liz lemon thumbs up

liz lemon thumbs up

Who’s left on your holiday shopping list? There are always a few people who are tough to buy for, so this month (in our weekly email) we asked who was stumping you the most. Your answers: grandparents, teachers, tweens and teens, co-workers and inexpensive gifts. Here are tons of ideas, most of which are under $25…


What does one buy for a person who’s still trying to find their place in this world? How about a pretty piece of jewelry, a beloved makeup product for a natural glow, or the cutest llama planter (named Lloyd!). If all else fails, there’s always the gift of shopping. What teen doesn’t love to receive a gift card… or a big wad of cash?!


You spend hours with them, and yet, their gifts remain a mystery. Do not fret. One word: socks. Socks are the answer, and I love these anchovy ones. You could also try a grown-up version of their favorite 3 p.m. snack, or a charming mug or planter, to brighten up his or her desk.


To thank these heroes in your life, skip the mugs (so many mugs!), and opt for a heartfelt note along with a Target gift card. “It’s always nice to get a gift from the whole class,” says Kerry, a first grade teacher. “It doesn’t have to be big! It shows that there is a community that extends outside your classroom. Last year, parents pooled together $5 each to buy a gift card to my local bookstore for me and my aide, which was extra special since her hard work often goes unrecognized. Fresh flowers (Trader Joe’s even!) are nice, too.”


For those hard-to-buy-for family members, a food gift (like this BROWN BUTTER chocolate bar) can do the trick. There’s also a sweet bangle that says “heart of gold,” or this maddening puzzle that changes color in the light. And a donation in their name is one gift that always works beautifully.

Thoughts? Are these helpful? Any other stumpers on your list?

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(Charity donation photo by HKI/Ian Christmann.)