What's Your Drink?

Do you have a go-to drink you make at home? Knowing how to make a mean cocktail can feel like a hidden talent.

When I first moved into my studio apartment, I bought a bottle of Campari from my new corner shop to celebrate. It was sweet, a little bitter and a nice companion for Sunday-night television premieres. Since then, I haven’t strayed from Italian apéritifs (safe to say, neither has anyone else). Lately, I’ve been drinking Americanos — with equal parts Campari and vermouth, a splash of club soda from a freshly cracked can (very important), and one or two large square ice cubes. If I’m hosting friends, I like to serve Aperol (a less bitter, lower alcohol content apéritif) and sparkling water in a carafe with a handful of orange slices, preferably to the tune of a scratchy old country record. And, like magic, my 175-square-foot apartment feels like paradise.

Do you have a favorite drink? Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway preferred mojitos; Jane Austen, French wine; F. Scott Fitzgerald, gin rickeys; and Maya Angelou, sherry. Cheers!

P.S. On drinking alone, and how to order the perfect glass of wine.

(Photo by Christine Muhlke/Instagram.)