Amy Merrick flowers

Amy Merrick flowers

What are you up to this weekend? Today is Alex’s birthday, and we’re having cheesecake with the boys. Then tomorrow night we’re going out to dinner, and I’m wearing this and this. (Just have to remember to shave my legs:) Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around the web…

Have you seen the movie Mid90s? I’ve heard great reviews.

What a beautiful neutral apartment.


How beautiful they go to their graves!

The one piece of advice every young woman needs. (Hear, hear.)

Two penguins in love.

Great weekenders for fall trips.

A husband did a daily doodle to Twitter to help with grief after his wife died. Really beautiful.

Also loving this book about a marriage with lots of twists and turns.

Six fun things to do on email, haha.

Good news: Winc, the wine club, is offering Cup of Jo readers $26 off your next purchase, through this link. (That equals two complementary bottles of wine!) Cheers!

Plus, two reader comments:

Says Emma on things that inspire you: “I don’t have any background in music, but the first time I heard Beethoven’s 9th (with student tickets at the Boston Symphony Orchestra), I had such strong feelings that I started bobbing and sobbing at the same time. When my boyfriend asked if I was okay, I looked around me and couldn’t believe all the quietly sober people in the dim light, yawning and suppressing coughs. Were we even listening to the same music!?! Now, I save it for rare occasions so that it never loses its ability to make the sublime come into view and lift me up beyond buoyancy.”

Says Jennifer on things that inspire you: “My son turned six last week. He has never been into typical ‘boy’ stuff – he loves princesses and unicorns and castles and rainbows. In past years, the presents his friends brought to his birthday party were things like Lego speedboats and Marvel action figures. I don’t think they knew enough to explain to their parents that my son didn’t like those things. This year, though, he ended up with a riot of gifts that were perfect for him. Just looking at our couch after the party, covered in gift wrap, princess dolls, mermaid pencil cases and unicorn crafts, made me tear up. His friends know him and love him.”

(Photo by Amy Merrick. Twitter doodles via Kottke.)