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What are you up to this weekend? We’re watching the whodunit movie Knives Out and it’s so much fun! (“An entertainment that’s as smart, witty, stylish and exhilarating as any movie lover could wish for,” says the Wall Street Journal.) Have you seen it? Hope you have a good weekend — Happy Passover and Easter to those who celebrate — and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A genius visualization of social distancing.

Healthcare workers put their photos on their PPE. I found this so moving.

Insecure season four premieres on Sunday. Plus, an interview with Issa Rae in Teen Vogue.

What a cheerful top.

I listened to this Moth podcast episode — about a 95-year-old park ranger squaring off with an intruder — on a walk this week, and it was incredibly compelling.

Social distancing is a privilege. “This virus could have a catastrophic impact on black people in this country.” (New York Times)

Sad Animal Facts always makes me laugh so much.

Loved how they took these photos of Larry David through the window! (New York Times)

Wearing cool patterns.

Quarantine is bad for my mental health, but better for my rosacea.” Loved this honest post.

You might have seen this already, but wow! How cool is this Hamilton song over zoom?!

Ashley Ford’s apartment tour.

Pus, two reader comments:

Says Emily on 11 readers’ stay-at-home outfits: “My first thought was, ‘All CoJ readers are babes’ and then it clicked for me… maybe everyone is a babe, if you stop and give them some attention and time. Something about seeing my peers also coping with this is making me feel so much BETTER. Thank you babes of the world, and CoJ team. xoxoxo”

Says Erin on love during corona: “At the beginning of this, I was so scared to stay in my tiny 350-square-foot studio in Brooklyn. I tried to be kind to myself and think that I was lucky to still have my health, my boyfriend, my job, and Prospect Park across the street. But I grew to not trust my job security, and the divorce rate spike in China reminded me that I didn’t love my boyfriend and that I felt so insecure around him all the time. A week later, I was furloughed. My parents in Kentucky offered to come get me, they didn’t want their 24-year-old daughter alone, but my boyfriend begged me to stay and keep him company. I really wanted to go but didn’t want to be a bad girlfriend. The next day, my first day of unemployment, he dumped me in the park — the space I viewed as refuge only a week earlier — by telling me he ‘doesn’t think he likes me as much as I like him.’ The moment he said it I was crushed, then I immediately felt relief. Two days later, I rented a car, packed up my laundry and my cat, and drove the 11 hours to Kentucky in a day. I’ve been home just over a week now, and I feel light. All of the things I was so scared to lose I have now lost. But I cannot explain how calm and relieved I feel. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was terrified of change and the lack of control I’d have over those changes. But they happened anyway. I’m now trying a new approach to this: hopefully we will all have our phoenix moment, to walk into the flames and come out stronger.”

P.S. The Cup of Jo Book Club will be held next Tuesday, April 14th, here on Cup of Jo — I’m excited! We’ll be featuring an interview with the author and questions within a post. Can’t wait to discuss the book with you.

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