Strawberry cake by Smitten Kitchen

Strawberry cake by Smitten Kitchen

What kind of birthday cake do you like? We celebrated Anton’s fifth birthday party this weekend. (His actual birthday isn’t until July 5th, but we’ll be visiting my grandmother next week.) Here’s the cake we made at home, plus seven other cool ones…

Strawberry cake by Smitten Kitchen

We made this strawberry cake for our family celebration at home. It’s totally delicious — both sweet and tart — and as Smitten Kitchen writes, “Your apartment will smell like a strawberry patch.”

Dirt cake recipe

My mom made a dirt cake once when we were growing up, and my kids now ask me to tell that story every third night at bedtime.

Classic chocolate birthday cake with sprinkles

The classic.

key lime pie

Love the idea of decorating a cake (or, in this case, key lime pie) with flowers…

bear cake

or topping a cake with a favorite toy.

secret agent cake

Here’s a mystery cake (WHAT ON EARTH DOES IT SAY?!!???!!!) for a Secret Agent Party.

rose cake by molly yeh

This rose cake couldn’t be more beautiful, if you’re up for a challenge.

pumpkin pie pudding

As a child, I used to request pumpkin pie for my birthday, so here’s a pumpkin pudding, if you’re a little nuts, too.

strawberry cake

And, finally, we did this strawberry “cake” back on Anton’s second birthday, since he loves the fruit and (miraculously) didn’t miss the rest of it!



alex williams and anton goddard williams


Love this sweet little bunny! Anton, you have brought so much joy into our lives.

What kind of cake do you like? Here are some beautiful birthday candles, and these made me laugh. (I need them for my next one:)

P.S. Birthday cheese, and Toby and Anton in conversation.