Seven Spring Trends (Thoughts?)

Spring is officially here, and new pieces are hitting stores. Even though I’ve basically worn a shirt and jeans for the past 10 years, I think trends are really fun to watch and weigh in on. So! For kicks, please tell us: What do you think of these seven spring trends?

1. Long floral dresses. As Miranda Priestly said in The Devil Wears Prada: “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” But I’m digging this spring’s long floral dresses, which look extra cute with a denim jacket or white sneakers.

2. Tie-front shirts and jackets. I love basic pieces that have a small twist, like a tie-neck or knot-front. (Remember Mckenzie’s tips?) Here’s a wear-it-a-million-times chambray version, too.

3. Rainbow graphics. A burst of color feels so cheerful, and the rainbow touches this spring echo the happiness you get on that first warm day. Side note: How adorable are these?!

4. Kitten heels. Channel your inner Michelle Obama with these comfy heels, which are springing up again everywhere. Bonus: They’re perfect for work.

5. Varsity shirts. Time to scrounge up your dad’s college sports tees. These boxy, throwback styles couldn’t be cooler tucked into jeans with a messy ponytail.

6. Cropped jeans. Love them or really really hate them, cropped jeans are everywhere these days. They’re so polarizing! Where do you stand?

7. Dad sneakers. Over the past year or two, these chunky Larry-David-esque sneakers have gotten more and more popular. It’s one of those trends — like Birkenstocks and wide leg pants — that you question at first but miiiiiight grow to love. Would you try them?

So curious to hear your thoughts!

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(Top photo of this blouse from Madewell.)