Women's March 2017

Today, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, a university professor who has accused him of sexual and physical assault, are testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee about her allegations. We had two other posts scheduled, but they don’t feel right for today. Instead, let’s just talk, and we’d love to open up the comments. Here are a few things we’re thinking about…

Christine Blasey Ford

The view Dr. Ford was facing as she testified.

You can watch the hearings, or read live updates. As she recounted the incident, Dr. Ford said she felt “terrified,” and she has wondered if coming forward would just be “jumping in front of train that was headed to where it was headed anyway.” I hope she felt the groundswell of women supporting her, tearing up with her and thanking her for speaking out and being so unbelievably brave.

The brilliant strategist/writer/podcast host Aminatou Sow has a Twitter thread that is worth reading. Here’s part of it:

I hope it is not the case but I fear [the] hearing will confirm what a lot of us have known in our bones forever: women’s pain is inconsequential. This fear is a big reason so few of us disclose our assaults. What’s the point of getting hurt and devastated all over again?

I was sexually assaulted as a child and as a teen repeatedly by different people and it still affects my life on a daily basis. I have done my very best to move past it to lead a productive and fulfilled life. It is hard. It feels impossible some days. Especially this week.

I resent having to disclose this or hear survivors tell their stories over and over for assholes to pretend systematic violence against women is new information. Most men do not care. Our bodies are just weigh stations on the way to the rest of their lives…

Daily I struggle with feeling like I am weak. If I hadn’t been weak, I would have never been prey. I now know this is a lie. The people who assault women are the weak ones.

The truth is our strength. We are each other’s strengths. To the womxn who are struggling: I see you. I am sorry we have to through this. Thank you for trusting us with your stories. I am heartened by them and honored to know about you. xx

The news can feel overwhelming. More than ever, voting matters. The midterm elections are right around the corner, and you can make sure you’re registered here. It takes only 30 seconds. Learn about the candidates running for office in your community and where they stand on the issues here.

How are you doing these days? What’s on your mind? Sending a big hug to anyone who needs one. xoxo

P.S. On sexual harassment, and five ways to teach kids about consent.

(First photo by Kisha Bari. Second photo by Tom Williams via New York Magazine.)