Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Ace Hotel Palm Springs

What are you up to this weekend? We are heading to Palm Springs to visit Alex’s family, and I’m also really looking forward to meeting some Cup of Jo ladies! Also, here’s our 2019 gift guide, if you need any last-minute ideas. Hope you have a good one — safe travels, if you’re leaving town — and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The #1 thing I’m packing for our trip.

David Harbour’s New York City loft with a charming interview. “I started to get neurotic,” he says.

How delicious does this cheese soufflé look?

Around the world in five kids’ games. (New York Times)

Shampoo in bottles made of soap!

Artwork altered to show the effects of climate change. (Worth seeing.)

How to cure hiccups.

The artful out-of-office auto reply. Loved this.

Home alone for the holidays. (My very first Cup of Jo post was about staying in on New Year’s!)

The slowest countdown to Christmas.

Also, five amazing holiday sales:
Nordstrom is having a huge sale. These would make a great gift.
Ann Taylor is 50% off with code TICKTOCK.
J.Crew is 30% off with code SNOW. I’m of course packing this sweater.
Madewell is offering 30% off your purchase, plus $5 overnight shipping. This is so cute.
Shopbop is having a great sale. These jeans are already packed, along with my favorite sneakers.

And three reader comments:

Says Tess on five easy party games: “My mother is the queen of making parties special! She recently hosted a ‘talent’ show before Thanksgiving meal. We’d had a sad year in our family, and she knew it would be hard to sit around feeling the absence of those lost. So, a talent show it was! She hung a curtain in a doorway and the performances were amazing! Talents ranged from poetry recitation, to a song on the piano, to a two-year-old making noise on a harmonica. We had loads of laughs and applause over appetizers, and there couldn’t have been more joy going to the table together.”

Says Florencia on styles we’re stealing from our moms: “There was a picture of my mom, wearing a knit bikini that I loved. She was on the beach and pregnant with my older sister. She told me she knit the bikini herself. I loved it and asked that she make me one. She did, and I proudly wore my gold knit bikini on a boat outing with friends and strangers. I jumped off the boat, and upon touching the water my new bikini immediately expanded to five times its size and fell right off! My mom was mortified that she didn’t think to test it before giving it to me.”

Says KC on seven City Hall weddings: “I just read through these wedding interviews and thought how funny it is that total strangers sharing a big, personal celebratory moment can be so uplifting to me, on my phone, in bed 1,000 miles away. I’m actually smiling ear to ear! Thanks for the post, and my heartfelt congratulations to all the lovely couples!”

Happy holidays, and sending so much love. xoxo