What Earrings Are You Wearing Right Now?

Pretty earrings

What earrings do you wear regularly? Recently, while living in jeans, shirts and sneakers, I realized that I dress like Jerry Seinfeld. So! To mix things up, I’ve been wearing pretty earrings. They frame your face and make such a impact, don’t you think? Now I feel instantly polished when I head to work or out to dinner.

I wear these guys, and here are five more lovely pairs: pine, twists, studs, opals and hollow.

What earrings are you wearing right now? I’d love to know…

P.S. In which I lost my wedding ring, and the beauty of signet rings.

  1. Caitlin says...

    my everyday earrings (That I searched forever for!) a simple gold, opal hoop that I, in fact, wear every day. My husband bought them for me (with a little hinting) so they are even more special. They were from but I can’t find them anymore :( they have a lot of beautiful, curated earrings though!

  2. Jessica says...

    I just got the most fab little dangling porcelain earrings from Four Eyes Ceramics – a jewelry maker I only discovered through a “Week of Outfits” post on CoJ. I waited almost a year to get the pair, since her website is often sold out of many things and there’s one one of her.
    Worth. The. Wait!
    Just the right amount of statement/color and they really break up the gold earring thing that’s otherwise dominating my wardrobe right now (my mom gave me some late-80’s chubby mini hoops, and boy are those trendy!).

  3. Alexis says...

    In summertime, I like to wear more dangly/statement earrings. They don’t get caught in my thick winter scarves or look weird with beanies.

    I am loving a pair of Jane D’Arensbourg glass earrings that I got at a studio sale and a pair of Salihah Moore beaded earrings (Ukaome on Etsy has similar and is a BIPOC maker)

    My partner got me these for Christmas in a mismatched pair of lapis and aventurine, and they have been getting a lot of wear as well.

    WKNDLA also has simple, structural earrings that I love and wear often.

  4. Sasha L says...

    I wear only studs or little hugger hoops, love big and dangle too but I can’t stand the feeling of heavy earrings pulling in my lobes. My favorites are a pair of Montana yogo sapphires set in gold that were a very special gift from my husband a long time ago. Yogos are the color of the big Montana sky. I also love little silver elephants, long gold bars, gold arrows and pearl studs. I’m a minimalist with clothes, don’t do much with my hair, no makeup but I enjoy lots of choices with earrings. I’d love to get a few more holes so I could wear more!