Framed Menu Anniversary Gift

Maureen, our partnerships manager, just celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her husband, Frank. To mark the occasion, she gave him the sweetest gift…

Maureen and Frank

…a framed menu from their favorite neighborhood spot. Here’s the story behind it.

“We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party,” Maureen says. “As soon as Frank walked in, I thought he was really cute.” Later that evening, Frank noticed Maureen, too. “He got my number and a couple days later, he called me — actually called me, using voices — to ask for a date.” And date they did. Eventually, they decided to move in together, and a few years later, he proposed.

“We had planned to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Frankies, for dinner, and on the way there, he proposed outside the first apartment where we lived together. It happened in the street, and he almost got run over by a delivery guy on an electric bike, which was a very New York moment. But it was very sweet.”

Afterwards, the couple hurried to the restaurant. “Frankies doesn’t normally offer reservations, but because of the occasion, Frank begged them to,” Maureen explains. “I think he was more nervous about missing our reservation than he was about proposing!”

This summer, they celebrated their first wedding anniversary together. Since the traditional gift is “paper,” Maureen decided to give Frank a menu from their proposal spot. “I had two plans: The first was to be like, ‘Hmm, let me take a look at this menu’ and then discreetly steal it. But I’m too much of a rule follower. So, I started to explain to the host how much the restaurant meant to us, and before I had finished my sentence, he’d already handed me the menu to take home.”

Maureen presented Frank with the framed menu, along with a photo from the night they got engaged tucked into the corner of the frame. “The menu was free, and the frame was $5 from Michaels craft store,” Maureen says. But the thought was priceless. “Frank is very sentimental. He got pretty choked up,” she reports.

While a framed menu works perfectly for a first wedding anniversary, it’s a lovely gift at any time. You could get the menu from a favorite neighborhood spot or a place where you shared an early date. You could also frame a playbill, or a poster from a movie you first saw together. And remember this receipt?

Maureen and Frank

What’s the sweetest gift you’ve ever received? We’d love to hear.

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(Maureen and Frank’s photos by Luke and Mallory.)