Felix Gray computer glasses

If everything were up to me, I would live in an enchanted treehouse in a forest, where I would never need to encounter an electronic device. But this is not my reality. Enter Felix Gray glasses

Felix Gray Best Glasses for Screens

Though I do my very best to limit screen time, this is 2019, and screens cannot be avoided. Nearly every day consists of the eight-hours-at-work computer time, punctuated with reading texts and articles. If your job consists of looking at a computer, some amount of screen time is simply necessary. Here I am, looking at a screen at the office.

The Best Glasses for Screens

And here I am, looking at a screen in my home. So many screens. It’s like mission control, but not nearly as cool.

Over the last year, I found myself having occasional dizziness, headaches or even slightly blurry vision. As it turns out, the blue light from screens can cause eye strain, which manifests as these pesky symptoms. It can also cause more serious problems down the road. One third of Americans spend at least eight hours a day — that’s 3,500 hours a year — staring at glowing boxes. (Case in point: You are currently reading this… on a screen.) So, unless we’re all moving to that glorious treehouse, shouldn’t we find a way to protect our eyes while at work?

The Best Glasses for Screens

That’s where Felix Gray comes in. Their lenses use proprietary technology to filter blue light and reduce glare. I’ve fallen in love with a bunch of their frames, which in addition to being helpful tools, are also excellent accessories.

Here are my three favorite styles. I asked our team which ones I should choose, and it was a toss-up, so I need you to weigh in! Which ones do you like best? (Pictured above, from left to right: Faraday in Panorama, Nash in Whiskey Tortoise, Hopper in Manhattan Fade.)

The Best Glasses for Screens

Felix Gray glasses are available with both prescription and non-prescription lenses, because all eyes deserve protection. Their optical lenses are virtually clear, so they look and feel just like regular eyeglasses, and are perfect for a day at work.

The Best Glasses for Screens

I’ve been wearing them every day and have noticed a big difference. I no longer get that light-headed feeling at the end of the workday — where I feel like all I can do is unproductively stare at the wall — and since I started wearing them, I’ve been sleeping much better at night.

Felix Gray offers free shipping and free returns on all orders, and the glasses are HSA/FSA eligible. If you find yourself in front of a screen, I definitely recommend them. Thank you, Felix Gray!

(Photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by Felix Gray, a brand we love. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep Cup of Jo running.)