Sleeping dog

Sleeping dog

What are you up to this weekend? We are going to visit my grandmother, and can’t wait to see her. I’m hoping to ask her lots of questions about her life, including how she fell in love with my grandfather. Also, an important request: Children shouldn’t be dying at the border, and families belong together. Please join us in donating to Together Rising and the ACLU, if you are able to. The situation is inhumane — children are forcibly separated from their parents and, while they have relatives in the U.S. who want to take care of them, held in buildings and made to sleep on concrete floors with no access to toothpaste, toothbrushes or soap. We’ll be sharing more ways to help these children and families on Instagram, as well. Thank you so much. Here are a few links from around the web, and sending a big hug to anyone who needs one…

The 50 best memoirs of the past 50 years. I loved Persepolis, and I’d add Blackout and The Bright Hour.

Mindy Kaling dancing on her birthday.

Who’s up for deep dish pie? Alternately, a galette.

This studio apartment looks like a cartoon, in a good way.

Sustainable shoe brand Nisolo is offering 20% off select styles with code SUMMERJO20 (including these cuties!).

Three no-recipe recipes.

A three-month-old’s guide to sleep training your parents.

The women in Western art history series will make me laugh forever. (“No that’s bears,” hahaha)

A movie critic’s recommendations for July’s Netflix movies.

A love story, in two ways.

Plus, two reader comments:

Says KK on how to find that great vacation restaurant: “When my husband and I are out for a night in a new city, we walk around and pick the first pub based on the vibe/scene we see inside from the street. From there, we have a drink at the bar, then ask the bartender where we should go next. Then off we go. It’s so much fun! And, it’s so nice to say, [bartender from previous bar] told us to come here. They smile, sometimes looked surprised, but they love it – a recommendation to your bar from a local bartender. Then, they are very thoughtful about where they send us next for a drink or food.”

Says Stephanie on 14 great size-inclusive brands: “I would encourage everyone, plus-size or not, to follow size-inclusive brands on Instagram. It is SO HEALING to see people of all sizes looking amazing and fashionable. It corrects this messed up idea we’ve internalized that beauty = skinny, and that clothes only look good on one type of body. I stole the idea from Lindy West, who wrote in Shrill about looking through images of fat bodies on Tumblr to stop herself from having a knee-jerk negative reaction (pardon my haphazard paraphrase!), and it worked! Exposure matters! I feel like that was the most practical, tangible advice for body acceptance that I ever read.”

Have a good one. xoxo