uniqlo waffle sweater

Waffle sweater, $30, because everyone looks cute in waffle. (Also, this courage cap.)


Honeycomb, $24, to mix into ice cream, spread on toast or eat right from the jar.

the man who caught the storm

A tour-de-force book, $14, about one of history’s greatest tornado chasers. Or Less, $18, the hilarious winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

canyon coffee

Canyon, a sustainably sourced, eco-conscious coffee line (which includes a luxury instant coffee!). From $19.

laptop sleeve

Laptop sleeve, $55, for his work and travel adventures.

national parks

Donation in his name to the National Park Foundation, to protect some of his favorite places.


Graphic calendar, $26, plus a date for him to visit you. (This is cool, too.)


If you want to go in with siblings/cousins/parents, AirPods for his favorite tunes and podcasts. $160.

hot sauce collection by mouth

Hot sauce collection, $69.50, and a dare.

new york magazine

Subscription to the hilarious, smart and not-just-for-New-Yorkers New York Magazine, $50/year for 26 issues.

sarastic 8 ball

Sarcastic magic ball, $18, to display on his coffee table and make his friends laugh.

pizza socks

Pizza socks, $26 for four pairs, because he’s still your little brother.

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(Pizza socks via Hither & Thither.)