Media Gossip: Caviar Baked Potatoes.

One of the best parts about dating a New York Times reporter is getting to meet other New York Times reporters.

When I stopped by Alex’s office a few weeks ago, I rode the elevator down with one of my fashion-writing heros, when I suddenly turned into a bumbling eight-year-old. He was like, “How are you?” And I said, “Nice. Uh, Good. What? Thanks.” Luckily, I pulled myself together enough to talk about our weekends. He said that he had made his boyfriend a baked potato stuffed with caviar. Sigh. How. Incredibly. Fabulous.

  1. Your comment cracks me up!

  2. Anonymous says...

    what an absolutely perfect quick meal idea! Add some champagne and pop in Sex & the City!

  3. now that’s one decadent little spud!

  4. I’ve never had caviar too! But this potato looks delishhhh.

  5. yes, i have to take elevators, just not happily… :(

  6. Sigh. My life is such a bore darling. A wretched bore compared to yours.

  7. I’ve never tried caviar, but that photo certainly makes me want to try!

  8. Gosh, I can’t imagine. The closest equivalent might be running into a local news anchor and finding out they’d had scallops for dinner. Just not nearly as fabulous.

  9. Oooooh, caviar! Living in Iran as a little girl, I became addicted to the stuff.
    Unfortunately, I was weaned when I left Iran. It was that or go bankrupt.

  10. drooling now. YUM.

  11. looks completely delicious

  12. Cora says...

    I thought you didn’t use elevators… ;-)

  13. Oh, that sounds delicious! And I love Alex’s articles…such fun topics.

  14. Hmmm…my fiance makes coffee in the morning, but sadly no baked potato with caviar :(

  15. on nye i had this same thing – potato with creme fraiche and caviar. i still think about it. yum!

  16. Anonymous says...

    yummy! fab!

  17. I think it’s great when we can still feel like an 8-year old.
    – Jessie –

  18. alex works for the nytimes? the boy i’m dating does, too!

  19. Fabulous. (Random note, they are/were filming a remake of The Taking of the Pelham 123 at 41st & Broadway this morning.)