1. The idea i so romantic, but two cremes = 11 euros??? It’s absolutely too much. ;-)

  2. i keep receipts from special days and trips. the best memories are often made with good food ;)

  3. Great idea :)

  4. We do that too.
    It’s a little dorky and highschool-ish, but…who really cares, when you’re in love?

  5. Anonymous says...

    11 Euros for two café creme- wow! Framing that receipt is a good idea, if only to document that insane price!

  6. That’s such a lovely idea :)

    I notice that their waiter was Dominique – he is lovely! He let me eat my Ladurée macarons with my ‘chocolat special flore’ :)

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris – I can’t wait to see the photos

  7. That is a lovely idea. I am so going to copy that.

    (now I just need to take a trip!)

  8. How fabulous!

  9. Joanna, you may or may not know, but a lot of photographers now-a-days offer a photo booth to have at the reception, its just a fun quarky thing for the guests to play with and then have some snapshots like these to take home with them;)

  10. I really like that. Helps me think of the sweet reminders receipts can be. I am just recovering from going through way tooooo many receipts this week. (tax day). maybe I should hang a few. I like the hand written ones the best myself.

  11. SK says...

    that’s really cute :)

  12. oh my gosh my friend has that too! they have the receipt from their first dinner together and next to it is a framed picture of the bench in paris where he proposed!

  13. I LOVE this idea! I save everything so I’m sure that I have a few receipts from trips lying around in a box somewhere!

  14. It is expensive, but there are a few reasons why. They got more than just coffee- they had cafe creme (i’m guessing by the receipt), which is coffee with heavy cream. An espresso can be as little as a few euros. You are also buying the time you spend in the cafe- which can be up to a few hours.


  15. so cute..i was thinking of doing the same tihng but with a movie we saw.. and then we took those photobooth pics as well

  16. Wow! I am totally doing that someday.. :)

  17. Isn’t that place really overpriced though? I mean, that’s over $14 for 2 coffees…

  18. i have a stash of tickets for places i’ve been with my husband (movies, concerts, museums). i went through it and also found a receipt from john’s pizzeria in new york: our first trip together. now, to do something special …

  19. I think that’s a great idea. We saved a few stubs from our first trip to Italy. Nothing like a receipt from a cafe in Capri to make you smile. That, and a receipt from a lift in Santorini are quite memorable.

    Listen, Joanna, you really have to stop all this travel speak. I didn’t realize just how much I wanted (needed) a vacation until now. Ahhh…. time to go drool over some photos.

    Keep up the fun posts. I’m already on vacation in my mind :)

  20. So wonderful, I think I will take inspiration from my trips and make art out of it. :)

  21. Oh, they are such a cute couple! And that idea is brilliant.

  22. THAT is an adorable idea…

    Now we just have to go someplace interesting.

  23. ♥♥♥ I think my heart just melted a little!

  24. That is quite possibly the sweetest thing I have ever seen!

  25. that’s a fabulous and sentimental idea! Love it!

  26. Reminds me of a surprise I had once when I first visited a new friend’s home – coincidentally, and unknown to me at the time, they had inherited a mutual friend’s art collection, and among the items on the wall was a framed set of doodled score keeping tallies. they were from card games that I had attended years earlier, the now absent hosts always insisted that I keep score. True bittersweet.

  27. Aww, this post made me smile. They both look absolutey besotted with one another.

    Your post on parents’ secret favorite children, however, made me so sad. I feel terrible for the two younger daughters who are being forced to live in the shadow of their oldest sister. It was so sweet of you to encourage the youngest one, though. I sure hope the parents come to their senses and start being a little more self-aware.

  28. That’s a genius idea! I look forward to doing it :)

  29. This is the most adorable thing ever. And they are the cutest couple!

  30. expensive coffee…. haha but cute none-the-less

  31. What a lovely idea!

    You know what would look gorgeous? If they had some sort of french-style fabric as the matting.

  32. I dream of returning to Cafe Flore!

    I wish I’d thought to do that with our receipt. So cute!

  33. The last time I was in a photobooth was on our honeymoon, ironically in Paris, in 2000. And don’t you know I can’t find the photos any more. So sad but a wonderful memory and time. Have a great time in Paris. It is the most perfect city.

  34. Wow! That’s a cute idea!

  35. too cute (want to copy!)

  36. Eeep, eeep, eeep! TOO cute. A beautiful idea.

  37. What a darling memento!