Opinel Kids Apron and Knife Kit

An apron and knife set for culinary adventures. (This kids’ cookbook is really cool, too.)

Purring Cat Toy

A toy cat that breathes and purrs. Anton got one last year and is still in LOVE.

Colorblocked Vest by Maisonette

Colorblocked vest to keep them warm all winter.

Sound Effects Machine

Sound effects machine for putting on plays, impressing guests, and getting all the laughs. (We got one five years ago and our kids still play with it.)

Shark slippers

Shark slippers, which are just slightly scary. (These are cute, too.)

Hair Love book

A few wonderful children’s books, including Hair Love, Small in the City and Jon Klassen’s hat box.

Stick on earrings

Stick-on earrings to feel FANCY!

Disney Memory game

Memory, a game that’s fun for both kids and adults.

Pop rocks candy

Pop rocks to blow their little minds.


Digital camera for kids

A children’s digital camera for the funniest photos from a kids’ perspective.

Magnetic U.S. map

A magnetic map of the U.S., for learning that’s really fun. (So exciting to point out relatives’ states.)

Van Leeuwen gift card

A gift card to your local ice cream or donut spot. Because there’s nothing more exciting (and grown up) than paying for yourself!

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