Have a Delicious Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m going for a bike ride with my friend tonight, and I’m also looking forward to starting this book, which has been getting rave reviews. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

OMG totally into these shoes.

This haggard-looking eagle is a metaphor for American democracy right now.

Insecure’s cinematographer on properly lighting black faces.

My morning routine. (What’s yours?)

Digging this cute wedding ponytail.

The scammer’s guide to getting ready at Sephora.

What a cool dad.

Will & Grace is back. Will its portrait of gay life hold up?

How to save money in ten minutes.

A restaurant right next to a waterfall.

Many people have asked for ideas for work outfits, especially for offices with a more corporate dress code. We’re working on a post, and also we’d love to see yours! Do you have a go-to work outfit (or two) that you like? If so, please email a casual snapshot to hello@cupofjo.com. Thank you so much! xoxoxo

Plus, two fun reader comments.

Says Shelley on four fun things: “Cannot wait for Curb Your Enthusiasm! I missed Larry so much. When my husband and I got married eight years ago, we were completely absorbed with the show. So, at our wedding, we had the DJ play the theme song as we greeted our friends and family before dinner. It was the perfect mix of cheesy/silly to loosen us up. My husband and I aren’t that comfortable in the spotlight, and the music acted like a little wink to remind us to enjoy the absurdity of it all.”

Says Kelly on being friends with your parents: “To this day, every time I walk into a Target, I remember seeing my second-grade teacher there once, and because I thought I was so grown up at that point, I said ‘Jane? Is that you?’ I was 10.”

(Photo by Alexandra Cooks. Money link via Of a Kind.)