Alex Williams

Alex Williams

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17th. A few years ago, Alex wrote our Father’s Day gift guide because, as he said, “sometimes guys just want a football.” So, last night, I asked him to reveal the gifts on his wishlist this year, and here’s what he said…

Muhammad Ali biography

King of the World: Muhammad Ali and the Rise of an American Hero
“This critically acclaimed 1998 biography remains the definitive account of one of the most inspirational figures of the 20th century, whose story is more relevant than ever today. As Budd Schulberg wrote in his New York Times review, ‘He is not merely our most famous heavyweight champion… he managed to reach a level of global idolization in a manner that can only be described as transcendental.’ It’s a timeless book not to be missed.”

Waterproof Birkenstocks

Waterproof Birkenstocks
“It took me decades to get on board with Birkenstocks, but I’ve fully come around. These are featherweight and ergonomically fantastic, and I love how they feel like rubber. You can wear them with jeans. You can wear them in a lake. Or just slip them on to take out the recycling.”

Mad Men

Bluetooth LED Smart Bulb
“Warm lightbulbs are super important for sleep and serenity (while cold bluish light tricks your brain into thinking it’s noon when it’s actually midnight.) This smart bulb is at the top of my list for our living room or bedroom. It can mimic a sunrise or sunset, and you can link it to music for a dance party with the kids! It’s $30 for a bulb, but they last forever.”

Salami Bouquet

Olympia Provisions Sausage Collection
“I know Father’s Day gift guides always feature meat, but, personally, I could survive on beef jerky, and that’s true for many guys I know. This funny bouquet takes it up a notch with gourmet salami from Portland, Oregon.”

Toby and Alex

Framed photo, prices vary.
“Late at night, I’ll look through my phone shots of great times with our kids. As much as you hear the old cliche, ‘They grow up so quickly,’ it’s really true. Now that 99% of snapshots are digital, I’d love a framed photo for my desk, or a family photo album.”

Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap
“Confession: I’ve wanted one ever since I was a kid. Apparently they really do work, and I want to see it work! Anton and I watch videos on YouTube, and we’re totally obsessed. It’s a carnivorous plant that EATS FLIES. How crazy is that?”


Light-Up Frisbee
“Whenever we’re on a trip, we bust this out. A glowing frisbee at night is just amazing. It’s like being visited by flying saucers, 20 times a minute. And when I play it with the kids, they freak out.”

Eberjey bra

And, if all else fails, something lacy to remind him how you had babies in the first place. xo

Thoughts? What would you add to the list for the dads in your life? Here are more ideas, if you’d like.

P.S. Playing music for kids, and the nutty things you do as a parent.

(That little guy in the top photo is Alex. How cute is he?! Muhammad Ali via Louisville. Venus fly trap via Design Skool. Frisbee player via University Press Club. Bra photo via Eberjey/Instagram.)

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