Trees by Nicki Sebastian

What are you up to this weekend? We are having friends over for pasta and games tonight. Also, thank you so much for being excited about the Cup of Jo Spring Market. Unfortunately, we are moving forward with canceling the event due to the spread of COVID-19. This was a hard decision, but we want to be sure to keep our community safe. Thank you so much for understanding, and we’ll definitely keep you posted on future events. Hope you have a good weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

A near-perfect gymnastics routine.

Why Samin Nosrat’s rice is genius.


A photographer’s parents wave farewell. (This made me teary!)

Do or don’t: Women’s coveralls.

Are we peak car?

Emma is worth seeing for the hats.

A work/life balance ledger.

If toddlers had Facebook. Made me laugh.

What a pretty blue bedroom.

A cool restaurant’s playlist.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Kristin on 14 great reader comments on parenting: “We have so much to learn from our children, even at a young age. The other night I was tucking my four-year-old daughter into bed. I told her, ‘You are my favorite girl in the entire universe. Out of all the girls in the whole world, you are my favorite one.’ She gently put her warm little hands under my chin, and with the most sincere tenderness replied, ‘But what about yourself?'”

Says Andrea on 14 great readers comments on parenting: “Completely subjective advice for those who will one day have an teenager in their home: There will come a day when you are dropping said teenager off at school and he/she is suddenly in a huff about something that you think is insane and they are thinking, ‘How could you do this to me?’ and you are thinking, ‘Are you serious right now?’ Before you call them an ungrateful (insert name), stop, take a deep breath. This has nothing to do with you. They are in the process of developing their own lives/world/universe and you may feel your place in it shrinking. It will be so much easier to for them to talk to you about it/share in it with you/come back to you if your love remains steady in the meantime. So, instead, just smile, tell them you love them, and have a good day — followed by ‘ungrateful (insert name)’ silently to yourself.”

(Photo by Nicki Sebastian.)

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