Jonna Fransson Affordable Artwork

Jonna Fransson Affordable Artwork

We have a little corner of our apartment that needs art — just something simple. So, I was happy to discover these nature drawings by Swedish artist Jonna Fransson. I went for the Monstera. Bonus: The 50×70 cm size fits perfectly into an IKEA frame.

Frances Ha

The key to being a good listener? Basically, don’t talk as much. “The true luxury is silence,” says Fanny Auger, the founder of the Paris branch of School of Life. “You have two ears and one mouth, so you should listen twice as you speak.” As a lifelong Chatty Cathy, I’ve been trying to slow down this week to really soak up Alex, Toby and Anton and their fun stories.

Universal Standard Plus-Size Workwear

This week, Universal Standard launched a 13-piece collection of workwear staples, available in sizes 10 to 28. Loving the mix-and-match colors and structured shapes.

Kids With Terminal Illness on the Meaning of Life

A pediatric palliative care doctor asked some of his young patients with terminal illnesses what they had enjoyed in life and what gave it meaning. The responses were heartbreakingly beautiful.

P.S. More reader questions, and a weird thing about relationships.

(Friends photo from Frances Ha. Ice cream photo by Alex Lau for Bon Appetit. Meaning of life and listener links, via Jocelyn Glei.)