flowers by lisa thiele

What are you up to this weekend? Chilling at home? We’re having pizza for dinner tonight and finishing Curb Your Enthusiasm, which has been such a pick-me-up. Hope you’re hanging in there. Have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Frasier and Niles tell their dad to stay home, haha.

The best podcasts to listen to right now. What would you add?

Good news: Winc, the wine club, is offering Cup of Jo readers $26 off your next purchase, through this link. (That’s 4 bottles of wine for just $33 + shipping is included!) Cheers!

Lol-ed at this April Fool’s post.

A lemon bar taste test with a clear winner.

I can’t live without this killer beauty product.

Just 47 photos of Keanu Reeves. In case you need them.

Rainbows in the darkness are strangely beautiful.

A great way to relieve stress.

Let’s go for a stroll outside.

Highly recommend this feel-good Instagram feed.

Plus, a reader comment:

Says Eli on bathroom art: “I was a nude model for the art department’s figure drawing class in undergrad and made friends with a few of the girls in the class. One of them gave me some of her chalk drawings of me. I have a large one framed and hanging in my bathroom. It’s on cheap brown paper in shades of purple and gold and adds a touch of sensuality. Very few people know it is me. :)”

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(Photo by Lisa Thiele)