Cup of Jo Clare V collaboration

What are you up to this weekend? I’m taking the boys to visit my parents in Michigan. My mom is making roast chicken tonight, and I’m planning to sleep in as long as possible tomorrow morning.

Also, we are so excited to share that we’re doing a collaboration with Clare V.! We created four pieces that we’ve always wanted — sneak peek above! — and I really hope you love them. The collection will be launching here on Thursday, October 11th, at 12 p.m. EST. Sign up here, if you’d like a head’s up. (We’d also love to warmly invite you to events in New York and San Francisco!) Meanwhile, have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Dear Younger Me…”

Apple cheddar pie. Be still my heart.

Natasha Rothwell wants to be a romantic lead. Yes, please. (NYT)

Loving these bowls for work lunches.

Sweet moment in South Korea.

Anton and I read this book last night, and it was so suspenseful!

Me every day.

An app to help you discover the quietest restaurants and bars. (Alex and I used to wear earplugs to some restaurants in Manhattan!)

This sweatshirt makes me want to learn how to do embroidery.

My friends swear by these.

Why everything you know about obesity is wrong. “I have never written a story where so many of my sources cried during interviews, where they double- and triple-checked that I would not reveal their names, where they shook with anger describing their interactions with doctors and strangers and their own families.”

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Eloise on six fall books: “I love Anne Lamott – I’d greedily read her grocery list – and preordered her next essay collection, Almost Everything, to be picked up at an independent bookstore the night of her reading. I can’t wait!”

Says Julia on a romantic late-night pasta: “I only saw my dad every other weekend, and he’d often have to work late into the night. Sometimes when he would get home, he’d come into my room and gently wake me, but never say a word. Groggy, I’d get up and head straight to the kitchen, with just the light over the stove on. I can still remember sitting on the chair, legs dangling. My dad would place two bowls and two spoons on the table, open the pantry and take out a sleeve of cinnamon graham crackers, and crumble them into the bowls. Then he’d grab a half gallon of milk from the fridge, shaking it feverishly because he knew I liked the bubbles. He would pour the milk into our bowls and we’d sit and eat in silence. Sometimes he’d wink at me and I’d giggle, but mostly we would just enjoy the moment together, the calm. Then, he’d carry me back to bed, me hugging him tightly around his neck. Such a simple gesture but so meaningful and precious to me. To this day, graham crackers and milk is still my all time favorite comfort food.”

(Photo of Ally Walsh by Nicki Sebastian for Cup of Jo. App via Kottke.)