Volvo in California by Kendra Smoot

We’re going to our friend’s annual holiday party tomorrow night, and he always pulls out all the stops. (One year, he made a turkducken.) We’re getting fancy, and I’m looking forward to wearing this dress and heels. Also, thank you for all the great comments this week; I always love reading them so much. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Trader Joe’s brilliant new frozen party appetizer.

These tiny love stories made my heart swell. (NYT)

Oooh, who wants pie for dinner?

And this chocolate caramel tart for dessert!

A military trick for falling asleep in two minutes.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel started season two this week. Here’s an interview with the starring actress Rachel Brosnahan. “[Frances McDormand] said something to me that I will never forget, that there seem to be 27,000 new products a day out there to alter your face… but that your face is a road map to your life and to everything that has made you who you are up until that point. And why would you ever want to erase any part of that? That every line on her face is every smile she’s ever smiled and every tear she’s ever cried and frown she’s ever frowned. And she wears them with pride.”

Yes! A new and improved version of the game Guess Who.

One thing I always take on trips.

These photos of homes at night are so, so cozy. Oh my gosh, wait, they are PAINTINGS.

Made me laugh.

The best movies of 2018. Do you agree? (New Yorker)

Plus, a reader comment:

Says Sandy on 21 completely subjective rules for raising teenage boys: “My two lovely boys are 20 and 25, and I agree with everything here. One thing I would add: when my boys were little, my sister started saying to them, ‘You’re one of the good guys,’ and it became something that I would say, too. Kids tend to believe what they hear about themselves, and ‘you’re one of the good guys’ is a great alternative to ‘you’re messy, you’re forgetful, you’re always x, y, or z.’ My boys certainly believed it, and they are two of the good guys, no doubt about it.”


(Photo by Kendra Smoot. Military trick via Emily. Onion story via Kottke. Night paintings via Erin.)