Blackmon.)

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