mallory fletchall home tour

Mallory Fletchall spends the majority of her time at home in the Brooklyn apartment she rents with her partner, David, and their two fluffy cats. As an interior stylist and the curator of the textile shop Reserve Home, her apartment is very much a work and living space. So, she put great effort into making it a bright, welcoming place. Take a look inside…

mallory fletchall home tour

Light fixture: Mitzi. Curtains: Ikea. Sofa: Interior Define. Rug: Lulu and Georgia, similar. Planter: Etsy. Throw pillows: Adaptations. Shell pillow: Tamar Mogendorff.

On a favorite spot: I spend like 90% of my life in the living room — on the sofa, specifically. I’ll often work there, and my fiancé and I like to cozy up and watch shows on a projector at night. We just finished season two of Dark, which blew our minds. We’re big fantasy/sci-fi people. So, our sofa really had to be comfortable. It’s from Interior Define and I recommend it constantly. People think you can’t have beauty and comfort, but you really do get both with this sofa.

On an optical illusion: One tip I always suggest is that I like to hang curtains higher than the windows, which makes ceilings seem much taller.

mallory fletchall home tour

Coffee table: Urban Outfitters, similar. Pouf: Reserve Home. Hanging chair: Urban Outfitters, similar. Shell pillow: Tamar Mogendorff.

On being the host friends: We have people over a lot, mostly for game nights. With our big sofa, we have more seating than many of our friends, so it’s great to have everyone over and make a bunch of drinks and snacks. I notice that when people come over they really feel at home, and that was our entire goal with the living room.

mallory fletchall home tour

Display shelf: Urban Outfitters. Photo print: Ruby B and b. Shell pillow: Tamar Mogendorff.

On plant magic: I love our plants. Once you get a watering schedule down, it’s not so much work — and honestly, they’re worth the effort. They really fill a space and I love the pop of green, too. Whenever people don’t know what to do with an awkward corner I’m just like, ‘Put a plant there!’ and it works.

mallory fletchall home tour

Planters: Angus & Celeste.

On downtime: Because of my work, my entire life and day revolve around my home. Sometimes I actively look for excuses to leave the house. I also have to set very clear boundaries around work time and downtime. I have rules, like never turning on the TV before the sun sets. I do all my work, all my styling, all my admin stuff during the day, and then once David comes home, that’s my cue to wrap up. Evening is just for unwinding.

mallory fletchall home tour

Light fixture: West Elm. Table: Inmod. Chairs: Poly & Bark. Record cabinet: Homemade.

On space maximization: The apartment is railroad-style, so I’m all about multi-purposes spaces as you walk through it. Our dining area is also my office, and it’s the place where we keep our record collection. My tip to make a space feel larger is mirrors. Mirrors all day, every day.

mallory fletchall home tour

Hanging basket: Urban Outfitters. Chairs: Poly & Bark. Counter: Home Depot shelf with DC Fix marbled contact paper. Plate & bowl set: Year & Day. Carafe: Hastings Collective.

On multi-purpose storage: I’m a big fan of open shelving with kitchen storage, because it also allows you to display all your trinkets and dishes. My partner is a painter and we have so much art, so we also use the shelves to prop up small artwork. The other side of the kitchen is being redone right now, because it hadn’t been touched for almost thirty years and was very dated.

mallory fletchall home tour

Plate & bowl set: Year & Day. Dish holders: Urban Outfitters, similar.

On cooking: We cook a lot. I love to make enchiladas and roasted vegetables with Israeli couscous. My specialty, though, is guacamole. My trick is adding chopped red pepper, plus lots of extra lime and garlic. It’s my favorite food.

mallory fletchall home tour

Mouldings: Home Depot, similar. Paint: Backdrop. Bed frame: Urban Outfitters. Bedside table: Urban Outfitters. Bedding: Urban Outfitters. Throw blanket: Urban Outfitters. Shell pillows: Tamar Mogendorff.

On the best DIY ever: The first thing I did when we were setting up this bedroom was add mouldings — like the ones in the living room. You can get them at Home Depot for like 40 dollars! They come pre-painted in white so you just nail them up and paint them over in whatever color you want. It can take a bit of time to figure out sizing and placement, but putting them up is so simple and it makes all the difference.

mallory fletchall home tour

Shelf: Urban Outfitters. Mirror: Ballard Designs. Rug: Lulu and Georgia.

On creating a haven: The bedroom is just for sleep. I never work here and never use this space during the day. I just wanted to make it a peaceful respite — with bright linens and pink paint, which really brought the space to life. I wanted to make it our little oasis in the back of the apartment.

mallory fletchall home tour

Bath mat: Urban Outfitters, similar.

On an old-school bathroom: The bathroom has also been untouched for decades. We knew we were never going to have the modern bathroom of our dreams here, so we decided to just go with it, bring in some fun bath mats and be playful.

mallory fletchall home tour

On New York life: We’re from Kansas City originally, but we LOVE it here. There’s so much culture, so much amazing architecture, so many food scenes. What I really love about New York is that people here are after it, you know? It’s hard to describe, but when you’re here, you feel like you’re a part of something. Our neighborhood in Brooklyn isn’t that easy to get to, and it’s nice to feel a bit removed. It has a village feel. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Thank you so much, Mallory!

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(Photos by Mallory Fletchall.)