Peaches by Kaitlin Wayne

What are you up to this weekend? Anton has been getting really into riding his bike (he’s his mama’s son!), so we’ll be going on bike rides together. Also, bravo for the global climate strike today. We’re kicking off a series next week about climate change and would love to hear all your thoughts, ideas, strategies, experiences, etc. Have a great weekend, and here are a few links from around the web…

The Downton Abbey movie comes out today!

The secret to the lightest pancakes.

Can’t stop looking at these beautiful gardens.

Loving J.Crew’s fall arrivals, especially this work shirt.

The correct way to serve grapes.

How to raise a lifelong reader. “‘When I’m sitting there on my couch, reading a book, and my kids are doing their own thing, I like to think, ‘I’m parenting right now — they can see me reading this book,’” [NYTimes Book Review editor Maria] Russo told me… Parents are constantly sending their children messages with how they choose to spend their free time.”

So excited for Alison Roman’s new cookbook.

Should you mention how tired you are? A flowchart, haha.

Wow, this pan makes the most beautiful cakes.

The cutest kids menu, of all things.

Beyoncé takes her rightful place next to the royals at Madame Tussauds.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Emma on have you ever embarrassed your child: “My family moved to a new state when my brother, Stanley, was just starting middle school. When my mom dropped him off for his first day of soccer practice, she watched him join his team and couldn’t hold back her motherly nerves. She rolled down the window of the car and yelled out, ‘Be nice to Stanley!!!’ The phrase is now infamous among him and his old soccer teammates (his good friends to this day! they were nice!).”

Says Krysten on burning questions about food: “Something we always do is the vegetables-before-dinner plate. While cooking (when my kids’ whining inevitably sets in), I’ll put out a plate of veggies (sliced carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc); if we have fresh fruit, I might also cut up an apple or pear. I leave this unannounced on the dinner table while I cook. This food is scarfed down almost every time. Before dinner. And when we get to dinner and they don’t want to eat their asparagus or whatever noxious vegetables I serve them, we move on. Because they’ve already eaten veggies. It’s made our dinner time so, so much better.”

(Photo by the amazing Kaitlin Wayne/Instagram.)