Prink Shop T-shirt

Digging this I Am Not Perfect T-shirt, which donates $5 to Crisis Text Line with each purchase. Every day, millions of Americans in crisis feel like they don’t have anyone to turn to, but no one has to suffer in silence.

Glacier wedding elopement

Glacier wedding elopement

This rad couple got married on a glacier in Antarctica. The only guests were four polar experts; and the expedition leader officiated. How awesome is that? Writes Brian (right) on Instagram: “Me: Let’s just get married solo at the courthouse downtown on a weekday, then get some waffles. Also me: Let’s fly, trek and sail 8.7K miles to the bottom of the planet, risk our lives kayaking past pods of orcas and leopard seals, and get married on an iceberg.”

The easiest mac n' cheese by Smitten Kitchen

If you’re ever craving a single-serving, 15-minute mac n’ cheese (is the sky blue?), Deb has your back.

Wooden vases

Guys, spring is only SIX DAYS AWAY. For those early blooms, IKEA has cute vases, and these wooden ones have a cool ’70s vibe.

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(Antarctica wedding photos by Rustic White Photography.)