Bob Dylan

One of the year’s great books, including Bob Dylan, A Year and a Day, Ali, Frederick Douglass and Fly Girls. From $19.

cashmere everlane sweater

Cashmere sweater, $140, to keep him warm during the winter. (This $59 lambswool one is nice, too.)

Truffle butter

Truffle butter, $40, because it makes popcorn, steak, pasta or even a baked potato ridiculously delicious. “The aroma leaps into the air and fills the room,” says food legend Ruth Reichl.

reel viewer personalized custom

A viewfinder, $30, with a highlight reel of your favorite times together.

big sur car fragrance

Big Sur car fragrance, $10, to make his everyday commute feel like Highway 1.

mad men

airplane footrest

Airplane footrests, $20, so he can actually sleep on red eyes.

hot honey

Hot honey, $14. “It’s honey but spicy, and it just makes everything better,” swears Caroline.

new york times

New York Times subscription, from $40. Because it feels so, so, so good to hold a real paper.

double bananagrams

Your favorite dorky game to play together, $13.


A donation in his name to the ACLU.

joanna, lucy, jeremy goddard

Plane tickets to visit each other, because that’s all he really wants anyway.

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(NYT photo by Patrick. Mad Men photo by Frank Ockenfels. Truffle butter via Ruth Reichl.)