Paris by Jeanne Damas

Paris by Jeanne Damas

What are you up to this weekend? We’ll be lying low tonight since Anton had to get one of his teeth pulled. (He had hurt it in a fall a few years ago.) My heart was racing the whole time, but he was so brave! Alex and I are also going to see the hilarious Demetri Martin tomorrow. Have you ever seen his comedy? Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Humans matching artwork.

Start with chopped broccoli.” Yum.

I just tried this beauty blender and it’s a game changer.

A house for booklovers and cats.

The joy of not wearing a bra. “I like the way most clothes feel on my bare skin: silk camisoles and thick knit sweaters and the patterned blouses from my grandmother’s closet. I like the way my breasts sound against my ribcage when I run down the stairs, like someone clapping politely for a performance that they didn’t particularly enjoy… When I nod vigorously, my boobs nod along, in agreement. When I wave at someone in a crowd, they wave with me. They wiggle and they bounce and they gather puddles of sweat that stream toward my belly button. As I move through the world, sometimes making only the slightest of gestures, there’s always a part of me that is dancing.”

Reading Jane Eyre while black.

Oh my gosh, how weird/cool is this void rug?

There are so many beautiful ballet dancers on Instagram. For example, these turns!

Halloween for adults means chili and wine. Yes, please.

What a pretty top for dinners out.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Lauren on a secret to a happy marriage: “A great relationship tip I once read is: Start your week by asking your partner what is one thing you can do to help make his or her week easier. Over the years, our answers have included everything from ‘pick up dry cleaning’ to ‘hug me on Tuesday after the work meeting I’ve nervous about.’ It reminds us that no matter what we are experiencing alone, we also have someone to help us get through it.”

Says Maria on 10 Things I Always Tell Pregnant Women: “Whenever I’m soothing my toddler or baby, or both at once, I soothe myself, too – which might go something like ‘It’s okay, Cecelia, it’s okay, Evie, it’s okay, Momma; we’ll be okay.’ Somehow that helps me get through the crazy moments – I’m pretty sure everyone looked at me like I was crazy during a mid-aisle meltdown at Rite Aid, but I needed the self encouragement.”

Says Gaia on Things I Always Tell Pregnant Women: “A sound machine at the hospital was super helpful for recovery! I always tell expecting parents to bring one.”

(Photo by Jeanne Damas/Instagram. Cat house via Miss Moss. Void rug via Swissmiss.)