Have a Great Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Tonight, we’re having pizza at the park, and tomorrow the boys and I are going to visit our long-lost friends, who moved to Connecticut (sob). It’s so hard when friends move away! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Questions people ask me about dying.”

The most showstopping way to eat tomatoes this summer.

Really into these bags.

Pick-up lines that would actually work on me. “Hi, I’m Jim. I bet you’ve had a really interesting eyebrow journey, and if you’ll let me buy you a drink, I’d love to hear all about it.”

What it’s like to be white.

This house tour made me laugh so much.

Our favorite NYC restaurant is coming out with a cookbook!

A funny video about a married couple trying something new. (NSFW).

Roxane Gay’s celebrity crush, and why everyone can have one. Worth reading.

Wouldn’t this shirt be pretty for work?

Plus, two great reader comments:

Says Heidi on going for a 1970’s summer: “I have been doing to ‘Summer Of Yes’ with my little girl. I work, so we have to have a semblance of routine, but in the summer, I try to say yes more. Yes, we can go get snow cones or frozen yogurt! Yes, let’s try the new library location! Yes, you can have chocolate milk this time instead of regular! Yes, you can pick some fun junky stuff from the Dollar Store! I don’t know how, but it helps me to be intentional and whimsical at the same time.”

Says Kat on Jenny Gordy’s week of outfits: “Once, while getting ready, I walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water, and still had the heat glove on that I use with my hair wand. My husband looked and me and said, ‘Oh… you’re wearing… a glove…’ clearly trying to process and make sense of it. I’m really not an adventurous dresser so it was so hilarious and sweet to me that he was ready to get on board with a single black glove as my date night best!”

(Photo by These Matters. Dying post via Jocelyn Glei.)